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Cliff's Diary / Blog 2015

18th Dec

Itís bad enough seeing your elderly mother suffer at any time of the year but with the season of goodwill rapidly approaching it makes the situation much harder to bear. My mother is in her nineties and at present is in hospital after suffering a fall and being diagnosed with cardio problems. Approximately a year ago she suffered a stroke and the current situation has made things worse. If you had asked me a month ago whether she would be here for Christmas I would have said no. Thankfully things are going in the right direction but only a little. Sheís now of the frame of mind that she wonít be able to take care of herself which for her to say is frightening as before she would never admit to such a thing. At present she cannot walk which is the main issue, though the physiotherapists along with the rest of the doctors and nurses at the hospital she is in are doing their utmost to get her as fit as is possible given the circumstances. Itís heartbreaking watching as she tries to walk, as she tries to stand up from a wheelchair and to listen to her cries of pain. She says she wants to be Ďínormalíí, to be the way she was before. Of course that what my family and I want as well but we know that itís not going to happen.

   The situation has made me think back to my childhood and all the things she, along with my father did for me and gave me as a child when I more than likely didnít deserve it. I think back to Christmas, that, for a child used to come far to slowly but for me it was worth waiting for. My parents were what was considered working class and they both worked hard for little reward. Money was tight though thankfully we always had food in the house and somehow Christmas presents were plentiful and Santa frequently left me a bike! One Easter I was given the biggest Easter egg you can imagine it was almost as big as me! It was massive and it was shared between all of the kids (my friends) in the street. If I come across a photo of it I will post it here.

   We always had a three week summer holiday as my dad firm shut down for the last week of July and the first two weeks of August each year. We didnít go abroad, we went regularly to a caravan site in Kent, on the Isle of Sheppy, Leysdown, Central Beach Camp. To me those holidays were magical! I loved the gaslights, going to the clubhouse every night where mum and dad played bingo. Sometimes I was given a card too! Later in the evening as the resident band played, usually a duo of a man on an organ and a drummer, mum and dad danced the night away; the danced the Foxtrot, Waltz and quickstep and many more dances of the era Iím sure, while I was content with a bottle of shandy, a pie, crisps and a pickled egg!

   Although being working class mum was so glamorous, a peroxide suicide blonde. She would never smoke a cigarette without using an elegant cigarette holder. Looking at faded photographs from these times I realize how truly beautiful my mum was. Itís frightening to look at her now with the realization that time waits for no one. We are all mortal, we will all reach the stage in life, thatís if we survive to such an age, where we cannot fend for ourselves and need constant care and attention and that one day I will be in my mumís situation and my children in mine.

Roberta Kray23rd Nov

Avoid! I purchased a hard back copy of Roberta KrayĎs book Dangerous Promises from the seller called blotboy. The book came in a recycled jiffy bag with no packing. The book arrived damaged which was disappointing as Iíd been trying to locate a copy for ages as it is currently out of print. But thatís not all. The packing slip was photocopied on paper that had already been used and the content of the reused paper was a page from a book that contained pornographic text which I wonít share here. Those who know me know that I wouldnít be shocked or offended by such material, what I find grossly distasteful is that this jerk is sending this material out with orders for regular (vanilla) content. Anyone, my mum, your mum or my granny could have placed an order with this seller and received the same. It beggars belief that there is such thoughtless idiots out there!

Mistress Heather Divine of femme Fatale Films gives a slave electro torture on his cock and balls3rd NovMistress Heather Divine spanks and canes her slaves bare arse

Today I was listing to the radio and Elvis's Hound Dog came on. This brought back memories of all the woofers, hounds, hags or whatever terminology you'd care to use I've met over the years of working in the adult industry. Thankfully, I've also met many very beautiful and elegant ladies including Red Mistress, Sidonia Von Borke, Mistress R'eal, Lady Seductress Mistress Heather Divine of Femme Fatale FilmsMistress Heather Divine of Femme Fatale Filmsand Mistress Heather Divine Mistress Heather Divine of Femme Fatale FilmsthatMistress Heather Divine of Femme Fatale Films I've aMistress Heather Divine of Femme Fatale Filmsdded a new gallery paMistress Heather Divine of Femme Fatale Filmsge of where you can see lots of free pictures and videos of this beautiful but very strict and very mean lady punishing and abusing her slaves.

29th Oct

As my better half is away on holiday for three weeks leaving me alone to fend for myself I've been watching mucho television late at night and into the early hours of the morning, though this hasn't been good viewing. Currently on the CI channel there is a series called Crimes That Shocked Britain and much of this focuses on the sadistic murders of children. So far the cases shown have been the callous and brutal murder of April Jones, the moor's murderers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, Angus Sinclair who raped and murdered Christine Eadie and Helen Scott and the abusive Rolf Harris

   I really despise nonces who, in the words used by my mother, ''interfere'' with children, and to be honest I cannot comprehend why anyone would want to.

The family gatherings I attended when I was a child always involved my favourite uncle, ''uncle Ray'', doing his party pieces and being the instigator of many games such as the Tea Pot game where we all were given a part of the tea pot, writing a list of a squillion things and places beginning with the letter, say (B) for Brighton, Blue, Bottle, Brass... and me getting a clip round the ear from my dad for daring to suggest Bollocks!''. If you haven't played the teapot game it's quite simple, each person is given the part of the teapot as a name IE the spout. Uncle Ray would site in the middle of the room holding the teapot and would say something that we each had to repeat such as... My teapot needs a clean... My spout needs a clean... My dad was always given the knob! family standing joke. Bearing in mind my cousins and I were children we all knew the innuendos but daren't say. All good clean family fun with a bit of smut to make us all roar with laughter. Uncle Ray always sang I Am The Music Man and had us making the sounds of whatever he played - pia pia piano for the piano, suck blow suck blow suck blow suck for the harmonica though my favourite was the bagpipes, holding my nose and using the ledge of my hand on my throat to make some good awful sound. We used to sing along to Rolf Harris's The Court Of King Caracticus and Two Little Boys. All good wholesome family fun. Sadly Rolf Harris wasn't the nice person we thought he was and after being convicted of his heinous crime I find myself as an adult analyzing the lyrics of his songs. I can understand why people say he has taken away part of their childhood as part of mine and my cousins is now tarnished.

