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Cliff's Diary / Blog 2014

26th December

I'd like to wish all of you who read this blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year especially those who emailed me including morethanithurtsme who wished me the same. I'd also like to offer my sincere good wishes and a prosperous New Year to those who I have been fortunate in meeting this year which is Mistress Red @Red-xxx Mistress Meena @Mistress_Meena Saffy McKenna @saffysSecrets Heathery Doune @HeatheryDoune of the London Fetish Fair and of course my nearest and dearest friend Teresa May @RealTeresaMay

The article featuring Tony and Margaret Domestic Discipline 24 x 7 that featured in Kane 85 where they spoke about how domestic discipline plays a big part in both of their lives has been added as a downloadable PDF file that you can download by clicking here.
Margaret spanks her husband TonyStrict women spanking men - Lauren Taylor

Pictures of strict Lauren Taylor have been added to the Strict Women Gallery.

Paula Meadows ready for spanking18th December

Today I received a most welcomed Christmas card from my dear friend Lynn Paula Russell (Paula Meadows). It seems an eternity that I first came upon this gorgeous woman in Janus having her cute bare bottom spanked and caned. It may not be an eternity though it certainly is over thirty years ago. Since first seeing her work and of course her body I've followed her career with much interest. In my bedroom I have four signed bodyscape prints that were a gift that she Heather presented me with at a party held by Ms Harrison Marks at the old Kane office in Wellington Road. We've all aged and become wiser. There sure is much truth in the saying ''I wish that I knew all I know now, when I was younger'',. Paula was kind enough to sign a the insert of the audio cassette that came with the first edition of Februs, and that I still have. Now I have ten NEW copies of Februs' first edition along with the audio cassette in which not only does the remarkable lady talk about spanking she is actually spanked meaning that you can hear the sound of her bare cheeks being soundly slapped. If you'd like to have a copy of this you can get them here - just click on (Paula Meadows Spanked!). The image of Paula Meadows is taken from The Kane Assignment and used with the kind permission of GHM Enterprises.


Looking back through my archive of pictures I came upon a Christmas set that features the ravishing Lucy Being spanked and caned. The best thing about this set is that it was I doing the spanking and caning. Lucy is just adorable though as many will know these days she has become dominant and owns
where submissive guys go to be abused by gorgeous dominant females. which is the reason that I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have spanked and caned her luscious cheeks.
Now I don't mind being in the company oMistress Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansionf gorgeous creatures like Lucy (Mistress Sidonia Von Bork) as she is now known but being abused by suffering a good whipping/caning or having my rear end shafted with a fucking machine of having a certain part of my anatomy tortured with nasty spiky things is not for me. I certainly have no issues with ladies who are dominant in fact I have many as personal friend and if being abused by good looking women is your thing then paying a visit to her website would be right up your street, and who knows it might even end up being right up your where the sun don't shine! Image courtesy of Mistress Sidonia and The English Mansion.

There's always those who try to blag something for free such as those on eBay and Amazon who claim not to have received their item knowing that if the goods are sent by regular mail; not signed for the poor sod who they bought it off will have to issue a refund. This happened to me recently on Amazon and after contacting their seller support was told that this particular buyer has done this on three previous occasions. Not only that the messages I received from the buyer were not only threatening but also badly written grammatically and as for the spelling! Okay, so we can't all be word perfect and I certainly am not. This guy however, after googling his name and address runs a business that offers service to home buyers in Liverpool which if I needed such service would scare the pants off me because of his illiteracy. People like this should realise that those in the adult industry and those selling adult magazines generally know each other. Today I spent much of my time calling those I know and passing on his details should they be unlucky enough to get an order. Not only that, Amazon have since flagged his account because of his threatening behaviour and the amount of non receipt claims he has made. Your time is up mister B. You have scammed your last. Mind you, I feel sorry for people like this who need to rip people off for a measly few quid. I guess business in the associated housing market must be really bad if you have to scam your wank mags for free.

15th December

Janus 165This morning while out and about with my misses I received an email on my phone from my friend who happens to be the owner of Janus. It seems that the thieving bastards on the spanking board website are not content with posting complete scans of magazines for free they now have the audacity to want payment for them. I can only hope that those responsible such as “California Girl” who I understand was rather pissed that her's and others postings had been removed, for this on line copyright piracy are brought to task and one day answer for their crimes and suffer not only incarceration as someone I know suffered for ripping off a rather large couple and I mean large companies along with having to pay a rather larger sum of money as financial compensation.

If you're looking to buy a legitimate copy of a spanking magazine such as Janus you can get them either on my website or
Don't be a toad by supporting the pirates, if you want a copy of a spanking magazine such as Janus 165 buy an original one from a reputable source.

14th December

Seeing the pickle that Amazon have found themselves in over the 1p glitch makes me chuckle. Maybe it's true what goes around comes around. Recently they removed two copies of Kane that I was selling branding them pornograpic, no matter that there is squillions of spanking and real porn mags being sold on there. When I queried this the only answer I received was the same as the original email they sent me saying I had violated their adult policy. Now I'm only selling spanking magazines on my websites and where I also have general men's magazines such as Hustler. So yah boo sucks so Amazon. Serves you right!

12th DTeresa Mayecember

When I first started this website it was purely as a hobby to showcase my photographic work and that is what it is reverting to. I've added a free gallery of the gorgeous glamour girl Teresa May that was taken at the Fettered Pleasured shop that if I remember correctly was somewhere along the Holloway Road. What I do remember clearly it was a bugger to get to driving and more of a bugger to park up. As fans of Teresa will know her birthday is in just a few days, December 15th to be exact.

11th December

Sara Beechamp gets her bare bottom caned by ms Josie Harrison MarksToday my partner and I officially closed our adult premium rate telephone lines and are no longer phonepayplus registered. It was fun while it lasted but in these nanny state times both of us felt have recordings of women have their bare bottom spanked and caned was not a good thing so we decided to retire from that particular part of the adult industry.

I've given my website a small revamp insomuch as the home page has been changed from pure text to a page with a picture of Mistress Teresa May and her slave Steve Bickers. I've also put back a free spanking gallery though it is quite a tame one as I no longer feel comfortable to post images of red striped bare bottoms or ones that show heavy marking. Left is a tame picture of Ms Harrison Marks caning the bare bottom of Sara Beechamp. Another image for the thieving toads: Mr Cane, Tartan Portspank, Ang140, pygophilous1, DebbsEddy, Bholluk, westpier to steal and post on their sad tumblr blogs.

10th December

Sexy Saffy of Saffy%27s secretsAlthough spanking a cute feminine bare bottom is most enjoyable it isn't the be all and end all of my life. Not only do I enjoy spanking, BDSM, submissive women and red heads I also have a passion for retro and vintage fashion and pin ups and being in the adult industry has given me the opportunity to meet those with similar tastes such as Red Mistress @red_mistress Mistress Meena @mistress_meena and the gorgeous Saffy McKenna @saffyssecrets who is more beautiful in the flesh than you can imagine. Saffy is one hell of a sexy woman; not only does she have a passion for BDSM and bondage including being kidnapped and ... well 'm sure you can imagie, she also has a liking for vintage same as me. A few days ago I was lucky enough to have this hot and sexy lady accompany ne to dinner. Okay, the location where we shared a meal wasn't the Ritz it was a plain old Beef Eater just outside Old Harlow next to the river Stort. While we pondered over the menu Saffy the waitress asked if we would like to some drinks. Saffy looked at me and suggested we ordered a bottle of Champagne with a look that I took to be asking if that was alright. Now as those who know me will attest I am no cheapskate, far from it infact and I also have a taste for the bubbly so who was I to oppose such a suggestion.

After perusing the menu Saffy settled for a prawn cocktak with a Garlic Drizzle as a starter and a 10 oz ribeye steak as her main course which was fine by me as I just love red meat too. The conversation as you can imagine was rather naughty as we discussed our likening of BDSM and fetish in hushed tones. I had seen Saffy in a copy of a spanking magazine having her bare arse striped by another girl. Was I jealous of this? What do you think cause I knew I could do a much better job and who wouldn't like to kave this beautiful creature bare bottomed over their lap or better still bare arse and touching her toes for a dozen real crackers with a wicked rattan cane across her bum cheeks. Perhaps it was the bubbly talking but I felt like taking her across my lap there and then and that was when the waitress broke by daydream by arriving with out starters. I won't bore you with our chit chat over dinner but I know you you are dying to ask if I did spank or cane her bare arse as I wanted too... well regrettably that is between saffy and me and you will never know.

Saffy has just done a vintage shoot for Escort magazine and you will see more of her in that then you will in the picture shown here. watch this space for when Escort featuring Saffy is available along with her forthcoming DVD.

With thanks to Saffy McKenna for use of her image

Unlike some I aways ask before using someone elses copyright material
Mr Cane - VIP thief
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westpier - VIP thief - Who doesn't for some reason believe I can act on behalf of GHM enterprises IE Kane.

9th December

Now that the art of spanking is deemed unacceptable in nanny state UK I'm not sure whether I shall continue with this website or not. When I began this site it was purely as a hobby to while away the hours and to show off the work that I had done, especially my days with Josie at Kane Magazine. It seems such a long time ago in fact it's over ten years now. It was fun working with the girls, some who like the adorable Dublin O'Brien have remained good friends though sadly some have changed and turned on the hand that used to feed them. I enjoyed the days that I worked with and spent with Brigella and I hope that she is well' though some things shouldn't have happened but such is life, none of us are perfect. I'm also thankful to have met Paula Meadows the talented erotic artist who used to illustrate Janus, edit Februs and who even got her bare bum spanked in Kane.

Through working with Kane I met Teresa May who I had adored in The Daily Sport that I used to buy each morning. Now Teresa is a close friend of mine, very close to say the least and that has caused things to change insomuch as I no longer look on her as a glamour girl I see her for the person that she is. This has also changed the way that I view other models that I used to adore, girls like Vida Garman and Lynda Leigh and others that I have met.

I no longer have the desire to be part of the adult industry as there are too many restrictions these days this is part of the reason that I am closing my magazine website so if you're up for a bargain you should take a look as most of the magazines have been reduced to almost cost price and what's there now wont be replaced.

I intend to put my feet up and relax, enjoy precious and quality time with my beautiful wife, dine out frequently and settle down with a good book and an 18 year old malt.

Time goes by so quickly these days, many of my friends and acquaintances in the spanking scene have passed away, people like Sir Larry Greythorpe, Will Scarlet of Februs fame and of course the Godfather of spanking the legendary George Harrison Marks. No doubt all of these gents and more are having a whale of a time and causing havoc at that great spanking party in the sky.

7th December

I have been in the adult (spanking) industry for many years and have upset a great deal of people in my time but to be honest I don't give a fucking shit. First there was those arseholes on who thought it was acceptable to let their users scan and post complete the latest copy of Kane for free on their shitty website and to post images that had been stolen from the with impunity. These arseholes by ripping off Kane Magazine gradually with their blatant piracy nailed Kane's coffin lid closed. Are you happy now creeps? Then there is all the arseholes on the who stole, scanned magazines, images and videos. The likes of DebsEddy and the rest of the thieving scum. Now there's the where all these arseholes have moved to and where they post complete scans of magazines such as Janus and Februs, but thankfully the guys at Janus are on the ball and as soon as links are posted to complete magazine scans they are removed. There are many thieving toads on who steal and most many spanking producers material such though these days I am watching out for all of us apart from the Real Spanking material as for that I couldn't give a shit! I hope the following people are proud of themselves for causing many friends of mine to shut up shop. These idiots can't see further than their nose as it won't be long before and because of their actions there is no new spanking material. It should of course be noted that spanking and violent whipping is legal in some parts of the world and some day a producer will sue the pants off them, making them have to sell their home and possessions to pay financial compensation and when that day comes I will wet my pants with laughter. So here's thanks to the thieving scum on

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Then there's that wonderful place called tumblr owned by yahoo who are happy to let all and sundry posy copyright images. Well I've new for people on there like portaspank. I've decided to call it a day making money in the adult industry and make my money elsewhere but now I have plenty of time to come after you thieving bastards and will be spending my free time issuing DMCA's wherever I find GHM (Kane) or my material. I'm not interested in Janus or anyone else's content as that is their look out but I do have many friends who are quite happy to be informed of piracy of their material one being Spanking server and The Spanking Machine. So it's time for you arseholes to watch your backs. Happy days cretins.

No doubt these arseholes will start crying and bleating and propose a boycott of each and everyone of my website but hey, you tight fuckers never spent a bean anyway cause you steal other peoples material wherever you can so it's no big deal tight wads!

6th December

I feel that I am constantly going on about PayPal but it seems to be deserved on their part. I just don't get how that can close all of my accounts, hang on to my money for up to 180 days in case someone files a complaint, which has never happened in the past and still send me emails asking for ''feedback'', ''tell us how we're doing'' and piss me off even more. Well I shall tell you here. Your service is shit, your customer relations is shit and soon you will like many other companies who treat their customers like shit, will soon no longer exist. I now have a new payment proccessor who are amazing, cheaper than PayPal and far superior and they don't hang on to your money for ever and a day. These nice people I have recommended to all my friends and shall keep on doing so. Bye bye Paypal.

