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Harrison-Marks. You've been writing erotic CP for several years now. When did you first realise that punishment-for-pleasure turned you on?

Sarah Veitch. My first ever sexual thoughts were about CP. I've simply never had a vanilla fantasy. For years I thought that I was the only woman in the world who fantasized about being whipped and caned. I would read orthodox novels and get a slight sexual charge if the man was very masterful but flicked through book after book in the library in the hope of finding a bottom-baring punishment scene. Unfortunately they don't stock CP novels in such places and as I lived in a small town I couldn't find them in the high street bookstore. I felt guilty and confused about my sexuality and very much alone.

Harrison-Marks. Did you try to interest your boyfriends in CP?

Sarah Veitch. (smiling ruefully) God, yes! How could I do otherwise when my lust bordered on obsession? But as I've said, I come from a small town with small town values. The local youths had been brought up to expect straightforward sex. Several of them ignored my increasingly desperate hints that I wanted a really sound spanking. One of them fled!

Harrison-Marks. So what was your first actual taste of being punished like?

Sarah Veitch. (Grimacing at the memory) It was disappointing as it was with yet another boyfriend who wasn't actually into CP. He was deeply in love with me, though, and wanted to please so he pretended that he understood about the sub/dom mindset and physical discipline. He spanked me whilst we were lying naked in bed under the duvet which wasn't the best starting place - I prefer to be bent over a chair or footstool whilst I'm fully clothed and have my buttocks slowly bared. He then spanked me too hard and too fast, completely missing out the anticipation-building talking down session in between each series of spanks. I ended up with very sore buttocks - and the headache of knowing that I'd have to end the relationship - but wasn't in the least bit aroused.

Harrison-Marks. I take it the situation improved?

Sarah veitch. Eventually - but it took years! At times I despaired of ever finding a subtle CP partner. I didn't even know the term CP. I was just this girl alone with those strange erotic thoughts involving paddles and punishment racks. Occasionally I'd read something in the paper about sado-masochists but, the press being what it is, those reports were always incredibly unfair and overwhelmingly negative. And as I've never been into rubber, leather or nipple clamps, I couldn't fully identify with sado-masochists.

Harrison-Marks. Describe a typical CP session with your partner now.

Sarah Veitch. I won't do that as he might regard it as a betrayal of our CP sex life. I'll tell you about an ideal scenario, though. I've been bad (there has to be a genuine reason for the punishment) and he tells me to go into the bedroom, put both pillows under my tummy and lie on top of the bed to await correction. After much stalling on my part I do as he says and, as I lie there I start to become gently aroused. I wonder which implements he's going to use on my soon-to-be-bared bottom, how many strokes I'm going to get...

Harrison-Marks. If I can just interrupt for a moment - what exactly is it about such a scene that you find erotically exciting?

Sarah Veitch. Everything! I long ago stopped analysing it or apologising for it. I just know it's what makes me wet.

Harrison-Marks. You were talking about the number of strokes. Do you go for the traditional six of the best?

Sarah Veitch. It varies. Sometimes I get spanked a few times really hard over my panties. If they're nylon it really stings! Other times I'll get a prolonged bare bottom spanking followed by a few lashes with the ferula (a little rubber implement), wooden paddle or cane. I don't take the cane hard, though - I'm a sexual submissive, not a masochist. The idea is to produce floods of arousal - not floods of tears. If you read the letters in Kane you can usually tell the readers who have genuinely tried CP from the ones who would merely like to. The ones who are fantasizing punish their partners so severely that the partners would walk out and never come near them again! (Sarah leans forward earnestly) Not that I'm criticising people who haven't had hands-on CP. As I've said, I spent years without a dominant sexual partner. All I'm saying is that if a man gets the opportunity to cane a girl he must remember that he's dealing with a sensitive human arse.

Harrison-Marks. There are lots of sizzling hot arses in your four CP books, published by Nexus. What made you choose those particular CP settings.

Sarah Veitch. Well, THE TRAINING GROUNDS is just your typical submissive fantasy. That is, the female character is flown to a tropical island by the boyfriend that she's been cheating on - and only finds out when she gets there that disputes are solved by strict and devilishly-varied corporal punishment. Needless to say, she gets more of a tanning than she planned! She also watches the other girls on the island being corrected and occasionally gets the chance to chasten them.

Harrison-Marks. Sounds as if she and her naughty bottom are truly trapped?