   I cannot imagine how a parent is supposed to carry on after having a child abducted and murdered. I truly feel for the parents of April Jones, not only was their daughter murdered her body was disposed of partly by being spread around the countryside and partly burnt in her assailants fire. I can only imagine the torture the poor parents suffered as the thought of the same or similar happening to one of my children fills me with something I can't put into words.

My son is now a grown man and drives a bus in London for a living and my fear is that there will be a repeat of the July 7th 2005 bombings. Sometimes my mind envisages the worst and I see him frightened, maimed, crying for us or blown to bits. It's horrific enough having these thoughts and fears but suffering the reality... There but for the grace of God.

8th Oct

I must be typing this from my hospital bed as it seems I've been involved in a head on collision! Really! I suppose this must be true as today I was called by Albany Assistance who told me exactly what had happened and that they could help me make a claim against the other driver for my injuries. This really disturbed me so I hastily took stock of my physical attributes. Thankfully my head was still in place, I also had two arms, legs feet and hands, goolies and a dick. Thank the lord for that! It's really weird as they knew my name and my telephone number and I couldn't help but wonder when this disastrous head on collision happened! Had I been legless at the time? Was I suffering amnesia? No, of course not because as always it was some twat thinking I'm dumb enough to fall for their scam let alone spend time talking to them!

The company who called my was Albany Assistance, They called from 0203 634 2315 - I Googled this company and there's a statement on their website stating that they are aware people are being cold called by someone claiming to be them and if you're called to email them giving as much info as possible. Right! This makes me feel even more wary, as much info as possible! Why not just ask for the number you were called from? Iffy, very iffy!

You can read Albany Assistance's statement by clicking here.

6th Oct

Lesley Sey the magistrate who gets her bare bottom spanked and canedAs I'm sure those of you who live in the UK will already know, as from yesterday, Oct 5th if you make a purchase from a shop whose company employs more than 250 people you will have to pay for a plastic bag. Yesterday, also happened to be my dear old mum's birthday so as a good son I went and paid her a visit. As my mum is rather elderly and not as mobile as she would like to be she asked if I would go to her bank and order a new cheque book for her. No problem. while I was in the small shopping centre and after I ordered mum's cheque book I spotted a Greggs bakers and as I adore their sausage rolls I thought I'd treat myself to a few along with a coffee as I knew my wife wanted to check out the shops as all women do. So there I was, sausage rolls and coffee ordered. Then it happened... If you want a bag that'll be 5p! What, you have to pay for a bag for takeaway hot food! another bloody case of rip off Britain. Than you Mr. Cameron, I hope you think of poor sods like me while you enjoy your coffee and biscuits that the over burdened tax payer is paying for.

Lesley Sey - IT'S A MYSTERY

Today I was looking through some folders of images that had
been used on the old website and I came upon a set of the lovely Lesley Sey from the video A Trilogy Of Domestic Discipline that featured her as a magistrate. Although I didn't take the stills that at the video shoot I did script the video.
The plot was Lesley had been picked up at a local nightclub. The lucky guy who had taken her home was sure that he had seen her before but couldn't place her, until after a few drinks. It then dawned on him where he had seen her, it was the bloody magistrate who had slapped him with a six-month driving ban. He was livid. Here she was, drinking his booze, and after he had spent a fortune on her at Tree Tops night club. In true Kane fashion there could only be one course of action and that of course was in the form of a bare bottom spanking followed by more than a few strokes of the cane across her judicial naked arse!

If I get a breathing space I may get round to posting a gallery of the whole set.


I've updated my copyright and guide for bloggers, especially when it comes to my images being posted on Tumblr, click here to read them

24th Sept

Rosaleen Young Pretty Fetish Ballerina at the London Erotica Exhibition

Today I had planned to have some me time rather than doing any web work and for some in explicit reason I found myself googling Rosaleen Young. Rosaleen or Chrissie as I knew her was a very well known and liked model in the spanking scene and did many shoots with her husband known as Earl Grey, she also had many websites including Spanked Brats which at one point was owned by myself and Brigella. The other sites were, if my memory serves me well were spankmybottom and rosaleenyoung, she along with her husband also did many shoots and videos for Firm Hand Spanking. Chrissie, AKA Rosaleen, also appeared in Janus' Privilege Plus and Privilege Club as Christina Winchester.

As many will already know Chrissie (Rosaleen Young) has retired from the spanking scene though I had no idea why, until today that is. After reading through many posts on a well known spanking site It seems that she became quite ill which was brought on by her spanking and modelling work invading and causing havoc with her personal life and on this score she has my complete sympathy. That said, if you set up spanking groups, websites and appear in spanking magazines to promote yourself and to earn a few quid what do you expect.

15th September

The past weeks have been really hectic as on the 5th one of my beautiful daughters got married, next year my son is getting wed so the there's still expensive times ahead.

10th September

While waiting at London Heathrow's Terminal 3 for my wife's family to arrive a young woman came out, she looked remarkably like Fleur East the XFactor runner up which isn't surprising as it was her. Fleur had been my favourite of that year's competition, not only had I voted for her I had purchased her songs from the iTunes store and have them on my phone. Half of me wanted to approach her and say hello and ask if I could have a picture taken with her but half of me felt uneasy about doing so as I know what it's like to be approached by a fan as it's happened many times when I'm out with my infamous daughter. However, I knew that if I didn't I would go home regretting it so I did. Thankfully, I got my photo with her, much to the envy of my son and many of my friends and family when I posted the picture on my Facebook page. Fleur was amazing and as nice as pie so many kudos from me and with such a pleasant attitude I'm sure she will go far. You know, It's all about that bass, no treble!

2nd September

I've added two Fem Dom galleries, on of beautiful dark and dusky London Mistress Lady Seductress and one of Mistress R'eal from Cardiff.

London Mistress Lady SeductressLady Seductress London MistressMistress Real of Cardiff

Above Left and centre: London Mistress Lady Seductress who no doubt would enjoy seducing you into her W1 dungeon where she would introduce you to her dark world of sensual submission. You can follow Lady Seductress on twitter here:@ladyseductress orvisit her website by clicking here.Above far right: Cardiff Mistress R'eal who needs no introduction.Images courtesy of my wonderful friends at

1st September

Life is a learning curve and no matter how long you have lived you never stop learning. When I was employed a manager of mine always said that "I don't mind looking a c*nt, it's when I feel a c*nt I feel a c*nt", and that I can relate to as that's how I feel at the minute. Each time I find myself in this position I make a conscious decision that this is the last time it will happen but oops it happened again. I won't go into the sordid details of what happened less I kick off world war three as that I don't need.