2nd December

Today I've virtually erased of of my website because of the new legislation that came into effect on 1/12/14, The Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 requires that video-on-demand (VoD) online porn now adhere to the same guidelines laid out for DVD sex shop-type porn by the British Board of Film Censors (BBFC). I realise that this is aimed at video on demand but I'd rather err on the side of caution therefore I have closed all of my spanking websites and removed all of the images of spanking from this one. End of...

Roberta Kray No Mercy
25th November

Being an East End boy I've always had a fascination about the Kray Twins and have read as much about them as possible. Although I don't condone violence in any form I've always felt that both Reggie and Ronnie were treated unfairly by the powers that be. I agree that it's wrong to kill another human being but the punishment should fit the crime and if life for murder means life full stop then so be it but treat each and every murderer the same. It galls me when I see those that murder innocent people given parole when Reggie and Ronnie remained inside until their dying day. I also find it morally wrong for people like Bobby Teale who was quite happy to live the gangster lifestyle and reap the rewards that came with it and then make money by selling and writing books boasting how they brought the Krays down. One of the books I read ''Reg Kray - A Man Apart'' was written by his wife Roberta Kray who also writes crime fiction. I wont go into details how this came about but this morning a signed copy of Roberta's new novel ''No Mercy'' dropped trough my letter box and now has pride of place on my book shelf. Thank you Roberta.

You can follow Roberta Kray on Facebook by clicking here


PayPal restricted, in effect closed my account for selling adult magazines on my own website. This impacted on my business and I feel rather put out to say the least that they had the audacity to send me an email asking me to complete a customer satisfaction survey as I'm sure they know the answer. PayPal also restricted my wife's account for taking payment for a copy of Playboy magazine on eBay (I had previously asked eBay if such magazines were permitted and was told they were!) PayPal's action surprises me as there are thousands of listings for Playboy and similar men's magazines on eBay, some much stronger than Playboy. These magazines are permitted to be listed on eBay yet PayPal see fit to restrict accounts for taking payment. My wife's account has been reinstated but only after her signing PayPal's affidavit. Due to PayPal restricting our accounts our eBay accounts were closed so PayPal have removed another source of our income.
Since having our PayPal accounts closed I have signed up with another provider who are quite happy to accept payment for the items I sell though sadly we are no longer able to use eBay for selling as we have been banned - C'est la Vie.
There is a saying that nothing is forever and the way PayPal and eBay treat their customers it wont be too long until they join the ranks of failed businesses.

20th November

This week has been quite awful as PayPal have closed my partner and my accounts for using them to process payments for what they consider sexually orientated material (a few spanking magazines). Paypal also closed my wife's account when we sold a copy of Playboy magazine on eBay saying again that payment for material of an adult sexual nature is not permitted. Excuse me! There are thousands of men's (adult) magazines on eBay at the moment such as Fiesta, Mayfair, Whitehouse and the like and these ARE permitted so long as the cover does not show naughty bits like female nipples, aureole or genitals. eBay also make taking PayPal as a form of payment compulsory so you now have the situation whereby you are permitted to sell Playboy on eBay, you have to accept PayPal as a form of payment but when you are paid for the item your account is limited and then closed.

Over the past few years many retailers have gone to the wall, the most recent being Phones4U. Comet vanished last year if I'm not mistaken and a few years ago Woolies (Woolworth) closed. Both eBay and PayPal remind me of Gerald Ratner who owned a chain of jewellers and who stupidly stated that his merchandise was crap. I'm sure most who purchased his wares knew it was crap as you can't expect 24 caret gold for a fiver, but confirming it is crap is suicidal. The way that eBay and PayPal treat their customers it won't I'm sure before they join this not so exclusive club of business that have closed and I for one wont be shedding any tears.

10th November

Over the years there has been much said about spanking machines, mechanical devices that would administer a long and painful punishment if the form of spanking, caning and whipping to a soft feminine backside. If you google Spanking Machines you will find many drawings and illustrations and you will also come across a website called TheSpankingMachine that uses a modern day machine to make the bare bottom of many a pretty girl nice and red and no doubt very sore indeed. The thought of a pretty girl bending bare bottomed over a whipping trestle waiting for and then being caned by a mechanical contraption certainly makes me rise to the occasion. The spanking machine certainly does what it says on the tin as the cane and whip marks it leaves in it's wake are quite amazing and must certainly leave the precipitant quite sore for quite some time. Ah the thought of these well caned pretty girls unable to sit surely warms the cockles of my heart. Mind you, it's not only bare bottoms that get flogged by this devilish contraption it is also used to administer painful pussy whippings as well.

Recently I've had cause to interact with the owners Diseno Media and very pleasant people they are though like me they become rather pissed off when they find the complete videos posted for free on spanking forums. Like me they will seek financial recompense from those who feel it's fine to steal material that others have paid to create, depriving them of revenue that is their living. Pirates and thieves be warned!

1st November
Red MistressAREDDAY

As many of you who read my blog and follow me on twitter will know I have a rather strong liking of Red Heads and one of my favourites is Red-XXX who can be found on twitter
I had been hoping to meet this glamorous woman for quite some time so you can imagine my delight when I received a text message from her saying that she would be in London on the 31st and that we could meet late in the afternoon. We arranged to meet in London’s West End after a day of shopping, me for Christmas presents for my family and Red for shoes and bags (now there’s a surprise). Shopping done and feeling in need to take the weight off my feet, I headed to Oxford Circus where after much texting we had decided to meet. Knowing that part on London well I headed for Argyle Street, home of the London Palladium and in to the Argyle where thankfully I found an unoccupied table, where with a pint of Spitfire I parked myself and waited.
When Red finally arrived I was quite taken aback as she looked more gorgeous in the flesh than in her many pictures that I have seen on the internet and on her website – After ordering her a large glass of white wine we sat and talked about our interest in BDSM, the fetish scene our love of vintage retro fashion and much more. Something else that we both have in common is being of a dominant persuasion.
Thank you Red for a wonderful day and it’s true what they say it certainly does take a redheaded woman...

16th October

Mistress Meena of BristolMistress Meena has given me a mention in her blog and very flattering it is too which makes a change as generally when I am given a mention it tends to be an irate blogger who is spouting hate. If you'd like to read what my Mistress friend has written about me click here. Although I consider this elegant woman as that is what she is I have no doubt that she is quite strict and demanding with her submissives, slaves, and bitches (sic) as the pictures on her website and twitter show which just goes to prove that sometimes the camera does indeed lie as she may look like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth it surely would as the pictures below show. This mean lady wouldn't hesitate in restraining a slave in bondage and giving his naked arse a though caning and beating with her wicked spiked paddle. In fact, if she is feeling extremely wicked she might even order you on your knees and have you submit to anal training and leave you helpess while your arse is mercilessly rogered with her fucking machine that has a huge cock attached while she sips her darjeeling and puts her dainty feet up for an hour or two leaving you having your tight arse fucked sore until you beg for mercy!

Elegant Mistress Meena Mistress Meena
The above image is courtesy and © copyright Mistress Meena 2014

18th September

Today I finally met Mistress Meena a gorgeous woman I have been corresponding with on twitter and it was a real pleasure to be in her company. We met at Cafe de Pierre just a short distance from London's Green Park where over drinks we discussed and shared our thoughts, likes and a few secrets which I have no intention of divulging here or anywhere else, of our BDSM life-styles. I have, over the years, met many Mistresses, some good some not so good and a select few who have an aurora of elegance and class. Mistress Meena certainly is one of the select as she
is elegent and has much class. She reminded me of a Governess, a strict woman who must be obeyed and one who will not take any nonsense from not just submissives but from anyone. I found it hard to image this most attractive woman punishing a man with a severe caning or whipping though listening to her say how much sheenjoyedinflicting pain and being worshipped I have no doubt that she can indeed leave a client quite marked and sore. Unlike some, Mistress Meena doesn't offer any sexual services or favours and that, in my opinion is how it should be as if that is what a client expects from a Mistress they are not truly submissive and their needs would be far better catered for by a cheap hooker.

Thank you for a most enjoyable afternoon Ms Meena.

If you're not following Mistress Meena on twitter you should be. You can find her twitter feed here
@Mistress_Meena and her website here
Mistress Meena Bristol Mistress

24th September

The title of today's post must surely give the game away that I like Tom and Jerry cartoons. Well cat rock doesn't come into the equation though it has been a really bad day. Whilst moving a glass CD storage rack I managed to drop it on my toe (as you do). To say it was heavy is an understatement as the bloody thing must weigh at least 50 KGs and now my foot is black and blue. If I'd been spanking a girl's bare arse and her bum cheeks became as black and blue as my foot is I would be well pleased with my handiwork.

One of my pet hates is waiting patiently in a queue to be served when another checkout is opened and yes, you've guessed it, the person who has joined the back of the queue gets served first! I'm not the sort of person to sit back and take such things lightly though there are many times when I wish I was but as I'm not I let all and sundry know that I thought this was just plain wrong. I'm sure oneday I shall bite off more than I can chew and get a good kicking, in fact that has already happened though it was many years ago but I will never let myself be walked over or shat upon without saying what I think of the toads who think they can walk all over you. Sort it out Wickies!

Strict Women Mistress Meena of Bristol23rd September

As those of you who read my blog will know this Sunday I am meeting Mistress Meena from Bristol in London's West End for dinner and drinks and I am certailny looking forward to what I am sure will be an interesting afternoon's conversation.
I have mentioned many Mistressess in my blog but it's quite rare when the compliment is returned so I was surprised when I was mentioned in hers. I've always maintained that the world, the web and of course twitter is full of women who consider themselves ''Mistressess'' by virtue of the fact that they refer to submissive males as paypigs, worthless male sluts along with other demeaning and rather crude descriptions. I'm not stating that submissive males and slaves shouldn't be treated in such a manner but there is far more to being a dom/domme than this. In my opinion a true Mistress is not only demanding but also elegant and erutite, one who knows exactly how to treat not only her submissives but those of others and most certainly one who gives respect to others. These women who consider themselves ''Mistressess'' surely know nothing about the ''Life-style'' and are purely seeking to make some easy money for doing absolutely nothing.

You can read what Mistress Meena's has said about me in her blog by clicking

you can find Mistress Meena on twitter here
@Mistress_Meena and her website here
Mistress Meena

16th September

It's more than two weeks since I've updated my blog their has been much going on not only in my life but also in the world so there is plenty for me to write about.

Today I decided that as I had a little free time this morning I should update my blog and that I am doing, though when I looked at my website I noticed that yet again through no fault of mine many links had corrupted! It's not the first time this has happened and quite frankly it's being to piss me off as you would expect as once I find a corrupt link I have to check the rest of the sites pages to see if any, how many more there are and there is usually plenty.

Recently I shared an item on my Facebook page, an item that was supposidly perpetrated by the BNP who were stating that it's wrong that you cannot go in to a public place such as a bank wearing a balaclava but you can if you're wearing a burka or hijab that completely completely hides your face. For the record I do not support or condone the BNP but on this occasion they, in my opinion, have a case. A person whom I have known for over ten years saw this post, messaged me about how they couldn't be seen to have a friend who supports the BNP and promptly removed me as a friend. I would have thought that the person who has known me for such a period would certainly know that I do not have any truck with the BNP. I find it astonishing that a a person of their intelligence would not realise the point.

Slave boy in a rubber gimp gasmask hoodAs those of you who read my blog will probably already know on the28th of this month I have a meeting with Mistress Meena somewhere in the more classy part of London's West End. As this is our first meeting I wasn't sure what to wear, should I go smart, all dressed up likes a a dog's dinner or should I wear my usual worn but very comfortable black jeans and t-shirt? Rather than get it completely wrong like the only person who thought the party was was fancy dress and came as Ronald MacDonald I thought I'd ask. The reply I got I found quite amusing as she said ''A butt plug Female Dominationand gimp hood would be good to begin with,''. Ha! As Mistress Meena and I have been exchanging messages on twitter and she knows I am not of the submissive persuassion I knew this was a wind-up and had a good chuckle. However, I do know of some Mistressess who would actually mean that, Mistressess, who think that every male should be subserviant and who are compeletely up their own arse! I respect and admire Mistressess who treat others with respect and those that save their demanding ways to their own slaves and submissives and those who other dominants have agreed that they may use as they seem fit. Such is the life-style of a slave/sub. Those who don't respect others who are not involved in the life-style (the vanilla's) and those who are dominant I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. Get a grip women, you're not the be all and end all of the universe!
Not me Mistress Meena!