Sarah Veitch. Yes and no. She only gets whipped or tawsed if she does something wrong - so she has the means to end her own subjugation. She brings a series of indignities upon herself. Obviously in our fantasies the punishment isn't consensual - but in real life it must be. Thoughtful CP fiction falls between these two camps.

Harrison-Marks. Your second CP novel LINGERING LESSONS is set in a more down to earth place.

Sarah Veitch. It is indeed - in rural Scotland! It's about the sub/dom relationship between a man and woman who jointly inherit a former boarding school. He knows that he wants to punish her delectable haunches in every conceivable position. She's drawn to the idea but tries to fight it as she knows CP isn't politically correct. However her growing lust betrays her as she peeps on the boarding school staff being corrected in various ingenious ways.

Harrison-Marks. She doesn't actually end up with a sore bum herself, then?

Sarah Veitch. Yes, she does when she loses various dares that Adam, the dominant male, sets. And at one stage she herself undresses and flogs a disobedient female member of staff.

Harrison-Marks. Your third book DIFFERENT STROKES is made up of twenty two CP short stories. Were they as arousing to write as the books?

Sarah Veitch. Well, every time I write a CP scene I become aroused - obviously when writing the novels you remain aroused for longer periods. But it's nice to invent new characters to punish which is where the short story comes into its own.

DIFFERENT STROKES has recalcitrant secretaries, adulterous writers, shoddy seamstresses - a whole host of naughty posteriors begging to be punished - or rather begging for the punishment to stop.

Harrison-Marks. And finally to SERVING TIME your fourth CP book which is set in a CP-based rehabilitation centre. Isn't that returning to the similar territory of THE TRAINING GROUNDS?

Sarah Veitch. Not really. For a start, in THE TRAINING GROUNDS, the girls are almost entirely naked. In SERVING TIME they wear a punishment costume when they've been disobedient which reveals more than it hides. THE TRAINING GROUNDS contains more outdoor punishment scenarios. In SERVING TIME most of the whippings are set indoors. SERVING TIME contains court scenes where a girl is tried in court - and sentenced to a sore bare bottom whereas in THE TRAINING GROUNDS the floggings are more instantaneous. Both novels show the humiliation side of sexual submission.

Harrison-Marks. Looking at the notes I've taken so far, I see that I interrupted your description of your ideal CP scenario. You've told us how many lashes you're liable to get, but how long should your ideal CP session last?

Sarah Veitch. (Laughing) All night long, of course! No, seriously - the longer the better. The longer that the punishment and verbal dominance goes on the more likely it is that the endorphins kick in. After that you go into a blissful pre-orgasmic haze and just float.

It's best if the man spanks for a while then stops when the submissive is obviously experiencing some distress. He then holds her and talks to her about how disobedient she's been. When she's calmed down he finds a genuine-sounding excuse to start spanking her again. If he does this repeatedly her tolerance and her arousal builds and the resultant orgasm is great. The sub wants the CP to be important by itself - it's horrible if you sense that the man is just doing it to get you wet enough for penetration. An hour or more devoted entirely to CP is my idea of bliss! Sometimes men hold back for fear that they'll hurt their partners too much - but if they apply the stopping and starting technique she's likely to be able to handle a prolonged spanking. And the hotter and redder your buttocks are, the more she can get into the now-I'm-really-being-punished scene.

Harrison-Marks. Any other tips for readers who have found a willing partner and are about to start a prolonged CP session?

Sarah Veitch. Yes, keep snacks and water by the bed or in the punishment room - CP is hungry and thirsty work for both parties! You need to keep your brain in first gear so don't want to let your blood sugar levels dip too low. The sub is usually worried that the dominant is having to do all the work whilst the dominant is worried that he's taking the submissive too far down the CP road. If both parties are well bed and well rested and completely sober it's much easier for them to show via words or body language exactly what they want and need. The man can usually get what he wants by ordering the sub to do it as part of the CP scenario. The more into the CP session that she is, the more likely she is to comply with his desires.

Harrison-Marks. Finally, can we expect to see more of your fiction in the future?

Sarah Veitch. Yes, I've been busy writing CP short stories. Funnily enough, I've also been writing lots of CP fact! There are relatively few women willing or able to discuss their CP experiences so several publications have asked me to write about my CP life. One reader kindly said that I made CP beautiful for people who would otherwise have misunderstood it. I think he was being overly-optimistic about the situation as there's still a lot of bias against corporal punishment around. But I'm happy preaching to the converted, making men and women feel less guilty about their sub/dom desires.

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