28th August

On Tuesday 25th August my family and I went to West Sussex to meet our son-in-law's family before the big day which is the 5th of Sept, just a week tomorrow. The original plan was to take everyone to lunch at the Miller & Carter where we have always had excellent food and excellent service but with the tragic crash at the Shoreham Airshow and the A27 being closed getting there would have been a nightmare so we agreed to go to The Devil's Dyke. Mistake or what! For those who don't know The Devil's Dyke is a restaurant high up on top of the hills of West Sussex with an amazing view and reached by a road the width of a small country lane, not the best of roads at the best of times and on this fateful day God was not on our side. The weather was absolutely awful. Monsoon is an understatement as it lashed down.

When we eventually arrived at the restaurant we were all ravenous and thirsty and were looking forward to something hot to eat. After what appeared to be far too long a wait a waitress by the name of Sally appeared and took our order. Man this woman could talk for England. The time it took for the drinks to arrive was abysmal, and we thought that was a long wait! After a couple of pints our starters arrived, and these were quite enjoyable. About an hour later, I kid you not, the main courses arrived and they were bloody disgusting. My misses ordered a hot vegetarian sandwich which arrived as black as New Gate's Knocker! For a change I had ordered sausages rather than steak which I generally choose, The sausages were burnt to a cinder, black and tasted appalling. You may wonder why I didn't send these back and complain. This I would normally do but as this was the occasion of meeting our new family for the first time I felt uneasy to do so. None of us had a dessert as A: we didn't have another few hours to spare and B: I dread to think what they had on offer.All of this is quite sad really as the location of Devil's Dyke is beautiful and it should really be a place you want to go; which it isn't.

I did email the company that owns The Devil's Dyke restaurant and let them know of my bad experience but so far I have not had any reply. I have also left my comments on Trip Adviser which you can read here. After my review was published I took the time to read what others thought of the place and I was not surprised to see that others had received poor service and food. So it isn't just me. So if you're down in Shoreham and want a nice meal avoid this place like the plague! Their address is:

The Devil's Dyke
Dyke Road
Tel: 01273-85-72-56

The Devil%27s Dyke in the rain - The worst place in the world to eat

22nd August

Mistress Eleise De LacyThere are some Mistress in the world of BDSM who think that every male they meet should be subservient to them and they treat them as such which I find quite disrespectful especially as I treat Mistresses that I know with respect. IE, I don't talk down to them or threat them as if they were submissive in nature. Of course, my option of these women is they are no more a true Mistress than I am, and being male... Well I feel I've made my point clear. Then there are the other type of Mistress who treat people with the respect that is shown to them. One of these Mistress is Eleise De lacy who these days is based in the beautiful city of Paris. Not only is Mistress Eleise immensely attractive I also find her quite intelligent, with, in my opinion quite a romantic trait going by her twitter feed. Over the past few days Mistress Eleise and I have had a few conversations and if and when she comes to London we have plans to meet which is something I am looking forward to.

Judging by the pictures of Mistress Eleise I've seen which seem to be all over the worldwideweb these days I have no doubt that as a Mistress she is quite demanding and is very capable of inflicting much pain to a slave whether it be in the form of a caning to their bare backside or a whipping on their bare buttocks or back or even pain caused by CBT and pegging.

If you want to know more about this incredible woman you can follow her twitter fee which is @MistressEleise or her website

Image courtesy of my friends at

Strict Women

18th August

I've added a new free gallery of the beautiful blonde Mistress Goddess Zena of Nottingham giving one of her slaves a good hard bare bottom punishment spanking OTK with her hand and with a wooden spoon with her slave bending over the back of a chair, and by the colour of his bum cheeks I doubt if he will be sitting comfortably for quite a while. You can see the rest of the pictures by clicking here.

You can follow Mistress Zena on twitter which is

Mistress Goddess Zena of Nottingham

16th August

Sam Johnson gets an OTK bare bottom spanking from Miss Harrison Marks of Kane MagazineOne of the nicest girls I've had the opportunity to work with and of course spank and cane on her cute bare bottom is Sam Johnson. Sam is featured in many of the Kane and Top Marks videos and many issues of Kane Magazine. Many of the reader's of Kane Magazine have had the opportunity to have this gorgeous girl over their knees or touching her toes at a Kane spanking party or a privately arranged 1-2-1 session so that they can make her tender cheeks a deep shade of pink. Sadly over the years I lost touch with Sam, however, today I was pleasantly surprised to see her name come up as a friend suggestion on Facebook. At first I thought it might be someone with the same name but it wasn't; it was the Sam that I knew and loved so I quickly clicked on the ''Add Friend'' button. It's good to have her back in my circle of friends after so many years.


I'm sure it's what you wouldn't expect to see on my blog but last night I was watching TV with her in doors and by chance ITV were showing a program celebrating many years of Saturday night television. One of the programs highlighted was Gladiators which my children wouldn't miss and if the truth be known neither would I, though my reason for watching was really quite suspect as it was only to see Lightening, the gymnast Kim Betts. Being blonde and beautiful she reminded me of the glamour model Eve Vorley. What a body and what a gorgeous rear! The problem is I'm sure she has the capability to make mince meat of me so I'm saying no more.

Mistress Eleise De Lacy of Femme Fatale Films

A new gallery ''A Sound Wanking'' featuring Mistress Eleise De Lacy has been added, courtesy of my strict friend Mistress Heather Divine of FemmeFataleFilms

I'm pleased to see that my talented friend Lynn Paula Russell's website is back on line, so if you're looking for some of her work such as her beautiful bodyscapes to own now's your chance.
Lynn Paula Russell
Above image courtesy © Lynn Paula Russell
Lynn Paula Russell

15th August

A new free gallery featuring the beautiful blonde Mistress Eleise De Lacy has been added along with a free video of her spanking and caning her office boy, courtesy of my friends at FemmeFataleFilms. I've also begun adding pictures of the strict Mistress Teresa May at work in her dungeon, more pictures will be added to this gallery each day.