If you'd like to follow Mistress Meena you can find her twitter here @Mistress_Meena and her website here

MORE EBAY RIP OFF MERCHANTSWhat should happen to rip off merchants on eBay
I know it may seem sad to some but I really enjoy watching the old sit-coms, shows like Steptoe & Son, Goodnight Sweetheart, Only Fools And Horses and On The Buses. Although these are forever being shown I enjoy being able to watch them on DVD at my leisure, if and when I'm in the mood. Two weeks ago on eBay I won a box set of Steptoe & Son that the seller had listed in in ''like New'' condition and had listed it with a stock photo not one of the item which should only be used when listing a ''new'' item. When it arrived it was nothing like ''Llike new'' in fact I would have described it as acceptable as the DVD's outer box sleeve was badly damaged. If only I could name and shame the seller on here but sadly that is against eBay's terms and conditions so that is not possible though I do know of a better form of retribution like sending Mistress Meena to pay him a visit and thoroughly thrash his bare cheating arse but sadly that isn't possible either, but the thought of it happening makes me feel much better.

28th August
When I used to work 9-5 like everyone else I used to look forward to the long bank holiday weekends. Thankfully I'm no longer in that situation as I work for myself when and if I feel like it which is good as after last weekend's pissy cold weather and monsoons I would have been well pissed off. Those who are still working for the man have my sympathy.

One of my favourite sit coms is Steptoe And Son (you diiiirty old man). Recently I came across the complete series on DVD in HMV but as always the price was sky high so I thought I'd take a peek on eBay. Sure enough I found many for sale but ag
Don%27t just do it B and Q jump the queue itain the price was ridiculously high for both new and used copies. My misses told me that I'd be better off getting it direct from the BBC shop which I pooh poohed telling her not to be so daft. However today I did just that and low and behold it was just
£18.99 with free P&P, far cheaper than any on eBay or Amazon. I'm waiting for the ''I told you so!''. Don't you just hate it when that happens!

One of my pet hates is drivers who cut you up and force their way into a queue of traffic especially when because of these toads you find yourself getting closer to the back of the queue rather than the front. There are a few hot spots for this close to where I live and it is a real pain as the roads are bad enough as it is. Today's toadicus arseholious is a B&Q driver who thought nothing of driving to the front of the queue, stopping in the fast moving traffic of the main road causing a hazard while he slowly pushed his way in. So here you are mister B&Q selfish git, this is for you.

Right: Cut up by a B&Q van
19th August

Who would have thought back in the eighties that some spanking magazines would become quite rare and collectable, especially Blushes, Uniform Girls and Dear Blushes. Some issues of these are as scarce as rocking horse poop. Yesterday I was contacted by a lovely lady who has many of these collectable magazines in as new condition and many of them are still shrink wrapped. Below is a list of what is Have. If you're interested in purchasing any of these please click on the relevant title: BLUSHES,DEAR BLUSHES,UNIFORM GIRLS. They aren't cheap though as they cost me an arm and a leg.

58, 60, 63, 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 82
41, 54, 55, 56, 59, 62, 64
39, 40, 41, 42

17th August

Wishing my gorgeous dominant friend Lady Saffron a very happy birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day and are pampered no end. Mwah xoxox

15th August

It's not often I lose my rag but when it happens you really don't want to be around. I like to think that I'm a reasonable person and there are many times when I really should say something but can't be bothered and let the matter slip. Today however I did speak up. If you shop at Costco you will know how big the queues can be, in fact sometimes you spend far longer queueing than you do shopping. My wife was next in line when some obnoxious old hag pushed her way to the front of the queue and began placing her shopping on the conveyour belt. As she had just a few items my wife shrugged it off but I had a feeling she was not to happy. Then it happened. The old bat called to a man who bypassed the mega queue and who had a shopping trolley loaded to the hilt and he began unloading it and placing his goods with hers. I Asked politely, what the fuck he thought he was doing. The woman (I use the term loosely) said he was with her. The other's in the queue were well pissed off with this couple but kept their thoughts to themselves not wanting to make a scene but I'm not like that and told them what I thought of them. The checkout girl called a manager over to sort out the fuss and he asked what the problem was so I told him. Do you think it's correct that someone brings two items to the checkout queue then lets her husband do the shopping and then bring a mountain of shopping to the front of the queue like this couple? The old hag butted in... He's not my husband; he's my chauffuer. Well lah de fucking dah misses. That makes it all right then does it?
Under normal circumstances I would say that the queue jumping woman was in need of a spanking but on this occasion that's the last thing I would want to do with such an obnoxious and ugly self-centred woman.
If anyone is interested this happened today at approximately noon at Costco Watford and if you shop there watch out for this queue jumping old bag and her chauffuer.


Some of my lady friends are very greedy and there is none greedier than
@TheGoddessGreed but if you want to worship a good looking woman and spend your hard earned cash on her that's your choice. When it comes to owning a car there are many expenses that you have to suffer like road tax and insurance, that's if you want to be on the right side of plod. To combat commuters who park in the side roads all day our nice council, Brent, introduced residents only parking and charged a nominal fee to cover the cost. However, the price of parking outside your own house has rocketed as you would expect and now it's daylight robbery.
Like many of my neighbours I've cleared the front of my house and driveway so I can now park off road and don't have to pay the ridiculous price of a resident's parking permit so Brent council have lost out for being greedy bastards and trying to rip the locals off. Not only that the road outside my house is becoming dirt track like what you would find in a jungle as weeds are everywhere. It's got to the point where the locals refer to them as the flower bed. So I have to wonder what our council tax is spent on. Oh silly me, it's spent on things like duck houses and new bathrooms for MP's second homes.

10th August
Stephanie enjoys the sun on a Red Hot day of spanking
No, Big Bertha isn't some big bottomed woman who enjoys having her bare bottom spanked it's a tropical storm that is currently hitting many parts of the UK today and dumping shit loads of rain on us. Today is the London Fetish Fair's monthly get together and I was planning on going along but the weather has dissuaded me from doing that. It may be a short walk from Vauxhall tube station to the location but it's far enough to end up like a drowned rat if the heavens decide to open up. Hopefully I shall get my arse along to the next one in September. Above right: Stephanie takes in the glorious sun prior to shooting the video Red Hot Spanking On A Red Hot Summer's Day


Once again tumblr have terminated my account which I find quite strange and most annoying. This time there weren't any links to my website whatsoever and all of the images linked back to my tumblr account so why it was terminated baffles me. However, it wasn't only me who had their account terminated as so did my my friend Miss Shanelle Van D'Yer of Shan Van Media Productions. The strange thing is both of us used only our own © copyright images and this was stated on both of our pages.
There is still many blogs on tumblr that blatantly steal images from websites including pay sites that have the owner's © copyright on them and post them yet tumblr take no action even though their terms and conditions state that you should only post images that belong to you. Many of these bloggers even have the audacity to crop the © copyright logo off the image and edit the image to their own ends and even have the cheek to add their tumblr url on it such as - Hopefully the day isn't too far away when a blogger will get sued by a producer of spanking material and be hit with a hefty bill for use of images and when that day comes I shall crack open a bottle of bubbly and drink myself in to a celebratory stupor.

6th August

It seems that if you are a good looking woman and have no qualms about getting men to part with their hard earned cash for nothing in return there are many submissive men who will gladly oblige. You only have to search twitter and you will find many of these women who are eager to get as much as they can from you for giving as little as possible in return but if that's what floats your boat... But it surely doesn't float mine. That said I'm not a meanie by any means as my many female friends will confirm in fact I'm quite the opposite and frequently find myself involved in an argument about who is paying the bill. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose but when I do lose I tend to find cash in the least expected places with a note saying ''Ha ha''. These money grabbing ladies call their providers of cash and gifts Stict Women Financial Domination with Goddess Greed''Pay Pigs'' fair enough, but in my opinion they should take a look in the mirror, a case of the pot calling the kettle black methinks.
One greedy female I have known online for many years, way back when people used MySpace - anyone remember that? Is Goddess Greed. This was the first time I had heard about guys lavishing gifts and money in the form of financial slavery and I was intrigued. I can't understand what there is about lavishing gifts and money on a woman for absolutely nothing in return, I just don't get it, perhaps it makes their willy go hard but mine gets hard thinking of making more money not squandering it. Mind you, if you are that way inclined do yourself a favour and lavish it on a gorgeous creature not some old woofer who thinks that she can abuse you verbally for a few quid just because you're submissive and eager to spend spend spend. And they don't come much better looking than The Goddess Greed.
Above Goddess Greed want's your money!

I'm sure I will never meet Goddess Greed though it would certainly be a pleasure though I'm sure the cost would be far too high for me as I'm not yet a billionaire, but if things go to plan I may well be one day and if that day comes who knows.

If you'd like to see more of Goddess Greed you can follow her on twitter @TheGoddessGreedand I'm sure she's be only too eager to lighten your wallet for you at her website


As we sit around scouring the internet for images of porn let us take a little time out to pay homage to the millions of young men and women who lost their lives in a futile world war. Edwin Starr sang about war (what is is good for? Absolutely nothin' say it again!) though his song was for those caught up in the confict in Vietam. A place where boys of 17 were sent into battle for a cause that wasn't their's. The valiant youth of 1914 who volunteered to go and fight were heroic but they could not have foreseen the horrors that awaited them in the form of trench warfare and horrific gas attacks. War isn't glamourus like the Battle and Commando comics that were popular in the 60s and 70s made it out to be its horrific. Men laying wounded on the battlefield with their entrails hanging out, trying to push them back in, some with limbs blown off or screaming in agony for their mother's and wives. Sadly the world hasn't learned to live in peace as there is fighting in Palestine, Ukraine and many other places. It's the same old story, the only people who suffer are the civilians who just want to get on with their lives. Perhaps if we were to take a few war mongering politicians and put them in the frontline they may think twice about starting the next one but we all know that will never happen.

3rd August

I had planned not to do any work today and spend my time reading my book Reg Kray A Man Apart written by his wife Roberta Kray while chilling with a few cold beers, but this is not the case. Through twitter I have made many new friends such as Heather who runs the London Fetish Fair along with a few dominant ladies who have already been mentioned in my diary. Recently, and I have no idea how this came about I have been corresponding with a lady called Mistress Meena who as a person is respectful and pleasant, (not that I expect her to be that way with her slaves or submissives). It always annoys me when I come across a so called Mistress who thinks that every male she comes across should serve her and pander to her every whim. Thankfully Mistress Meena isn't one of them as if she was I wouldn't be writing this, I'd be doing what I planned, reading my book. Although Mistress Meena is based in Bristol she is coming to London at the end of September and we have plans to meet for dinner, drinks or at least coffee and muffins depending on our schedules. This I am looking forward to.
Above right Mistress Meena, you can see more of her on her website and follow her on twitter @Mistress_Meena

Strict Women - Mistress Meena Banner


Bloggers are welcome to my images but only when giving proper credit, that means linking the picture to the page you found it on my website), no altering of the pictures and especially no cropping out my logo / © copyright / web address and no use on blogs that are in any way commercial, for example through affiliate links.

The do not alter rule also applies to bloggers who give proper credit. I know that some prefer pictures without website logos but unfortunately those get reposted without giving proper credit very quickly.

Due to the attitude of Tumblr who are forever terminating the accounts of those who post only their own © copyright images the above statement does not apply to tumblr blogs meaning images may not under any circumstances be posted.

If you do not abide by what I have stated or you post an image I own the © copryright to you can expect to receive a DMCA takedown request to be issued and an invoice from my lawyer for use of the image plus his fee

27th July

It's said that too much work and not enough play makes Jack a dull boy. I feel that recently I have been working much too hard so this weekend I decided to take a break. Yesterday was spent reading Reggie Kray's book A Way Of Life and that I shall continue with today. Yesterday evening was spent with my family at London's South Bank which if you haven't been there in the evening is quite amazing; it's just one big party. The youngsters went on the skyride which is far too scary for me so while they were having their fun I spent my time at the revolving bar. I also spent some time at the rifle range and came away with two soft toys, a rather large cow and a larger white lion much to the annoyance of the stall holder.

This week is going to be a busy one for me so I'm not sure when the next gallery will be added though I have begun working on it. This will be a Femme Domme gallery of Sam Johnson as Mistress Samantha giving a good bare bottom caning to John Rundell. John plays the part of a perverted school teacher who was caught by the headmistress looking up the girls' skirts.
25th July

For all the lovers of schoolgirl spanking (grown up ones of course) I've added a free spanking gallery of the first scene of the video of the same name. This features Sally Cavendar as the newly appointed and very strict head girl and Sam Johnson and Georgina Springthorpe as two hapless schoolgirls who get their bare bottom spanked strapped and caned for arriving late to a class Sally was put in charge of. You can see all the pictures by clicking here

24th July

As Imentioned some days ago my wife and I sell DVDs on eBay that we have watched and no longer want to keep. We sell these for a quid as buy it now as all we really want to do is get shot of them. Sometimes we are given a DVD as a gift and sometimes it is something we're not interested in so we sell them as new. Recently we sold a DVD that was still shrink wrapped. The buyer rasied a claim against us saying that it was not as described. I can only assume a claim was raised because I sent her a copy of the proof of postage certificate when the item was posted and she felt she couldn't clain it wasn't received. eBay in their infinite wisdom closed the case in her favour and gave her a refund but they also found I wasn't at fault and didn't take the money from me. When I queried this with eBay's customer service they told me that as the item was low value they resolve issues this way to keep the buyer happy. I bet the bloody buyer is happy! Perhaps I should start being devious and do the same though somehow I wouldn't be able to sleep at night unlike some.