Mistress Eleise De  LacyMistress Teresa  May

14th AugustMistress Real and Miss DeelightMistress Real and Miss Deelight

A new free Femme Domme gallery courtesy of my friends at FemmeFataleFilms has been added. Watch Mistress R'eal and Miss Deelight give a helpless slave CBT and drizzle hot wax on his defenceless knob and shaft.

13th August
Jim my dad

I can't quite believe that thirty-seven years have passed since my father died at the young age of fifty-five which these days is absolutely no age at all. I wish I had the opportunity to spend more time with him and share my thoughts, dreams, likes and a few beers while watching the football which was his favourite pastime and I wish he'd had the chance to watch it on a large screen TV in HD 3D.

I remember as a boy standing outside a TV rental shop when colour TV was in it's infancy and rather expensive as we waited for a Green Line to take us home from a family gathering and how over joyed he was when we got our first colour set. I find it very strange that I have been on this mortal coil for a longer period than him. Tonight I will celebrate his life and the small time that I had with him with a rather large malt whisky. R.I.P dad wherever you are.

Mistress Urula of FemmeFataleFilms
A new Femme Domme gallery from my friends at FemmeFataleFilms that features the gorgeous brunette Mistress Ursula (left) has been added.

Now don't go getting confused with the classic horror film that was based on the Edgar Allen Poe book of the same name, this is all to do about eating out if you find yourself in Nottingham. I'm not saying the service is bad but a friend of mine who chose to eat there at the unearthly hour of 7 PM was told the kitchen was closed! WTF! What sort of place to eat closes it's kitchen so early. So be warned, if you're in Nottingham and you want to eat an evening meal on or after 7 PM don't go there or you'll find the pit of your stomach will still be rumbling.

The Pit And The Pendulum Nottingham

12TH AugustLady Seductress London Mistress

Another day another dollar but today I'm taking some time out of my hectic life to spend some time wining and dining with a beautiful woman as today I'm off once again to London's West End, Piccadilly in fact to have lunch and drinks with Lady Seductress, one of London's finest Mistresses, somewhere in the heart of what used to be the capital's seediest area. This as many will know is the place where the famous Janus shop used to, be filled to the brim with spanking magazines and implements of correction such as paddles, swishy crook-handled canes and straps that could sting, bruise and cover the soft and tender flesh of bare feminine buttocks (and bad boys of course) with wicked red marks. It's a hard life spending time with so many attractive ladies but someone has to do it so it might as well be me. Chow for now.

Lady Seductress London Mistress

5th August

If you don't know who Goddess Zena is you must be a hermit living in a damp cave as she has done many shoots for Mistress Sidonia Von Borke's The English Mansion. Goddess Zena has a trait insomuch as she has a passion for abusing her slaves and she does that in many ways: Anal, CBT, Trampling, Electro Torture, Needles and of course the regulation spanking caning and whipping. She also enjoys being the most severe and pain inflicting nurse you will ever meet and she will gladly milk your worthless cock with her devilish milking device. I've just added a free gallery of this ravishing mistress that you can see by clicking here, you can follow Mistress Zena on twitter here.

26th July

Carol Decker and her band sure rocked last night and performed an amazing set. As I thought Giving Up The Ghost wasn't on the set list but my compensation for that was they opened with Thank You For Goodbye (rides again) which is one of my favourite tracks that can only be found on a 12 inch or CD single. They also played many of my other favourites: Bridge Of Spies, Sex Talk and the first single from the new album Nowhere and ended with, as was expected China In Your Hand. After watching Carol's exhilarating performance I have to wonder what Gary Barlow was thinking when he commented on XFactor that China In Your Hand was sung out of tune. Idiot!

Thank you Carol and T'Pau for a very entertaining night. Incidentally, the backing singer was captivating.

Carol Decker and TPau live at The Jazz Cafe Camden

25th July

It's been a long time in coming but finally my girls and I are going to the Jazz Cafe Camden to see T'Pau and the amazing redhead Carol Decker. I've been a huge fan of Carol Decker and T'Pau since first hearing their debut album Bridge Of Spies. I have my fingers crossed that Giving Up The Ghost will be on the set list but I have a feeling I am going to be disappointed. Never mine. I have a table booked and will be enjoying a tasty meal along with much alcohol, bubbly if they have it and I intend to thoroughly enjoy myself.

24th July

I've eventually succumbed and moved from a Windows laptop to a Mac Book Pro and I feel like a complete dummy! I suppose I'll get used to it as time goes by and things will become easier but until then I will be going Tasmanian and the air will be quite blue!

8th July

This morning I have yet another trip to the hospital to see nurse Hita about by dodgy Mallet Finger. Although my nurse is very nice and very cute it really would be nice if I had a nurse like Red. Wishful thinking I know but we're all entitled to our naughty daydreams.
Sexy stocking clad nurse red

6th JulyRed xxx with her hands quite full

Today is the birthday of the UK's hottest red head Red-xxx and it looks like she has already opened one of her presents which certainly is a handful.
Here's wishing you a very happy birthday my friend. Have a drink or two on me today or you'll have to wait until you pay a visit to London when I can buy them in person.

I wish someone would treat me to such a tasty gift!

30th June

The weather for a change is red hot so I shall be working in my garden office with a few ice cold beers by my side and make the most of the glorious weather. Talking about red hot brings me to some new galleries I've added today as one of them is of Red Mistress being rather naughty with Lynda Leigh and women certainly don't come hotter than these two gorgeous babes.

Red xxx and porn star Lynda Leigh having lesbian sexRed hot lesbian sexStrict Women
Strict WomenStrict Women in latexStrict womenstrict women Red Mistress banner

Teresa May

Talking of Red Hot women I was lucky enough to
have lunch with one ofthem yesterday, my beautiful and dearest friend Teresa May. I'm still trying to decide what was hotter, Teresa or the weather! Thank you Teresa for the wonderful Thornton's chocolate football boot and cupcakes. They were delicious!

You an see many more free pictures of Teresa on her own website where you can buy personally signed photos and purchase many of her naughty DVDs including the very naughty Teresa Takes Ten, Lick My Micky and Blue Movie Star

Teresa May Official Website

29th June
Teresa May Topless
Cyndi Lauper sang Money Changes Everything, if you haven't heard the song it's about a guy being dumped for another who's "waiting in the car outside'' and who is obviously loaded. I haven't been dumped as I'm happily married and have no need for a new partener or playmate which is stated on my twitter. Money sure does change everything for some people, thankfully not all, and those people tend to get more of mine. There's also another song I feel I should mention "Once Bitten Twice Shy Babe" by Ian Hunter.