As if it wasn't bad enough being bombarded with Fifty Shades Of Grey (the book) everywhere you turned now we have to suffer the movie (thanks to a friend of mine who posted a link to the trailer on her facebook page). Women across the land are wetting their panties and the thought of being dominated by Christian Grey. Oh really! I'm sure that if you asked these women to actually do these things for real as in real BDSM play they would run a mile. It's a life-style girlies, something I doubt you could ever understand.


When I scripted the video the main character was based on my local estate agent who at the time was rather chuffed that it had been based on him. I've just added a free spanking gallery of all the stills taken at this video shoot and you can see them by clicking here.

Right: Estate agent Mr. Kramer played by Nick Baker gives Katie Wilkins played by Brandi Bailey a good spanking for stealing a bottle of her favourite tipple while viewing a property.

23rd July

It's been far too hot today so rather than do the things I should be doing such as raising invoices and paying HMRC I decided to take my misses to the South Bank of the River Thames and have plenty of beer and ice cream. It's surprising how much the banks of the rive have changed. Whan I was a lad it was all derelict wharfs and warehouses; today as you will probably know it is very up market with much going on, much to see and much to eat and drink. One particular young and very talented young lady (busker) caught my eye, Charlotte. Mainly because she was very talented and was singing one of my favourite Fleetwood Mac songs, Everywhere while accompanying herself of accoustic guitar. Well worth the the few quid that I put in her collection box. If I have any complaint about today it has to be directed at McDonalds whose McFlurries that my wife and I had could have passed for milk shakes. Other than that a good day was had by all.

On a tangent, listening to Spotify while updating my website T'Pau's Secret Garden came on. I have tweeted the gorgeous redhead @caroledecker asking if it can be renamed The Secret Beer Garden for the day due to the heat as that's where I'd like to be. The lovely Carol has since favourited my tweet, one reason I like her as she is not like some celebs who are up themselves. She is also very hot but that's another story.

Nick Baker gives Barabara Carlise a spanking in the Kane Vide Squatters Rights

I've added a new free spanking gallery the first part of Squatter's Rights featuring Nick Baker and Barbara Carlise how incidentally was a contestant in a TV game show featuring Keith Chegwin and several other contestants completely naked. As we wanted new bare bottoms for this video we used an agency for the first time. The agency sent us some photos and Barbara looked right for teh part and was hired though when she arrived she was shocked as she had no idea that she was booked for a spanking video and that she was expected to be spanked for real. Thankfully she was a real sport and took the spanking and caning of her bare bottom very well even though she had never been spanked before. Though I understand her husband was none to pleased when he saw the state of her arse.


Sadly Dora Byran passed way today. I've enjoyed and laughed at her many performances in the Carry On films such as Carry On Cabbie, Matron, Camping and Teacher where she split her tight PE shorts when she bent over and many more. Thank you for the laughs Dora may you rest in peace though I'm sure you are having a right old Carry On in that big film studio in the sky.

22nd July

More pictures of Mistress Teresa May punishing her slaves in her London Dungeon have been added
Mistress Teresa May and Slave Steve Bickersto the free gallery. Don't you wish it was you she was punishing, just like her slave Steve Bickers.


Over the past few days there has been much spoken about regarding pictures being taken from websites and scanned from magazies such as Janus and posted by bloggers on social networking sites such as tumblr. I'm sure those posting these pictures didn't realise they were violating the copright of others by posting a few images here and there but the crux of the matter is they were. You legally can only post images that belong to you, that you took or created. Posting a few of your favourite spanking pictures or spanking models may not seem like a big deal and at the end of the day most producers of spanking content and publishers of spanking magazines would probably turn a blind eye, which my friends at Janus did. It was only when complete photo sequences were scanned and posted in their entirity did people start to feel agrieved. It's not easy seeing material that you spent money on being posted for free. The cost of a spanking shoot is rather expensive. Most spanking models want an arm and a leg to do do a shoot especially if it involves being spanked for real, and why shouldn't they. Then there's the location and the cost of a photographer if you're not taking the pictures yourself. The cost of publishing a magazine isn't cheap go and ask your local printer what it will cost you for a few thousand A4 size magazines to be printed on decent paper then there's the cost of paying someone to edit it and someone to do the layout. If you want a few colour pages the cost goes through the roof. Then there's distribution costs. Back in the day when spanking magazines were regularly published retailers would generally only take them on a sale or return basis. So you can see things don't come cheap. People like Janus have every right to sell their wares in digital format and if the world and it's mother scans and posts entire sections or complete magazines and post them on social networking sites they're not going to sell much. I'm sure if the latest novel by James Patterson was scanned and posted for free you'd soon get a call from his publishing house along with a huge bill for copyright infringement. So why should spanking magazines and spanking material be treated differently?

Today I spoke with the owner of Janus who informed me that they are adding guidelines for bloggers on their website to combat what has become a thorn not only in their side but in the saide of many in the spanking industry and whan that happens I shall post links to it.

Mistress Teresa May in her London dungeon20th July

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to visit Mistress Teresa May in her W1 London dungeon now you can. Today I've added a free gallery showing this strict and dominant femme fatale punishing her slaves and how they worship the very ground she walks on. You can also see just what devious and painful devices she has in store to make you suffer and squirm in torment.

19th July

Like most people I would rather solve issues amicably without confrontation and it's always good when the person who you have issues with is of the same opinion as it makes life so much easier and pleasant so hat's off to you sir.


If you post hateful messages on a blogging site such as poems wishing someone dead and implying they should put a plastic bag over their head can you be surprised when they don't come dancing to you with a gift of cup cakes but act towards you with venom.


In this digital age it's all too easy to use other people's interlectual property either intentionally or unintentionally though you can get bitten in the bum if you do either. Images on the web belong to someone, they created it and own the rights to it. Likewise publishers of magazines own the right to the content as does the photographer who took the published photographs. When a photograph is taken the copyright imediately goes to the photographer who in turn can grant license for usage so if you don't have license you shouldn't use it for any purpose whether commercial or not. I can understand people who like to share their passion for spanking with others and post their favourite spanking pictures and if this is the case I'm sure most people would turn a blind eye. However, if you take the mickey and scan complete articles from magazines and post them on a blogging site I see no reason why you would expect that to be acceptable and the publisher of whatever magazine to get the rats and come after you with a vengence. Likewise if you use an image of someone elses and crop off their copyright logo. There are many companies who pay to have their copyright images policed and if you get caught using them then you are in for a big surprise and hefty bill. Try using Getty images for free and see where that gets you.

Regarding the use of images on blogs taken from spanking magazines my thoughts and comments are purely mine; publishers of magazines may take a different view which is their perogative and act and issue a DMCA take down request for each and every image which is their right or that of the photographer.

18th July

I would like it known that tumblr have on file documentation confirming that I am authorized to issue DMCA take down notices for any that I issue.


Like the rest of the world I was horrified when I saw on the news that a Malaysian airliner had been downed. Apart from the tragic loss of life of those on board and the families who's lives have been devastated by the loss of a loved one this is a tragedy for the whole human race. It's events like this that lead to world wars and as we all know the next one will be of the nuclear kind and will sure wipe out all life on our planet. Also on the news I saw Israel had sent in ground forces to, in the works of their spokesman, eradicate Palestinian holes. I can understand that Israelis are unhappy about missiles and rockets being lauched at their cities but if Israel wasn't occupying Palestine and making settlements for it's own people and Palestine was pure Palestinian there would be no need for them to do so.


On a brighter note: two new free spanking galleries of Brigella have been added 'Maid Full Of Tears' and 'Another Painful Lesson'
Brigella gets a spanking in Maid Full Of Tears

17th July

Yesterday I was quite dismayed when I saw that the CPA (Child Protection Agency) had arrested 660 suspected paedophiles. Obviously I wasn't dismayed because these people had been caught as that is cause for celebration but dismayed at how many nonces there are. I just don't understand how someone can find looking at children being abused and exploted a turn on. I hope that those nasty creeps who spend their time scouring the web for images of children being abused and downloading them and who haven't yet been snared by the authorities are shitting bricks.

16th JulyLesley Sey - Maid For Spanking Pleasure

A gallery containing all the stills taken while shooting the video Maid For Pleasure that features the gorgeous Lesley Sey as the personal maid of the bastard Earl Of Greythope's nephew being spanked strapped and caned by her devious master has been added to my free spanking galleries. Though there is a sting in the tail and if you have been lucky enough to watch the video you will know what I mean.


Another of my tumblr accounts has been terminated today, not that is was unexpected. Look guys, let's get one thing straight. Your blogging site is crap and the way you manage it is atrocious. It doesn't bother me for a minute that you delete my accounts on a daily basis. I only user your site to send tweets to a good networking site which is twitter otherwise I wouldn't give a rat's arse about your shitty site and certainly wouldn't use it.


Like lots of people my wife and I sell our unwanted odds and sods on eBay, not so much for the money though that is nice but mainly to declutter. We sell many DVDs on there that we have watched and no longer wish to keep usually for just £1 as a but it now. We do our best to be good and responsible eBayers. Sadly there are many scammers about who think nothing of trying to cheat you out of the few pennies that you get after paying extortionate eBay seller fees and PayPal (which you have to take) charges. Recently I sold a copy of DOOM, sent the buyer a proof of postage certificate to show that the item had been posted to the correct address hopefully prevent the usual cry of I didn't receive my item I want my money back. Yes the buyer did receive the DVD but said it didn't play. How strange as it played on my DVD player fine. Giving the buyer the benefit of the doubt I issued a refund and blocked the buyer from making further purchases from me. This morning I received another claim from a buyer claiming that a DVD was not as described. The DVD was brand new, shrinked wrapped and the details of it were taken from eBay using their option of searching using the ean number. Wondering if I had made a mistake I looked carefully at the listing, all was in order with no mistakes, nothing misleading so I cannot understand how the buyer has the audacity to raise a not as described claim. I have no intention of giving this person a refund off by own back and have high hopes that under the circumstances eBay will rule in my favour as I cannot see any reason why they wont. No doubt I'll post the outcome next week sometime. Incedentally, both of these buyers were female and both I'm sure could do with having their bottom bared for a dozen stokes of stinging rattan which may put them off making false claims in future

15th July

Tumblr have already deleted the new account that I made this morning but hey, I made a new one already. I wonder how long this will last of if I will get a hat trick. Oh to be a rich man cause if I was legal proceedings would be started. I wonder if a no win no fee lawyer will take my case for me.


Today I've added a new spanking gallery to celebrate the late George Harrison Marks founder of Kane spanking magazine and the legendary Kane videos. All of the images are used with the kind permission of my long time friend Ms Harrison Marks and GHM Enterprises. I shall be posting pictures from the Kane videos that I scripted, some of my favourite Kane pictures and many vintage spanking pictures from the early days of Kane. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Harrison Marks for her kindness in letting me use these images.
Sue Ellis give a spanking to two naughty nurses at a Kane spanking party in LondonSam Johnson gets her bare bottom caned at a Kane spanking party in London

Today the toads at tumblr terminated yet another of my accounts which was something I expected. So let me see, it's alright for big time losers like spankport who has probably never spanked a cute feminine bare bottom in his life and in fact could do with having his own arse spanked to steal pictures from here there and everywhere and post them on his blog including images that are clearly marked with copyright info; but it seems it's not alright to promote your own site. How strange. I do hope that one day the European courts get tough with tumblr (owned by Yahoo incidentally) like they have with Google and the other file sharing sites that ISPs such as BT and Sky are legally obliged to block access to because of copyright infringement. If that day ever comes I'm sure I shall wet my self laughing.

12th July

Today is my wedding anniversary and tonight I shall be celebrating the fact by treating my family to dinner this evening. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my beautiful wife for many years of pure happiness.


Today the toads at tumblr terminated another of my accounts which was something I expected. So let me see, it's alright for losers like spankport who has probably never spanked a bare bottom in his life in fact could do with having his own arse spanked to steal pictures from here there and everywhere and post them on his blog including images that are clearly marked with copyright info; but it's not alright to promote your own site. How strange. I do hope that one day the European courts get tough with tumblr (owned by Yahoo incidentally) like they have with Google and the other file sharing sites that ISPs such as BT and Sky are legally obliged to block access to because of copyright infringement. If that day ever comes I'm sure I shall wet my self laughing.

10th July

Like the majority of the country I have been spending my evenings watching the world cup and I was more than surprised to see Brazil get spanked 7-1 by Germany. My late cousin David was born in Brazil so that is who I was rooting for though it was quite hilarious seeing the hosts suffer such a humiliation. I'm also rather pleased that the traitorous Robin Van Perse will not be picking up a winners or even a runners up medal.


Yesterday my daughter became engaged and her fiance put a rather large rock on her finger to show her marital status. I guess it's time for me to go and treat myself to a new whistle and flute and prepare my speech. This wedding will be one of the best ever for sure.