Today I have a dinner date with a beautiful friend of mine Teresa May (above) and money doesn't come in to the equasion as real friends don't count the pennies or who pays for what.


When I worked with Lucy she was submissive and I had the pleasure of spanking and caning her gorgeous bare bottom. However, times change and people change and so has Lucy as she is now one of the most dominant and strict women you will come across.

Mistress Sidonia Von Borke of The English MansionMistress Sidonia Von Borke of The English MansionMistress Sidonia Von Borke of The English MansionMistress Sidonia Von Borke of The English MansionLucy Bailey Spanking
Lucy Bailey SpankingLucy Bailey SpankingLucy Bailey SpankingLucy Bailey SpankingLucy Bailey Spanking

Mistress Sidonia Von Borke of The English MansionStrict Women who spank and punish men

15th May

Strict Mistress Lady Seductress
When I woke up Saturday morning I was disappointed as I was expectin
g the weekend to be a scorcher but what I saw was an overcast cloudy sky and on top of that it was drizzling. However, every cloud has a silver lining and there surely was one as that day I had a meeting with a very dominant and attractive lady, Lady Seductress.Thankfully my journey would be an easy one as we had planned to meet at her dungeon which is in the heart of Londonís West End.

Strict women - Lady Seductress flexes her punishment caneIt may seem that I spend my days meeting gorgeous mistresses but this isnít a plan of mine. Those in the BDSM scene seem to know everyone else or at least someone who knows someone.And this is a good thing. Although Lady Seductress and I have been following each other for a while on twitter our meeting up came about as I was looking for a location to use and she was recommended by another very dominant friend of mine Heather Divine of FemmeFatalFilms.At the time I didnít realise that we had been following each other on twitter until I went to her twitter page which had a link to her website on it. I was planning to send her a direct message asking about using her dungeon as her site has a contact phone number I thought Iíd give her a call as it would surely be easier than trying tLondon Mistress Lady Seductresso compose a message using just 140 characters. After talking shop for some twenty minutes Lady Seductress suggested that I come to her dungeon to see the torturous array of equipment she has and that afterwards we could go for a drink or two. Well who am I to refuse such an offer, and to decline would surely be rude.

When I arrived at her dungeon and saw her in person she looked exactly like her pictures, spectacularly glamorous. After exchanging small talk she gave me a guided tour pointing out her favourite devices and toys.Although Iíve visited many dungeons they always seem to send a shiver down my spine. The thought of being locked in a cage with no way of escape chills me to the bone. I realise we all have different desires and itís a case of whatever rocks your boat but being subservient as many of my lady friends will attest isnít one of mine.

When the tour of her dungeon was over, Lady Seductress said she knew of a nice bar not too far away and that is where we headed.As I previously said, every cloud has a silver lining and the dreary London skies certainly had one on Saturday.

Thank you Lady Seductress for a very entertaining day.

You can follow Lady Seductress on twitter here:@ladyseductress orvisit her website by clicking here.

15th June

Sam Johnson adminsters a hard bare bottom spankingLucy Bailey gives a hard bare bottom spankingstrict women office buy gets a spankingstrict women - office boy gets a hard bare bottom caningstrict women who give men hard spanking and caning

5th May

Strict Women - Mistress Heather DivineI seem to be meeting more and more dominant women these days both in the real world and on the worldwideweb. Perhaps it's to do with the circles that I move in I don't know or maybe someone out there is trying to convert me into becoming a submissive. Well that isn't going to happen misses!It doesn't matter how beautiful or alluring a woman is I won't submit to her, not even for all the tea in China or a season ticket to the gooners, that's Arsenal FC to those of you reading this from outside the UK and have no idea what a gooner is.
Strict women who spank and punish menStrict women who spank menStrict women who spank menStrict Women - Mistress RealStrict women who spank men
Recently I was contacted by Mistress Heather Divine, I won't go into the circumstances of how or why we met online. Apart from being amazingly beautiful she is also a very nice and helpful person who spent much of her valuable time helping me with certain issues I was having, though I'm pretty su
re that isn't the way she treats her submissives and slaves.
Above: Mistress Heather Divine
If you'd like to see more of this very attractive strict woman you can follow her on her twitter by clicking here - The above images are courtesy of Mistress Heather Divine and my friends at

27th May
Red Mistress xxx

Why the most attractive women on the planet are dominant. I have many personal friends who are Mistresses and they are all ravishingly attractive. On January the 27th I mentioned Mistress Eleise De Lacy who is undoubtedly gorgeous, making such comments has started to play on my mind as I feel I'm giving the wrong impression to people so I'd like to clarify so people don't get the wrong idea just because the women I find attractive are dominant my attraction is their looks not the dominant factor. Recently I tried to wangle an invite to the Femme Domme Ball and to my surprise I was invited. There is a saying that if something is too good to be true then it probably is, and it was, I was welcome to attend but I'd have to be a sub. No way! I have an inkling that one dominant friend of mine @Red_Mistresshad a plan as her words to me were ''You never know you might like it'' Ha! In your dreams, to which I replied, ''I would do anything for Red but I won't do that!''.

Obviously there are women who I find attractive who aren't dominant but it seems to me the majority are, you only need to take a look at the FemmeFataleFilms website to see what I mean.

21st April

I can't quite believe I haven't updated my blog / diary since 6th Feb. It's not because nothing interesting has happened because lots has. For instance, I managed to get myself a mallet finger which is rather annoying to say the least especially as it's on my right hand and I'm right handed which makes wiping one's arse rather difficult.