Contrary to what some think business is booming in the world of magazine sales and hopefully it's going to get better as I have a source who has copies of vintage Janus, Blushes, Uniform Girls and many other vintage spanking magazines in what can only be described as brand new condition as they have been kept in plastic covers. If there is a particular magazine thay you are seeking and would like to know if it's available please email me at


My free spanking gallery is updated with lots of spanking pictures including Jean Bradley getting her bare bottom strapped hard by Steve Bickers, headgirl Sam Johnson caning a schoolgirl's bare bottom, ERTachel Lloys getting her bare arse paddled by Miss Teresa May, red hot lesbian spanking with Sally and Stephanie and headmistress Teresa May caning bad boy's on their bare bottom

Lesbian spanking with Sally and StephanieHeadmistress Teresa May canes a bad boy%27s bare bottom


Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with people as it beggars belief how now nasty people can be even wishing death up on you. The reason for their spiteful venom is brought on because they have DMCA take down requests issued against them when they use other people's images without consent. I have no qualms about upsetting these losers as I know many people who have ceased producing spanking material and publishing spanking magazines because of the vast amount of image theft and scanning of magazines. Perhaps these losers should take a look here and understand that they cannot use other peoples material for free and that they can find themselves being sued for copyright infringement.

6th July

Today and I'm sure much to the delight of some my tumbr account was terminated. C'est la Vie. Of course, it's not the end of the world and if I'm honest I was spending far too much time on there anyway when I should be doing other things. No doubt someone reported me for using tumblr for promotion purposes which is what I was doing. I'm sure there will be celebrations and much jumping for joy because I have been banned. However, you don't need a tumblr account to view it so that I can do and I can still find and issue DMCA takedown requests when I find my images being used so all is not lost and that I shall do when I'm feeling bored or vindictive. Nothing is forever though it was fun while it lasted. Now I can spend my time doing things that earn me pennies and leave tumblr to the losers who have nothing better to do with their lives.


Over the past few days there has been some rather unpleasantless going on which has left me no option but to involve the boys in blue who are now investigating the matter. Hopefully they will soon be knocking on someone's door.

4th July

Today another celebrity nonce got his just desserts. Rolf Harris who sang about two little boys and tying a kangaroo down was sentenced to five years nine months as a guest of her majesty though you can bet your last Rolo that he will be out much sooner than that. The only good thing about this is knowing that there will be some big boys who will love to get hold of his middle leg and his didgeridoo. Sweet dreams Rolfie baby.


There's been much debate on tumblr regarding the posting of pictures, those that are scanned from magazines and those that are found on the web and which bloggers feel are fair game to be used as they are surely public domain. I've always been of the opinion that if a picture isn't yours you have absolutely no right to use it as it belongs to someone else. Many spanking member's websites such as the Kane website have shut up shop because of the high volume of image theft. My website, this one, is not a member's site and I began it to share my photos with others and for free. However, it does rile me when I find images that have had my logo cropped off and used elsewhere. I'm sure if you were in my position you'd feel the same.

Recently I came upon an article from a blogger who innocently found themselves sued for posting an image she found on google. She was issued with a DMCA takedown notice which she complied with, she was also in her own words upset that she had used someone's image illegally but she had no understanding of how copyright works and had just done the same as many others had. Now she understands that ignorance of the law is no defence.

I have no desire to been seen as getting on my high horse with this post I just wanted to inform others who have the same misunderstanding of how copyright works and have no desire to be the target of litigation whether it be for a spanking picture, their favourite pop star actress or a celeb who is in the news such as Rolf Harris is today.

Because of this I have removed all images from my website that I used in non spanking articles such as the Stuart Hall investigation so I know for sure that I will not get an email with an invoice attached for use of an image that I don't really need.

Click here to read the article regarding the use of copyright material

1st July

Today was the service for my nephew David L. at a S.E. London crematorium. David sadly passed away aged just fifty leaving behind a wife, four children and three grand children. Whatever world he has moved on to he is with his brother Bryan and his son Michael and no doubt they are making mischief together. RIP guys.


My dear friend Ms Harrison Marks has kindly given me licence to use images that are © copyright Kane now GHM Enterprises and for that I give my thanks. The late George Harrison Marks was a good friend of mine and it would have been a shame if his legacy of spanking pictures were to end up all over the web uncredited as the Kane website no longer exists. I am grateful to Ms Harrison Marks for her generosity in permitting me to use these images ensuring the name Harrison Marks and Kane is not forgotten.
Nick Baker and Sara in a Fare DealSam Johnson in Three Punishing TalesLorraine Ansel and Zoe Rose in Squatters Rights
1) Nick Baker and Sara in A Fare Deal
2) Sam Johnson in part one of Three Punishing Tales (The Car Boot Sale Bargain)
3) Lorraine Ansel and Zoe-Rose in Squatter's Rights


Although I have had the pleasure of spanking and caning many a female bottom it's always a pleasure to take a new young lady across me knees for a good old fashioned spanking and having her touch her toes so that her bare cheeks can be striped with a devilish rattan cane. Today I received such an offer but sadly the lady in question is in the USA so unless she gets her backside over here it isn't going to happen. I'm also hoping to coerce this lady in to sending me a picture of her bottom so I can see (and so can all of you) what the target looks like. And if she can't make it well all I can say is it's going to have to be you @HeatheryDoune

29th June

It's not often, in fact it doesn't happen that someone takes the time to leave a message in my guest book but a nice lady by the name of Jadelyn has done just that. She says that she really likes my website and spanking pictures, especially those of Jean who she would love to be spanked by. Normally I would be rather jealous of the fact that a lady would want to be spanked by Jean and not me but as Jadelyn lives across the pond in the USA I can't see either of use getting our hands on her bottom and giving it a good hard spanking.

26th June

Yesterday while taking a walk to my local high street I spotted many blue flashing lights. As I got closer I realised that the blue lights were from many police cars. I also noticed that the road had been cordened off and that a car was crunched up against the roadside pedestrian safety railings. However that was not all. The car had hit a cyclist and the poor man had been crushed between the front of the car and the railings. I asked one of the policeman if the he had been badly injured but my instinct was that he would have been as an air ambulance isn't called out for minor bruises. The policeman replied that it was quite bad and he wasn't sure if he would survive. I have my fingers crossed in the hope that he does.

It has always surprised me that this particular road doesn't have any speed humps as it is quite a wide road in a very built up area. The speed limit is 30 MPH but people travel down it at far higher speeds, frequently on the their mobile phones talking and unbeliveably texting. A recipe for disaster and yesterday it happened. I'm not saying that the driver in this instance was doing either, it may be that he didn't see the cyclist and either hit him without realising or that he lost control of the car when he did see him though I'm sure the police will find out what did happen. As a motorist I don't use my phone for any reason when I'm behind the wheel nor do I drink and drive, nor do I speed. I have no wish to portray myself as a goody two shoes but all of the things I've mentioned are unacceptable.


As it was expected the England team are as the song goes ''coming home'' not managing to qualify for the knock out stages and getting just one point. Ah well, it could have been worse, not much worse but it could have been nil points just like the Eurovision song contest. Mind you, the amount of dodgy decisions I have seen given and penalties not given like the poor Iranian team when they played Uruguay. The Suaruez ''Jaws'' incident and a host of others does nothing to reinforce that some officials just may be a little corrupt (allegedly).


Today I saw on twitter what this perverted man had allegedly done to corpses. If what I read is true it beggars belief and his depravity.

16th June

Sunday June 15th as father's day and as usual the day started with breakfast in bed followed by the opening of cards and gifts from my son and two beautiful daughters. Sadly the happiness wasn't to last long as my wife took a phone call and passed me the phone with tears in her eyes saying it's your sister-in-law. My immediate thought was that my 90 year old mother had passed away but it wasn't it was my nephew who has finally secumbed to cancer late Saturday afternoon. My brother had already had one of his sons taken from him, a handsome young man in his twenties. My nephew was fifty, still far too young to be taken from us. The only good thing is that D. is no longer suffering any pain. R.I.P D.L.

Stephanie and Steve Bickers9th June

It was back in 1987 when I first heard the captivating voice of Carol Decker the front woman of T'Pau. I drove my wife and her cousin who was staying with us for a couple of years crazy as I constantly played the album Bridge Of Spies on my car cassette with China In Your Hand and Thank You For Goodbye being my favourite tracks. On my final day with one particular company I left with China In Your Hand (Reprise) playing as I drove out of the works gates. We all have a particular taste in women and I have strong liking for redheads as many of my friends know and they don't come hotter than this particular one. The reason for me mentioning Carol on my blog is that T'Pau are currently touring to promote their new album which is called Pleasure And Pain. As Bruce Springsteen sang ''It takes a redheaded woman...'' You should know the rest. If you want tickets for this tour it might be an idea to follow @caroldecker on twitter or check out her website where you will recieve lots of info.

I often wonder what happend to Princess Anna my Poison Girl and guess what... She wasn't a redhead!

FREE Spanking GalleryThe free gallery has been updated with lots of hot pictures including Stephanie who gets her bum caned by Steve Bickers in the garded on a Red Hot Summer's Day

6th June
6th JUNE 1944 D DAY

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the D. Day landings, an event that would greatly contribute to ending WW2. As you go about your daily routine today spare a thought for the young men and women who not only lost their lives but went through a living nightmare seeing and suffering a living hell. The suffering of immense pain, losing limbs and having their insides ripped out. It's easy to take the life you and I have for granted. Youngsters complain if they don't have the latest hi tech gadget or designer trainers. These days food is plentiful the supermarkets are full of every conceivable food. We have widescreen TV's mobile phones cars and almost everything we could wish for. My late father was involved in D. Day albiet as a young man of a mere 17 years of age. He was in the navy. He told me what it was like to be waiting around knowing what was to come. Thankfully he was on a ship and didn't have to face the horror of those who were assaulting the beaches.

Today we are part of the European community. Unelected politicians dictate to us from Brussels. I am old enough to remember the debates about whether the UK should join the common market as it was then known and as a platform for commerce it seemed a good idea. However it that has now changed and we are slowly losing our identity and becoming part of the United States of Europe. Is this what our fathers and forefathers fought for. I think not!

If you read this, please take some time and try putting yourself in the place of those involved in the D. Day landings and realise the horrors that would have been waiting for you. Spare a thought for those who suffered and those who died and count your blessings that you weren't there. Give thanks and much respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom we take for granted today.

2nd June

It's more than ten years ago that I purchased my first copy of Februs that was edited by Paula Meadows. Februs number one came shrink wrapped as it came with a free cassette tape on which Paula speaks about spanking and not only that the lady gets a spanking herself. Oh what a delight it was to hear the sound of spanks being administered to her bare bottom. I was lucky in the fact as this wonderful lady signed the cover of my tape, something that I truly treasure. I would have thought that new copies of Februs number one complete with the tape were as rare as rocking horse shit but no, today I came across a batch of them and I am selling on my vintage spanking magazine website. I have a limited amount of these so if you want one you'd better be quick. Click here to buy your copy before they've all gone and you are left disappointed.

31st May

It's been a while but I've decided to create another account on tumblr to share some of my spanking and other pictures. I've mentioned on my blog that I have no objection to people reblogging and sharing them so long as my copyright logo isn't removed along with the links to this website. Sadly there are still arseholes out there who abuse this, in fact one arsehole who goes by the name of Alex thinks it's fine to flip images, photo-shop them so that the subject of the image is totally different. This is just not on. The image in question is this one which is of Brigella being spanked by Miss Foxxx. Tumblr have been contacted and a DMCA takedown request issued and the image has now been removed. Flagrant breach of copyright in this manner will result in a DMCA takedown request being issued to the poster not just on tumblr I will take the same action against any website. It should also be noted that I do employ the service of a copyright solicitor who is based in London and a very good one at that. As I previously mentioned, I have no objection to my images being reposted so long as the copyright logo isn't removed and they link back to this site and I don't think this is too much to ask. If you can't play fair and you use my images to your own end I will find you and I will have my solicitor take out a court order against the site the images have been posted on instructing them to hand over your IP address and through that they will find you and seek punitive compensation for the use of the images. All things considered, there isn't any reason you can't play fair, is there!

BELINDA CARLISLE Belinda Carlisle at the o2 Indigo 17 May 2014
On the 17th May my daughter and I went to the O2Indigo to Belinda Carlisle's concert. Although my daughter isn't a fan of Belinda's as I am she came along with me and what a wonderful night we had. Although we had been to the main O2 arena to see Kylie and Girls Aloud this was our first time at the indigo and to be honest it was much better than the arena. The view was much better as we were quite close to the stage and we were quite close to the bar. The only down side was that we had a complete muppet who was absolutely huge dancing in the isle, this obese woman didn't block our view but the sight of her bouncing around was most distracting and it was quite tempting to record it on my phone but as I didn't fancy getting arrested I gave it a miss.

Although I have seen Belinda before my best memory is of the intimate concert at the Pigalle Club in London's Piccadilly as we had a table directly in front of the stage and when I say close to the stage I mean close it was amazing. I also managed to get Belinda to sign my ticket as she left the stage.
Heaven surely is a place on earth.