Tonight my better half has buggered off to her friends house to spread the word about the new film she's been cast in (I kid you not). So hear I am, alone with my iPhone, Spotify and mucho bottles of beer listening to The Who, one of my all time favourite bands. I'm on a sort of Who festival at the minute as I'm halfway through reading Pete Townsend's autobiography Who Am I. And it's a bloody good read, well it is to a Who fan. Reading some of Pete's comments reminds me of my younger days and my liking of The Who, my dad, god bless his soul, singing along to Substitute and I'm A Boy. Taking the piss out of my physicals teacher Mr. Miles, Who fans will know what I mean. Much to the annoyance of Trudi who worked behind the Strangely enough I got a job at the same W.H. Smith and in the record department with her. At the time Who's Next was released and I put many of the covers on the wall, only to get a bollocking from the department head, Mrs Brierly, a right old bat who thought the cover disgusting. Singing along to Young Man Blues in my bedroom, a young man ain't got nothin' in the world these days, ain't got nothing, ain't got sweet fuck all. It's the old man who has all the money! Then I was young and I thought I would be forever and I was piss poor. Now I'm old, well oldish, and now I'm quite wealthy as are Mr Townsend and Daltrey. I used to sing along to My Generation... Hope I die before I get old... Well I'm glad I didn't. I remember the advert for Won't Get Fooled Again, a picture of a guy in stockings and suspenders. Thankfully I haven't been fooled but I know a man who has. My dad loved Pictures Of Lily as that was my grandmother's name and my dad knew what the song was about just like Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand.

I must be an ardent Who fan as I sold my bicycle to buy a copy of Tommy. I still have my copies of these amazing albums on vinal. As for Join Together, I almost got arrested for playing it too loud in a public place when on holiday in that god forsaken place Leysdown on the Isle Of Sheppy. What a dump!

Well that's enough ramblings, so it's good night from me and goodnight from me and goodnight to my friends The Acid Queen @zenagoddess
6th February

Cliff James straps Lorraine AnsellBeing an avid spanker and enjoying may copies of Janus over the years I never thought I would be lucky enough to appear in one of their magazines especially with a gorgeous creature such as Lorraine Ansell, but I did. Although the magazine I appeared in was Privilege Plus not Janus it was indeed a publication from the same stable and I was more than pleased to appear in it. Over a period I had a few short stories published in Privilege under a variation of non-de-plumes and had become quite friendly with the editor who was a very nice person indeed. As I had been editing Kane for some time by then I asked if he would be interested in using Lorraine and I for a photo sequence and of course he was, who wouldn't be, well in using Lorraine of course.

On the day Lorraine looked absolutely amazing wearing a full length fur lined coat that swirled around her ankles. To my surprise when she was getting changed she asked me to go with her. Well things were looking up though if I'm honest I felt rather uncomfortable being there and didn't know where to look. It's strange, you see lots of bare bottoms and much more when shooting but to be around girls when they are changing feels quite different and wrong.
Cliff James gives Lorraine Ansell a bare bottom caning
The waitress theme was something that I came up with and I was more than pleased when the editor decided to go with it. Eventually the shoot began and pictures were taken of Lorraine being spanked strapped and caned in various positions. When the shoot was over Lorraine turned to me and said that if I wanted to I could give her bare bum six really good stingers with the cane. Well who am I to refuse, especially when the girl who offers is a real beauty with such a cute and spankedle rear. Thus Lorraine bent over and offered her cute backside for six cuts of wicked rattan that I delivered as hard as I could and what a pleasure that was.

All in all Lorraine was one of the most gorgeous and adorable girls I've had the pleasure to work with let alone spank and cane. On top of that the photographer send me some glossy black and white large photos of Lorraine and me that weren't published and these are now in my collection along with many other souvenirs of happy spanking days. With thanks to the © copyright owner janusworldwide for the kind permission to use their images

5th February
Sam Johnson and Brigella get the cane from Ms Harrison Marks

A new gallery featuring gorgeous Sam Johnson and Brigella as cheeky schoolgirls who thought it would be a right old giggle to steal the headmaster's cane has been added. However their strict mother played by Ms Harrison Marks the publisher of Kane Magazine didn't see the funny side and decided to show them what happens to naughty girls who steal, especially from the headmaster Mr. Protheroe. Click here to see all of the pictures of Sam and Brigella getting their bare bottoms spanked strapped and caned for their dastardly deed.

2nd FebruaryCaned at a Fem Dom Party

I've added a Femme Domme Party gallery when you can see lots of submissive males having their bare bottoms spanked and caned quite severely by strict women such as Natasha, Angie and Sally and many more.

27th January
Mistress Eleise De Lacy
There are absolutely thousands of women who call themselves
''Mistress'' but very few in my opinion really have what it takes, I suppose you could call it the (M) factor. Being a dominant whether female or male is not just causing physical pain, abusing or milking a male submissive of their money there is much more to the art of domination. There are many ''girls'' who have no idea of the latter, they think that being a plain nasty and arrogant bitch and abusing a male ''slave'' will bring them financial rewards for little effort. A dominant friend of mine recently remarked that these so called mistresses who flaunt their supposed financial and material gifts on twitter should take the time to tidy their rooms. It takes class, elegance, intelligence and poise to be the real thing. Not all are blessed with good looks but that is irrelevant when it comes to being a skilled and respected Mistress though exquisiteness is certainly an additional benefit

I first came upon Mistress Eleise when looking for images of dominant women with the intention of contacting them for banner exchanges for a website I had a while back. As you can imagine I came upon lots of free galleries of her spanking and caning submissive men that linked back to her website so I thought I'd drop her an email which I did. I was surprised when I received a reply, not that I thought I wouldn't get one but it was well written, polite and showed respect, something that is lacking with some. This immaculate lady now has a new website under construction which I have no doubt will get a mention here.
I'm sure there are many submissive males who would like this ravishing woman to be their Mistress and who would like to serve her and or be punished by her. Of course I imagine receiving the attention or even having her permit you the privilege of her presence doesn't come cheap but if serving or submitting to a not only strict and dominant woman is what makes you happy then you may as well serve and submit to the best.