Isn't it bloody typical that the day of Belinda's concert also happened to be the day of the Captal One cup in which Arsenal were playing some team, who was it now? Oh yes, Hull. Thankfully my wonderful daughter came to my rescue and invited me to watch the match at hers with her husband. Sounded good to me. Not only that she cooked a wonder roast lamb dinner and dessert of chocolate ice cream and strawberries. Pure heaven!. What a wonderful day, shame every day can't be the same.

23rd May

Today convicted nonce Stuart Hall had his sentence doubled to thirty months for abusing underage girls. One word sums up my thoughts. Good! It's a shame he was only given thirty months as if I'm not mistaken he will only serve half and can serve two months on a tag meaning that this nasty man will be back amongst us in just thirteen months and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he was released earlier. The good news is that neither inmates or screws like nonces so I'm quite confident that he wont enjoy his stay in HM's hotel.

Talking of nonces, all seems quiet on the ''alleged'' nonce Rolf Harris front. The recent batch of prosecutions of celebrities who I used to watch on television when I was young makes me feel quite bad, not for them of course but for me as I feel I am slowly being robbed of some of my childhood. I used to enjoy ''It's a Knock Out'' and family get togethers always seemed to include singing along to Rolf Harris' Court of King Caractacus with my uncle Ray trying his best to accompany our howling with his annoying stylophone. Somehow he never got it right and always made it sound like a bee farting! My friend Sandy used to mime to ''I've Lost My Mummy''. Happy days. Who would have thought then that those we used to look forward to seeing would turn out to be the things that nightmares are made of and turn outto be the bogey man we were all afraid of.


I've added more pictures to the spanking gallery including many pictures of Teresa May as a strict headmistress who spanks and canes naughty schoolgirls and her lazy maid, Ms Harrison Marks of Kane spanking magazine delivering some hard spanks to her maid Helen with of course the help of Kane's resident spanker Steve Bickers, plus some pictures of the lovely Lorraine Ansel who surely has no modesty as she exposes all her charms.

22nd May

Like many peopleI flog my old odds and sods on eBay to try and earn a few extra pennies. Yesterday I was quite stunned when I was was watching Sky news to see a report stating that eBay had been hacked and advising people to change their passwords. So why haven't eBay sent me and other users a message informing us about this security breach? Why have I and others had to learn about this from the media. Not only that it now transpires that this happened some weeks back. Wouldn't it be nice if they had had the decency to spill the beans as soon as they had realised what had happened. Brigella gets her bare bottom beltedperhaps it's a case of not really caring about Brigella spanked OTK by Hamish her personal trainertheir users; perhaps they have more important things to do like trawl my accounts to see if I'm selling a copy of Janus or Kane or some other piece of what they consider ''Adult'' material so they can give me a warning for violating their ambiguous adult policies. How strange that has a section dedicated to flogging adult material but not one on - Though saying that I'd rather not sell spanking magazines on eBay as I'd like to sell them for a little more than 99p and then pay their extortionate seller charges, a percentage of the postal charge and another charge for accepting PayPal even though it's compulsory to accept it.


I've added more pictures to the spanking gallery including many pictures of Brigella who it seems is still quite popular getting her bare bottom spanked and caned by Steve Bickers, Hamish, Morgan, Marc and Ms Harrison Marks of Kane spanking magazine. Brigella also administers a caning to her lazy maid Rebekah Jordan's rather plump bare buttocks

14th May

Headmistress Teresa May flexes her caneLast night I was watching the press review on Sky News and I was amazed by one of the stories. It seems that it's now deemed discriminative for a male teacher to be addressed as ''sir'' when a female teacher is addressed as ''miss''. It appears that some female teachers are whinning because Mr. teacher is called sir and they aren't addressed as ''Madam''. When I was at school some many moons ago a teacher was lucky if he was called sir as our rebelious thoughts were that you're only entitled to be called ''Sir'' if you've been knighted. Of course, I realise that calling a teacher sir is polite and a mark of respect which is something we are taught and if we felt a teacher deserved to be called sir that he would be called. Teachers that we didn't like or didn't earn our respect were usually called something else like bastard or wanker! Female teachers we always addressed as ''miss'' or ''Mrs'' even the deputy head (headmistress) we addressed as Mrs Jones as woebetide us if we didn't. I don't recall any female teacher complain, whine or even ask to be addressed as madam, marm or maam, if they had it wouldn't have happened and we would have just wet our pants laughing. Strange days!

Left: Headmistress Teresa May, one headmistress it's to your advantage to address respectfully.

4th May

On the 17th of the month I have tickets to see Belinda Carlisle at the O2 Indgo and shall be going with one of my beautiful daughters. Today, while watching the football on Sky Sports I decided to listen to some music on my Spotify and enjoy a few shots (understatement) of eighteen year old Glenfiddich. Listening to Belinda Carlisle who is one of my favourite singers and who I have had the opportunity to touch (our hands met while she signed my ticket at the Pigalle club in Piccadilly), yes I know it's sad, my thoughts returned to her songs that for me held many memories. I won't go into intimate details though for me they cannot be erased. Songs like A Woman And A Man now haunt me as the meaning for me is real, it happened. Fool For Love, it happened. So many of Belinda's songs haunt me, Remember September - In To Deep! FFS I sure was, but the haunting is good as it serves to remind me that the grass isn't greener on the other side it's just different. Which brings me to a song by Joni Mitchell that I now love and used to hate Big Yellow Taxi, (you don't know what you've got till it''s gone). Thankfully I didn't lose what I had and I can truly say Whatever It Takes I will be there by your side, anywhere. Which is especially true for one of my daughters, the other is Up The Junction while my wife will always be my Brown Eyed Girl. Put up a parking lot!

2nd May

Max Clifford was today sentenced to eight years as a guest of her majesty after being convicted of indecent assault of young girls. It will be interesting to see how much of this sentence is carried out and how many ''privileges'' Mr. Clifford will receive. I'm quite sure he will serve his time in a low security prison not a tough one like Wormwood Scrubbs.

30th April

For all the silly buggers out there I'd like to make known that contrary to popular belief I do not represent Janus in any form or on any issue and I do not claim to represent them. In this industry everyone knows everyone else and the owner of Janus is no exception and that is as far as it goes.

Updated 19th July
As with all things in life situations change and Janus and I have a mutual agreement which is our business.

28th April

Today Max Clifford was found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault and will be sentenced on Friday. I find it quite incredible that many high profile celebrities are being charged with such offences. Max Clifford though is one of few to be convicted of his crimes. It will be interesting to see what his punishment will be and if he gets sent down. My how the mighty fall.
8th April

Today is a happy day for me as it is my daughter's birthday. It seems like only yesterday that she was born but she is now a grown woman and a beautiful one at that and as a father I couldn't wish for more.

Yesterday I saw a newsflash stating that Peaches Geldof had died at the age of twenty-five. My heart goes out to her father Bob, his and her family. No parent should suffer the pain of out living a child. My brother buried one of his sons many years back and to say the funeral was painful and heart wrenching is an understatement. It is said that only the good die young. Bob Geldof spent much of his life organising charitable projects to assist the starving of this world. Feed the world, let them know it's Christmas time. It's not right that this altruistic man should have his daughter taken from him. R.I.P Peaches Geldof. My thoughts and sympathy are with you Sir Bob Geldof.

31st March

There's good news on the manky Fromage front. I wasn't going to tell my daughter how bad my experience was at 22 Wellington Street the Fromage champagne and cheese cafe but eventually I did as I couldn't bear the thought of her paying out her hard earned money on something that was so crap. This birthday treat of hers was purchased through Amazon Local. This morning she contacted Amazon and explained the situation. As always Amazon were helpful and sympathetic and gave her a full refund which I feel was quite deserved. And there's more good news! What would I like as a replacement birthday gift? she asked. Well a bottle of fifteen year old Glenfiddich wouldn't go amiss, I replied. You can collect it Saturday when you see me she replied. What a wonderful daughter I have. And I'm sure I shall enjoy it much more than some manky fromage and warm champagne.

29th March

Yesterday it was pointed out to me by one of my twitter followers that a link to the gallery, Debbie Gets The Slipper was corrupt and he was getting a cannot find page. This I checked and fixed. This morning I thought it might be an idea to check the site for other corrupt links and to my dismay I found many. I hasten to add that this is a fault with the site's online editor and that it is not me being a dick head. For some reason when the site is updated and published it has a habitof leaving () in the html link code which shouldn't be there and this is the cause of pages not found. It seems no matter how many times I correct this or edit the site and completely log out as the hosting company have advised it doesn't solve the problem. This situation is a real pain and I often wonder if it's actually worth updating the site as each time I do I find myself spending ages checking links to see if they have corrupted. Today I fixed many links to my free galleries only to republish the site and find they were still corrupt so I had to correct them yet again. Hopefully, all is well now but for how long god knows. What really annoys me about this is it makes my site look un professional. I do realise that it's not a professional website but it's good enough for me and does what I need (when links don't corrupt).

27th March

Last Friday I spent the day with my son and what a wonderful day it was too. First stop was a breakfast of eggs benedict and a latte in Café Pierre a stones throw from Green Park tube station and next door to The Whisky shop. Breakfast was delightful and I thoroughly recommend it. Our next port of call was the whisky shop where we were able to sample the delights of both single and blended malt whiskies (for free). The staff there were very friendly and knowledgeable and explained why some whiskies were vastly expensive. Needless to say I couldn't take my son there without treating him to a bottle. I also treated myself to a bottle of 15 year old Glenfiddich that is 61 percent proof.

There was two reasons for our day out, one was I had promised to take him for breakfast and the whisky shop before, the other was that I had received a gift of a Champange and Cheese afternoon from on of my beloved daughters for my birthday. After taking a stroll through Soho we eventually ended up in covent garden, looking for number 22 Wellington Street where the Fromage champagne and cheese cafe was located. When we saw it we were both shocked and even more so when we entered. What a dump! The location was pokey, cramped and if I hadn't received the gift I wouldn't have set foot in the place. my son and I managed to take a seat at a table that looked like it has been salvaged from a scrap yard. Eventually we were served a glass of bubbly each and after the walk we had taken it was quite welcome. We did wonder if that was all we were going to get but sometime later a cake stand arrived with various types of cheese and small nibbles of bread that looked as if it was made some weeks ago and looked as far from appertising as you could imagine.

Not being one to worry if I cause offence by walking out of anywhere I asked my son if he fancied going for a steak. "For sure", was his reply. So we up and left the manky "Fromage" and ended up in Smollenski's in The Stand. Heaven. A bottle of bubbly, rib and steak. The meal was marvellous as was the location and the service received. No more manky Fromage for me.

This is there website it might be worth taking a look at to see what others think but my opionion is avoid the place like the plague!


Today a message was left on my guest book saying a girl I worked with on many occasions illness had taken a turn for the worse. This saddend me as I have lots of memories of her. As I no longer have contact with her I can only post my well wishes here and hope that if she sees them she understands they are for her.

19th March

Last week I bought eighty copies of Janus from a trader at Kempton Park Antiques Fair and to say they weren't a bargain is an understatement as the price was quite high. Looking through the magazines that I purchased I was delighted to see some real classic issues, and some of my favourite photo stories. I felt like I had been reunited with some long lost friends. Janus 22 for instance with the Punishment ballet, this has been my all time favourite as there are some delicious red stripes of the cane on bare bottoms and thighs. Quite painful I would image. There was a copy of issue 48 with Nurse Claire Brierly and number 39 which featured Mr. Jardine in a schoolgirl photo sequence again with some very good colour photos of red striped and welted cheeks. Issue 40 though was a real surprise as this is the first original copy I have seen and I was delighted to see that it contained Paula Meadows in The Punishment Series. Paula must have really suffered for her art as the amount of welts on her bare bottom, back and front of thighs are quite severe. Oh to have been the lucky man administering the punishment.


9th March

Lucy Bailey gets the caneOne of the perks of editing Kane was having the opportunity to spank and cane many gorgeous girls on their bare bottom. One who left a lasting impression on me was the lovely Lucy Bailey. These days Lucy is purely dominant and has a wicked website TheEnglishMansion for those who enjoy female domination so I feel quite lucky to have spanked and caned this beautiful woman as I cannot imagine she will ever receive a good thrashing whether it be a hand spanking, strapping or bare bottom caning with a swishy rattan. If you want to see how Lucy was caned over her tight pencil skirt and on her bare bottom click here and follow the link to the FREE gallery.
School bully Debbie gets the slipperI've also added a FREE gallery of the school bully Debbie getting the slipper after being caught using her position as a prefect to give the new girls a slippering, something that she really enjoys doing as she loves making them take down their knickers then spanking them hard with the slipper until their bum really glows. Click here and follow the link for the FREE gallery.