If you would like to see more of this exquisite and demanding woman use the banner below to visit her current website or pay a visit to
Mistress Eleise De Lacy

The images of Mistress Eleise de Lacy are used with the kind permission of my friends at @FataleFilms - You can follow Mistress Eleise De Lacy on Twitter @MistressEleise - I will soon be adding images courtesy of my friends at

Lady Seductress25th January

It seems the majority of my new friends are mistresses these days and before you think otherwise I'm not becoming submissive. I do however confess to looking at pictures of female domination, the reason being many are absolutely gorgeous such as Mistress Eleise and Lady Seductress pictured left. This new mistress friend of mine Zena Goddess who is based in Nottingham is also rather ravishing and that I feel is an understatement. I first saw her by chance when I came across a free English Mansion gallery that showed a beautiful woman punishing a TV slave who was dressed as a maid. At the time I had no idea who she was and it was some time later when by chance I came across her on twitter. Since then we have had many conversations both by text and on the phone and what she has told me has reinforced my being dominant. Mistress (Goddess) Zena enjoys playing hard and has no qualms about seriously abusing her slaves and inlicting immense pain. She also enjoys caning a slaves bare arse until she draws blood and I'm not talking about just a little blood. One thing that did surprise me is that she has yet to spank and cane a cute female bare bottom which I know from experience is a wonderful thing to do. Above Lady Seductress Image © Lady Seductress and used with her kind consent. You can follow her on twitter here.

You can see more of Mistress Zena on her website here and follow her on twitter here

Mistress ZenaMistress Zena Nottingham Mistress
Mistress ZenaMistress Zena Nottingham MistressIf you are female and would like to offer your bare bottom to her to spank and cane please contact her direct (she will pay you) If you are a submissive male and want to be abused or caned red raw by this strict woman you too can contact her though for that you will have to pay handsomely.
The above images are © Mistress Zena and used with her kind permission

Cliff James spanking Lorraine AnsellIt's a lazy Sunday afternoon, didn't Steve Marriot sing about that with The Small Faces some years back, one line of the lyrics being ''I've got no time to worry,''. Well I do have time to worry a little today as later on Arsenal are playing Brighton & Hove Albion in the FA cup. It was only a few days ago that I spent the evening texting my mate Jacko and winding him up when Manchester United couldn't beat little Cambridge United. Yesterday the mighty Chelsea and Manchester City were knocked out of the tournament, well spanked by teams they should have easily beaten which is why I'm not confident that the gooners will pull off the job.

While waiting for the football to begin I've been browsing the CD of the old Kane-online website and have found more of my old pages including one all about my day with Lorraine Ansell and when I got my hands on her lovely cute bare bottom to spank strap and cane. Below is the text of the page, and if you wish you can see the original page by clicking

One of the perks of editing Kane magazine is being able to meet the girls in person, and of course take photographs of them. Recently I had the pleasure, and it really was a pleasure to take pictures of Lorraine, who had turned up at the Kane office in her school uniform.

Now I don't know why, but for some reason, every time I do a photo-session, the girl always tries to turn the tables on me, and Lorraine was no exception. Needless to say I am a little perturbed as to why this is the case. Not only that, Lorraine managed to give me a right old crack across the rear with the Governess cane - thank the Lord I have a fat wallet that cushioned the blow. Now this sort of behaviour is just not on. If you've been one of the lucky one's who have met Lorraine in the flesh you will understand what I'm up against.

However, revenge is sweet, and there's only one way to make a girl's bum red and striped, well two ways if you're one of those horrendous magazines that fake marks on bums, and that is to spank and cane it, and to spank and cane it hard! And as Josie decided that she had more important things to do than spank Lorraine the task was left to me.

Oh yeah, real fun! But have you tried taking timed photos! Well let me tell you it isn't easy. But then, I mustn't complain because caning Lorraine's cute bum was real fun. And if you don't believe it happened, check out Kane eighty-two where you will see Lorraine not only in her school uniform, but also with a delightfully striped and sore bum...

Ce'st la vie my friends, c'est la vie...

23rd January


Looking through some old disks I came upon a complete back up of the old website that I received from our then webmasters which contained a copy of my page. Reading through this brought back some sad and some sickening memories. The sad one being the murder of Ivor Gold and the second the sick emails that the Kane girls used to receive:

Below is the text of my page just as it was followed by my comments regarding the sickoes:
You can view the original kane-online page


Sometimes it can be quite mind-numbing knowing what to write for my page especially if I've had no spanking fun and games which is why I don't up date my page as often as I should. There is a saying what goes around comes around though normally this relates to something bad but on this occasion it doesn't; it's something good. Many's the time I have bought two tickets to a rock concert and have paid for someone to accompany me though many times but not always the person who has come along with me has been the gorgeous Teresa May. As I'm sure you can imagine being with Teresa May is a wonderful experience and I know for a fact that there are many guys out there feeling quite jealous at the minute. The first concert I attended with her was Rod stewart at Wembley, an amazing experience for obvious reasons and certainly an ego trip. It came about as I have two tickets, one for me and one for my wife who due to family reasons realised at a later date that she couldn't make it. Knowing Teresa, albeit only for a short while then I emailed her and asked her if she would like to come with me.I never expected her to say yes in a million years and when I received her emailed reply I was already feeling down hearted as I knew it would be a ''Thanks for the offer but no thanks,'' but it wasn't! I read and re read the email again as I couldn't believe my eyes. The concert was amazing and I had an amazing time too. Since then we've seen Kylie, Girls Aloud, Leona Lewis and Belinda Carlisle (she got roped into it) together though now we are very close friends, closer in fact.

However, this month I sadly don't have that problem; yet on this occasion I wish I had. On Saturday the 4th of March I received an unexpected phone call from Brad, the man who runs Peaches. Brad was so upset that I new something drastic had happened. Sadly I was right. My first thought was that something serious had happened to one of the girls, Lesley and Lorraine, both good friends of Brad sprung to mind. I was petrified. Thankfully I was wrong, but the news he had was just as awful: Ivor Goldblatt who runs the well known spanking club Redstripe had been murdered. He had been stabbed to death in his own home. Although I had never met Ivor, many of the Kane girls had worked for him and they always sung his praise by saying what a gentleman he was and how good he was to work for. I have no doubt that their comments were correct.

   Even though Ivor's Redstripe was competition for Kane, as the saying goes 'There is room for more than one pub in the high street.' Ivor and Redstripe brought a lot of like minded people together and gave many the chance to spank a pretty girl's bottom. Ivor will be sadly missed by many; both those who frequented his parties and the girls who worked and entertained at them.

   We at Kane wish to take this opportunity to offer our sincere condolences to Ivor's family and anyone who knew him.

Rest in peace Ivor.