6th March

Yesterday I sold an original copy of Janus and before I sent it to the A curious case of spanking from Janus 37buyer I coldn't resist taking a nostalgic look through it especially the readers' letters pages. I must admit that this wasn't one of my favourite issues as I the photo-story didn't appeal to me at all. Don't ask why. I didn't buy a copy when it came out due to my then fiances, my first copy if this issue came from a market stall at Harlow market many years back from a man who dealt in second hand books and magazines and on occasions had a few spanking and porn ones. When I was younger I used to swap my Commando magazines there for Parade which then was really soft porn but in those days that was enough for me especially as I've always been a bottom man and those weren't censored. When I got home and looked through this magazine I was well cheesed of as the centre colour pages had been removed. Bastard! Looking through the copy second copy that I had acquired that was complete and which I had just sold I came upon a photo in the readers' letters section and wow, this picture I do remember and I remember it very well. The photo was credited to Janus reader Mr. Jardine, and it certainly rocked my boat. In fact, I'd go as far to say that this is my number one readers' photo of all time. sadly there was no accompanying letter published with it so I can only imagine and fantasise about what was going on. Such a shame. If anyone knows the story behind the picture I would really love to know.
A reader's photo from Mr. Jardine in Janus 37

4th March

As I'm sure you know today isn't a public holiday so why am I not working? I shall tell you. After yesterday's escapade caused by the jobsworth bitch at Harlow council I've spent the majority of the day on the phone calling all and sundry to try and resolve this issue. Thankfully the Essex fire department have been most helpful and tomorrow I have a meeting with with one of their officers who is going to look into the so called problem that the woman at Harlow council has raised so that will three days that no real work will have taken place. I'm sure many of you who read my blog will have come across jobsworths whose purpose in life is no other than to cause as much grief as possible so here's a picture of Master Kain demonstrating just how to deal with them. Calls cost £153 per minute

3rd March

Today as I began work, yes I do work albeit from home, I had a call from my mum's care worker.
Before I continue my rant at this bitch of a jobsworth who works at Harlow council and who shall remain nameless I'd like to point out that my mum is 89 and has been a widow for more years than I care to remember. My late father fought for his country, this country when he should have been enjoying his youthful days not dodging bullets and bombs. This nameless jobsworth who probably wasn't even born when my father was alive is causing my mum serious grief. My thoughts are to rant and rave and explain in detail exactly what the issue is that has caused this grief but I'm sure that would only fan the flames so that, for the time being at least, I've omitted. When tackled about the issue that my 89 year old mum has caused and a little compassion and compromise asked for her reply is of course...''It's not down to me I only write the letters and send them out''. Really! Well if that is your purpose in life it may be worth you learning some communication skills as the rudely worded letter my mum received could have been written by a five year old, in fact they would have communicated far better. It's such a shame that the TV programme That's Life is no longer aired as this obnoxious woman would surely be first in line for the infamous Jobs Worth award.

On a brighter note. I've added a home page to the site that contains no nudity or anything naughty apart from the masthead image so people can's stumble upon images they might object to without having to nose around.

23rd Feb

Today I have added a new gallery Spanked By Her Strict Aunt that features Josie Harrison Marks as the strict aunt and Jay as the neice. The plot is Jay had come visiting and was quite bratty which resulted in her having her bottom bared and spanked. After her spanking and when she thought her aunt wasn't looking show poked out her tongue. Silly girl. She should have known her aunt would see at that she would be in even more trouble and she was, as her aunt did see and the hapless girl was sent to fetch the cane which she dreaded.

I should add that although Jay is submissive and is quite often spanked she truly does hate being caned which is why we just had to include a real caning in the shoot. Aren't we wicked!

Click here to see all 100+ photos of Jay being punished, click hereto download a PDF of the story as it appeared in Kane 83

21st Feb

Life isn't all about One white van man that is in need of correctionspanking and caning young ladies on their bare bottom as much as I'd like it to be. There are times, like today where everyday run of the mill things need to be done such as shopping for essentials such as food. Like most people I drive to the supermarket so I wasn't too pleased when I was cut up by white van man with lots of unsecured hanging out the back of his van which I'm sure is quite illegal.

Now I'm all for eating but I'd prefer not to have to shop for it and for sure I don't like shopping for carpets but that's what today consisted of. So as you can see today has been boring, just like vanilla. The good news is that it's Friday and the weekend cometh which means it's a good excuse to get hold of an eighteen year old (bottle of whiskey that is) and pour myself a long one, not that I need any excuse. To celebrate this I'd like to say cheers and of course ''bottoms up'' just like Yvonne's is for a good strapping from our friend Eddie.

19th Feb

Yesterday I came across some copies of a Janus Correspondence Special which brought back memories of my spanking youth. Back in the 70s I used to work in London's Oxford Street very close to Wardour Street which is close to Soho which at the time was a hive of sex shops including the Janus shop which was then secreted in Greens Court. In those days Janus Correspondence Specialthe windows were filled with copies of Janus and many other spanking magazines of the day such as Sting and London Life. Entering the shop was like being in paradise as it was brimming with spanking magazines. As I was on a limited budget it was difficult to choose which to buy and which to leave for another day. I usually spent more than I could afford as I feared that some I decided to leave for another day might sell out. If asked to name my favourite photostory I would be hard pressed as there were so many, Wardens End, The Gym Lesson and Professor (what was his name) who also ended up getting his bare ane scrawny arse striped
by a girl with a wicked crook-handled cane

In the number series of Janus there were so many exciting photo sequences that I began a subscription as I didn't want to run the risk of missing any issues. There was the Wedding Night, Shoplifter, Punishment PT, The Schoolgirl Special, The disciplinarian and Sweet Music though my all time favourite has to be Punishment Ballet though there are many latter photo stories that tickle my fancy. In those days Janus was published monthly and as soon as it arrived I read it from cover to cover starting with the readers' letters and hoping that there would be some pictures of readers' wives being spanked. The wait for the next issue seemed like an eternity and I feel sorry for those that haven't felt the excitement and eagerness of awaiting the next issue.

Back then I would never have imagined that I would be involved in the world of spanking, appear in a Janus shoot (privilege Plus) to be exact, edit a spanking magazine, photograph spanking sequences and make spanking video but that I did and of course indulge in some spanking myself. I've also met the owner of Janus who is a remarkable person, Paula Meadows who is a remarkable lady and Stephen Sims who used to edit the Privilege magazines and who gave me some very useful tips and advice.

Janus is truly an institution and I hate to think what the spanking world would be like if it had never existed. Recently I was in Old Compton Street and stood outside the famous number 40 where I had spent many days doing the round (those that have visited the Janus shop will know what I mean). Today number 40 is a men's clothes shop and not a very attractive one at that. The Soho that I knew is dead and buried as you can count the sex shops on one hand. A sign of the times? A sign that the internet is taking over our lives and causing business to close and people to lose their jobs. Images of spanking are freely available an the world wide web but nothing beats curling up in bed with a coffee and a magazine.

18th Feb

I wonder how many people have purchased an erotic book written by a woman and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm sure many have. There are many real women who write Hot Cheeks Coverexciting and sensual stories about BDSM, submission and spanking such as the talented Sarah Veitch, Portia Da Costa, Zak Jane Keir and Phillipa Johnson who has a short story in Hot Cheeks. Oh sorry, the latter, Phillipa Johnson doesn't fall into that category because the writer (according to their twitter) is male. I've known for sometime that there is many males writing under feminine nom-de-plumes and I've always felt that this is a bit of a con. A learned friend of mine asked why it should matter who it's written by if you enjoyed reading it. Well it does to me. I can relate this to a stag night I attended some years ago where the groom to be enjoyed a blow job in a local pub given by a sexy stocking clad strippogram dressed as a WPC. When all was said and done he stood at the bar while the strippogram licked her lips clean and announced to all ''That was the best blow job I've ever had''. Ta Rah! The strippogram took off a wig and exposed a huge penis. Seeing this the groom threw up and wanted to beat the crap out of anyone he could lay his hands on which thanks to being rather intoxicated didn't happen. Was it still the best blow job he ever had? Probably not. I rest my case.

Lesley A Spanking Interview16th FebClarissa Armstong spanking interview

A friend of mine tweeted that she wants her future partner to be able to pull her Bunny Ears really tight. Bunny Ears! Now this saying is something new to me so I could only surmise as to what she was referring to and I couldn't have been further off target if I tried. It transpires that what she was referring to is the laces of her corset and there was me thinking it was her... Oh never mind, lets just say I must have a dirty mind.

Today I have added PDF files of Lesley An Invitation which is the interview I did with her and when I spanked and caned her lovely bare bum all afternoon and the Kane interview with Clarissa Armstong

You can download Lesley's interview here and Clarissa's here

13th Feb

Over the past few days many celebrities have been in the limelight for the wrong reasons which has been alleged sexual abuse and rape. Many of them have now been to court and have left free men as they were found not guilty. Many of these alleged assaults go back forty or so years and it has been questioned that how can a person remember something that happened so long ago so clearly.

Sam Johnson a secretary in need of a spankingWhen I was a mere lad of fifteen fresh from school and very naive if not innocent I worked at what was then W. H. Smith and Son Ltd in the record department which was where I wanted to be. The store's manager was a Mr. M***** who was the spitting image of Arthur Lowe of Captain Mainwarring fame. His wife also worked in the store. It was common knowledge that Mr. M. had a nasty habit of fondling the younger males bottoms whenever the chance arose which I know from personal experience was true! Many's the time I was serving a customer when I felt his grubby hands fondling my buttocks and of course it upset me. Not knowing what to do I told my mum what was happening and her reply was just ''Well tell him to stop,''. Very easy to say and do. Well at the time it wasn't as this was forty-three years ago and in those days the manager of a store was god, just as bumptious as Captain Mainwarring was as the bank manager and Captain of his home guard platoon only he is a fictional character. What happened back then I remember vividly which makes me empathize with those who have made allegations against celebrities for events that happened in the seventies. All of this hasn't made me feel like contacting W. H. Smith to claim compensation for what was certainly abuse of position nor has it made me want to go crying to plod to have Mr. M. investigated. Anyway, the dirty old bugger is by now more than likely pushing up the daisies.

9th Feb

Tony and Margaret are a normal couple living in south London who use corporal punishment within their marriage rather than have a bad atmosphere if one of them upsets the other or does something that in their opinion warrants punishment. Being reader's of Kane they contacted the Kane office and invited Josie and myself to pay them a visit and see just how the situation works. I've uploaded a PDF file of the article that appeared in Kane 85 which has many pictures which you can download and read in its entirity by clicking here.

KaraJayne gets a bare bottom caning from her schoolgirl friend LouiseTony watches as Louise canes his daughter KaraJayne on her bare bottom

Tony and Margaret with their love of spanking wanted to feature in a Kane video and were happy to play the part of the parents: Margaret as KaraJaynes' mum and Tony as Louise's dad. KaraJayne and Louise played the parts of schoolgirls who were caught drinking and experimenting with some lesbian lust whioch ended up with them both being spanked by Margaret who incidentally really enjoyed spanking the errant girls. You can download the complete photostory as a PDF file by clicking here

George Harrison Marks Kane%27s founder
8th Feb

While sifting through spanking magazines that I am selling I came upon some spanking stories of mine that had been published in Kane, Februs and Privilege Plus. I don't profess to be the worlds best writer in fact I am far from it but since my early efforts I'd like to think that my writing skills have improved. It took me many attempts to get a story published in Februs but my tenacity paid off as it happened. Februs' editor Paula Meadows was quite helpful with her pointers as was the editor of Privelege Plus/Club, who was more than helpful and whose advise I am greatful for. Many of my stories were published in Kane, being the editor for a while helped though the late George Harrison Marks did accept some of my fiction. I also stumbled across a tribute to Kane's founder that was published in Kane 70 as this was the first issue of Kane that I put together on my own. George was sadly in hospital and none of us expected him to come out which sadly he didn't. George passed away the week we received Kane 70 from the printer and he never saw my effort though I have no doubt that whatever it looked like he wouldn't have approved as Kane was his baby and while he was alive always would be. This June it will be 17 years since 'The Guv'nor' left us. Where did the years go. I'm sure George and the late Sir Larry Greythorpe (Larry Barnes) are having a whale of a time on a great spanking platform somewhere in the sky.
Left: our tribute to GHM

Eve Vorely Topless3rd Feb

On Saturday one of my darling daughters and her family came over for lunch and like all guys her hubby wanted to watch the football. The only match being shown at the time was West Ham Vs Swansea City which was on BT Sports. While watching the game my daughter spotted Eve Vorely sitting next to David Sullivan. In my niavity I asked her if they were related and was surprised to be told they are husband and wife. Many years ago I used to buy men's magazines such as Whitehouse and Playbirds and Eve featured in them many times. Although I've never met Eve and I doubt if I ever will I somehow acquired a photo of the gorgeous lady which she signed to me though I have absolutely no idea how it came about. Jim Capaldi must have known something when he sang ''Eve, there's a woman in your eyes'' Not surpisingly Eve still looks as gorgeous as ever. Thank you Eve.

24th Jan

come back on another day, is what I remember singing as a child though I used to change it to come back on a washing day that generally earn't me a clip round the ear. At present it seems like it's been raining forever and I'm thinking of investing in an ark. So please rain... will you go away and come back say october.


Can someone please explain why Morrissey's Autobiography is written in American English as Mr. Morrissey is of Irish decent and lived and grew up in Manchester. It niggles me when I read any book that is written in American English as in English English there is no such word as ''Gotten'' and Mr. Morrissey should know that the correct spelling is neighbour not neighbor and centre not center to name a few misspellings. Morrissey and Penguin Books you have the right to reply.


Recently I found some PDF files of old spanking magazines that I had put on my iPad and spent a little time reading some readers' letters. As I began to read I was shocked at how many spelling mistakes there were and if Phoenix reader Miss F. Bryant really did compose the letter then she deserves to be on the wrong end of a spanking for so many mistakes in the first few paragraphs.

Chuked (chucked) Amased (Amazed) Independance (Independence) Neice (Niece) Tow (two) Incesantly (incessantly) Decission (Decison) and finally Paked (Packed)

However, after reading the letter in it's entirity I have a stong feeling that Miss Bryant is probably a Mister. The letter describes in detail her punishment at the age of eighteen by a strict aunt that not only spanks and canes her bare bottom but canes it in the presence of her son and invites him to cop a feel of her well spanked hot bottom. Not only that her cousin also slips his fingers between her parted legs and fingers her intimate parts while her aunt is distracted elsewhere. My thoughts on this is that the letter was written by some sad man who doesn't know what sex he is or more than likey was wanking himself silly while putting his fantasy on paper. It wouldn't surpise me if the writer is one of the sad gits on the many spanking forums and chat rooms pretending to be a teenage girl who loves to be spanked! It's a strange old world.


Well it took a while but finally American Express have seen the light and their mistakes and have credited my £100 that the dodgy locksmith tried to rip me off plus more than 100 percent of that amount as a goodwill gesture. I has to be said even though I know it's predictable and cheesy but... American Express... That'll do nicely!

20th Jan

Today I've been taking a look at those I follow on twitter and it seems I am following many who I don't have anything in common with. I have a big interest in spanking and the world of fetish and BDSM and even though I'm not submissive I have an interest in Mistresses A) because I have a few who are personal friends and B) because many of them are most attractive. You could argue that there are plenty of attractive women on twitter which is of course very true but girls who just spread their legs wide apart and let it all hang out do nothing for me, I'd much rather follow a Mistress who dresses in fetish wear and those who like me have an interest in vintage and retro style and fashion. This is why I've decided to be more choosy who I follow as I seem to be following many old MILFs who do nothing more than tweet images of their hairy twats and that I'd rather not see.schoolgirls being spanked schoolgirl spanking


Yesterday I decided to change the layout or my website as I had become rather bored with the way it was. As expected it took ages to do and much of the pages needed amending to compensate for the new design. I'm sure I will stumble across much that still needs doing over the next few months but I shall eventually get there unless of course I decide to change the layout once again.


If you're a spanking enthusiast like me looking to replace or treat yourself to some classic spanking magazines I've seen many on Amazonfor sale

18th Jan

Manchester Mistress Helena with her riding crop that she uses to whip her male slavesLike most guys I'm a sucker for a good looking woman especially blondes and redheads because blondes are more fun and it takes a redheaded woman to get a dirty job done. Twitter it seems is a good place to find such ladies though most of the truly good looking ones are Mistresses and it's here that I hasten to add that I'm not submissive, quite the opposite in fact and I have a penchant for submissive women to play with. recently on twitter I came across Mistress Helena (@MistressHell) whose proflie picture caught my eye so I decided to take a look through her pictures and made comment on a few. A while later and to my Manchester Mistress Helena with her cane that she uses to beat her male slaves bare bottomsurprise I received notification that Mistress Helena had followed me so I decided to send her a direct message thanking her for the follow back. In the past when I've done this there have been occasions where I have received an unpleasant message back from a mistress who thinks that every male is submissive and her personal slave letting it be known that the recipricant of the message is considered a pay pig and should immediately cough up some hard earned cash to provide for her needs. You'd think that before sending such a message a true mistress would check the tweeters profile, but no... that's probably to difficult for them which is why they fuck up! This time though I was pleasantly surprised as I received a polite and normal message back which has lead to us striking up a conversation.
I have many friends and acquaintences in the fetish scene and they are all respectful, some dominant, some submissive and some that switch and none would be so arrogant as to be otherwise. Thus some who I consider wannabe mistresses have a lot to learn. That said I am certain that Mistress Helena is quite firm and demanding and from the pictures I've seen certainly knows how to treat a slave and if they deserve punishment God help them.

I have a feeling that I will be writing more about Mistress Helena so keep checking back and you may be in for a surprise. Meanwhile if you have the urge to see more of this strict mistress you can follow her on twitter (@MistressHell) or take a look at her website

Incidently I don't have a problem with pay pigs or Mistresses who enjoy being lavished with gifts and money as many of those I know will confirm, just don't think you can treay me like one because it will never happen in a squillion years!

The above images are used with the kind permission of Mistress Helena.

15th Jan
Lorraine Ansel and Zoe Rose - Lesbian Lovers in the Kane video Squatter%27s Rights
It's been quite sometime since my days of editing Kane after the sad passing of it's founder George Harrison-Marks and I often think back to those memorable days. Being a fan of spanking bare feminine bottoms myself I was enthralled at being part of the production team and like many readers of Kane I longed to be at a video shoot. Usually those not acting in the video or working on set are not permitted as the girls, and quite rightly so don't enjoy being ogled just for the hell of it so I was quite lucky to be there. That said I did script the video so I did have input and a little direction while the video was being shot.

It wasn't all about seeing girls getting their bare bottoms spanked and caned, not that it wasn't enjoyable; but as I had put together eight issues of Kane I felt that I should be involved. I guess I had a need to be accepted, be part of a team and a well known lady friend of mine agreed. The video filmed that day was ''Squatter's Rights'' which was my idea. The cast was Lorraine Ansel, Zoe-Rose, Barbara and a couple of lucky guys; one who was pretty much a regular in Kane videos. All the girls were wonderful and watching the film being made I was left in no doubt that Kane videos were truly real; the action wasn't faked as the sounds of the leather strap and thwack of the cane slicing across bare bottoms filled the room as did the girls' yelps and cries. Bare as yet unblemsihed bottoms soon became quite red and striped and no doubt quite sore.
After the shoot I offered Zoe-Rose and Nick a lift. Zoe wanted dropping off at Kings Cross station so that was my first port of call with Nick being dropped off at home later.
As I drove towards Kings Cross Nick decided to climb from the front seat of my car to the back where Zoe was and to my surpise bared her bottom, took her over his knee and gave her a damn good spanking. God knows what would have happened if plod had seen them at it but thankfully roadside cameras were few and far between. Ah what memories...

Please note: The above stills from the Kane Video Squatter's Rights were taken by Ponytail Pete and are used with the kind permission of Ms Harrison-Marks


15th Jan

It has to be said that American Express are totally useless and I wish I'd never signed up for their services. Back in November I needed the lock changed on my fron door and found what I thought was a reputable locksmith via google. How wrong I was. Okay, they changed the lock alright but debited my credit card with an additional one-hundred pounds. Giving them the benefit of doubt after all we all make mistakes, I called them and explained the situation. Thankfully I made sure they left me an invoice. They were very apologetic and said the amount had been keyed in wrongly by the operator (the payment was taken over the phone) and they would issue a refund to by AMEX card. This never happened. Thinking the best thing to do was raise a dispute via AMEX which I did. Now you'd think that American Express, big company that they are would resolve the matter quite easily. Wrong! After uploading a copy of the invoice as they asked they keep sending me letters saying that as I have not responded to their request for documentaition they are closing the dispute.

Since then I've spent ages on the phone to them going through the same old story and explaining all with them saying this time it will be resolved blah blah and the money has been creited to my account. Well it hasn't as today I received another letter saying because I haven't sent them the required info they are closing the dispute. You couln't make it up!

So if you're thinking of getting an American Express card think twice! As no, that won't do nicely!

10th Jan

Yesterday I paid another visit to my dentist to fix a tooth I had broken while eating chocolate on Christmas Day. As I lay back in the dentist's chair waiting for the anaesthetic to kick in so he could drill and poke away I tried to think of nicer times and things that made me happy. For some reason I thought about an article that I had read in Februs which if I'm not mistaken was written by Julie Holmes. The article was about pleasure and pain. For some a fierce paddling or thrashing across their bare buttocks with a swishy cane is a turn on, a real thrill which makes others not into the scene think they enjoy pain full stop but as those who are into the seen will attest this is not the case and stubbing your toe or catching your fingers in the car door doesn't cause immense pleasure. I'm not one for having my buttocks beaten whether covered or bare though I understand where they are coming from. I have no objection to administering a spanking, paddling or severe caning across a pair of bare feminine buttocks and there have been many occasions when I have done just that!

Still trying to think of nice things to take my mind away from what was being done to repair my teeth I began to wonder what the dentist's assisant, a very pretty looking girl would look lke without her white coat, in fact without any top clothes wearing just her underwear, needless to say stockings and heels and this brings me to the next part of today's post...

WHERE ARE THEY NOWNurse Claire Brierley caned in Janus 48Nurse Claire Brierley gets her bottom caned - Image courtesy of my friends at janusworldwide

Back in my youth one of the highlights of the month was purchasing the latest edition of Janus and with the thought of nurses and stockings in mind my thoughts wandered back to a Janus shoot (Corrective Medicine) that did indeed featured a sexy nurse, one who had her bare bottom thoroughly caned which appeared in Janus forty-eight and featured a model Janus called Nurse Claire Brierley. This particular shoot is a favourite of mine perhaps it's because it featured a nurse though if I'm honest it probably has more to do with the Nurse Claire Brierley gets a bare bottom caning - Image courtesy of my friends at janusworldwideNurse_Brierley_Janus-44-001002stripeson her bum. There maybe some sceptics out there who feel the cane marks are faked and that I have no reason to think. Over the years I have met many of the girls who worked for Janus and some have told me, including the lovely Lucy Bailey, that even when the shoot was done and wrapped they touched their toes for a proper caning on the bare. I've even done a shoot for one of Janus' sister magazines and have had the pleasure of striping a gorgeous girls' bare bottom when the shoot was over so I have no doubt that the marks are real.

Paula Meadows spanking illustration for The Young Stepmother
Reminiscing about this particular issue of Janus I thought I'd dig out the tatty issue that I have and I realise why I enjoyed this issue so much. There were two short stories that I thoroughly enjoyed, The Young Stepmother by Christopher James that dealt with parental punishment and The Cold Cruel World by R. T. Mason the theme being office punishment and I certainly know one office worker who would benefit from being bent over her own desk, her skirts raised, knickers pulled down and her bare bottom given a sound caning. Thirty-six strokes of stinging swishy rattan if I had my way.

Another thing I used to look forward to was when Readers wife Judith of Grimsby strapped in Janus 48Janus published pictures of readers' wives under going punishment and this issue had a page of colour pictures of Judith of Grimsby being paddled and strapped by her husband M.B.

Janus 48 was published in 1986 twenty eight years ago. Nurse Claire Brierley and spanked wife Judith who not only bared her bottom but also showed of her intimate secrets must be in their mid to late fifties. The issue also featured an interview with Nicola and Priscilla who must be of a similar age.

Readers wife Judith of Grimsby spanked in Janus 48
Did my thinking about nurses, stocking, spanking and spanked wives distract me from the pain of the dentist. You bet it did. Please note all of the images posted are scanned from Janus 48 I did not take any of them.

8th Jan

One of the things that makes me happy is when I get good customer service. Over the Christmas period my cherished Bowers and Wilkins C5 in ear headphones developed a fault and they would suffer a loss of sound. As these were within thetwo year warranty period I contacted them and they asked me to return them for repair. Today however I received a brand spanking new pair of the same from them. This is not the first time I've had hassle free service from them which is why I purchase their merchandise. Other companies such as Toshiba and Hewlett Packard should take note and learn from Bowers and Wilkins as if they gave the same good service I wouldn't have given up on them. I would recommend Bowers and Wilkins to anyone. No spanking necessary!

7th Jan

It's been quite a while since I've had the time or felt enthusiastic enough to update my blog so I thought it's about ime I made the effort before February arrives.


Red MistressI hope all of my friends and acquaintances had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. My new year resolution is to Keep Calm And Keep On Spanking! Well the spanking part is the easy part but keeping calm is something else especially when there are so many idiots in the world who would make a saint want to wind one back and let fly albeit verbally and some of the idiots should know better. For example, last night I followed a woman on twitter who tweeted this morning that she had been followed by someone who has a liking of submissive women and to quote ''You've got it wrong mate!' What is it with some people? I don't follow women just because they are submissive. I like to think that I do have some intelligence. I like to keep up with current affairs and follow many people including Piers Morgan and Anna Botting of Sky News but I certainly don't follow them because they are submissive. Keep Calm And Get A Grip Woman!

Left a red hot lady friend of mine who isn't submissive Red Mistress. You can follow both of these strict and dominant women on twitter

Red Mstress @red_mistress

Rod Stewart sang about Ten Days Of Rain but with the recent weather perhaps he should remake it and rename it Every Day Of Rain as it hasn't bloody stopped since I can't remember when. If you think that this is a good idea Rodders and it makes you lots of money a couple of tickets to a London gig wouldn't go amiss.

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