As regular visitors to the Kane website have surely noticed all of the Kane girls e-mail addresses have been removed. As much as Sue Ellis, Lesley, Sam Johnson and the rest of the girls enjoyed reading the many flattering messages they received sadly they became inundated with messages from thoughtless idiots who sent them crude, abusive and intimidating e-mails, spelling out in graphic detail what they would do were they given the opportunity to meet the girls in person. Needless-to-say the girls found these messages threatening and frightening. So thanks to these sickos, for that is what they are, those of you who are kind and considerate and who gave the girls the respect that they deserved can no longer e-mail them.

So let's have a big round of applause for:-
   Percy Hilton, David Pyke, Jackie Salmon, Eric Durrell, Spencer Baron, Michael French, Joseph White, Keith Naylor, Anthony Partridge and John Watson for their despicable actions.

21st January

It's always a pleasure to see my gorgeous lady friends Saffy and Red but it's even more of a pleasure to see them together. As regular readers of my diary page will know I have had the pleasure of meeting both of these hot women for drinks and lunch individually and I'm sure I don't need to tell you Fetish girls Red and Saffy in rubber and bootsthat I would be like a dog with two whotsits if I had the pleasure of their company at the same time as I'm sure any red-blooded male would. I'm not sure if I will have the pleasure of their company at the same time but I'm working on it so watch this space. Meanwhile, and until that eventful day arrives I will be content with looking at the pictures that they were kind enough to send me of the fetish shoot they did together (you kept that quiet girls).

If you want to see more of these red hot ladies you can follow them both on twitte
r Saffy's twitter page is SaffysSecrets and Red's is Red_Mistress Red also has her own raunchy website where you can see much much more of her - Saffy has a new fetish website that will be live in a couple of weeks - Meanwhile feast your eyes on these two very hot babes together.

18th January

It seems there are some people out there in the jungle of the world wide web who have the opinion that I do not have any call over Harrison Marks Kane images or videos. Well I've news for you, I have and if you still think I'm playing a game of bluff you can should look here.
I also have model release forms for all the persons both female and male that I have photographed.

16th January
What rip off councillors deserveToday I received a leaflet from my council (Brent) informing that from April this year to continue to use their green bin that is used to dispose of garden waste I will have to pay £40 for the privilege. What a bloody cheek! We already pay two and a half grand in council tax and believe it or not my house is far from being a mansion. I have to wonder what these modern day highway men do with the money they receive from us cause they sure don't fix the roads that are covered in dangerously huge pot holes. Not only that, it doesn't take much to realise that if people aren't willing to pay for this service (like me) garden waste will be dumped on the streets to join the pile of discarded white goods and furniture. I think it's time I stood for Prime Minister, though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get elected. Meanwhile I know what I'd like to give those in my local council and that would make me feel very good indeed. Nuff said.

David Angus our video cameraman straps Georgina on her bare bottom14th January

Looking through my archive of photos I stumbled across a folder that contained the pictures of the video shoot Georgina And The School Secretary that features Dublin O'Brien and Georgina aka Elizabeth Sipson if I'm not mistaken. The images that caught my attention were of Georgina bending over having her bare bottom strapped but it wasn't Dublin O'Brien doing the strapping it was David Angus, the man we hired to shoot the videos. And to think we paid him real money for filming, perhaps we should have paid him in kind. Sadly the images I found were sent to me by the old kane-magazine webmaster who has run the images through photoshop for some obscure reason and the quality of them is abysmal!

10th January

The New Year has been a busy one for me as I seem to be spending my days painting and decorating which if I'm honest I have found to be a good way to relax. I guess I'm lucky as I have all the time in the world to do it and no one sitting on my shoulder pushing me to get a move on unlike the poor sods who are still slaving away at a nine till five and working for the man.

I have acquired a batch of general porn magazines including Hustler, Eighteen, 40 Plus, Club, Escort and some vintage copies of Fiesta. If you're into general porn mages you can find them here.


The event may have happened a few days ago but I'd like to offer my dear friend Ms Harrison Marks warmest congratulations on becoming a grandmother to a beautiful grandchild.

GALLERY UPDATEJanie gets a spanking from landlord Master KainJanie gets a spanking from her granny Ms Foxxx
My spanking and Brigella galleries have been updated with many pictures of Brigella (Janie) including one of her being spanked by her dear old granny Ms Foxxx and recieving a hard spanking from landlord Master Kain who was quite peeved to find his new barmaid pissed as a newt.

Three more articles that are downloadable as PDF files have been added
1) An interview with Clarissa Armstrong
2) A profile of the ever popular Sue Ellis
3) Gone To Pot Too that features KaraJayne and Louise as the errant girls and Margaret and Tony as the mother and father

A spanking good interview with Clarissa ArmstrongA profile of spanking model Sue EllisGone To Pot Too spanking fun with KaraJayneA spanking good day with Lesley Sey

There are more free dowloads on theFree Download page

4th January

It seems like only yesterday that I began my 2014 diary / blog and today I'm beginning another for 2015. Last Christmas was amazing for me and one of the happiest, my son proposed to his girlfriend and happily she accepted and my daughter was proposed to and she accepted so this year is going to be an eventful one. I've decided to take things a lot easier this year and have more time for me, we shall see at the end of the year if that actually happens.

Last December the UK government bought in new legislation regarding what can and cannot be shown in VOD (Video On Demand) on websites that are hosted in the UK. Thankfully that doesn't affect me as none of my websites host videos but because of this I'm self censoring images that are posted on this website insomuch as if I feel the marks on a bare bottom are too strong the image won't be used. I've also decided to self censor images that relate to adult (school) themed roleplay.

Brigella gets a spanking fom her big brotherJane gets a spanking after being caught masturbatingI've added some pictures of Brigella (AKA Janie) to the main spanking gallery and also to the Brigella gallery. I can't believe ten years have passed since I worked with her.
Far Left: Brigella (Janie) gets a spanking from her big brother for pinching his favourite CDs. Left: Jane gets a spanking from her mum after being caught masturbating.

Two articles that are downloadable as PDF files have been added A Day With Aunt Josie where she spanks and caned the bare bottom of Jay her chubby niece and An Interview With Lesley Sey where she spills the beans about her spankings and of course gets her bare bottom spanked and caned by me.

The home page image has been changed from Mistress Teresa May and her slave Steve Bickers to a picture of one of the Submissive Babes who wishes to remain anon but if you'd like the opportunity to spank her click on the banner below.

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