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Cliff's Diary / Blog 2013

19th December

There are many things that I'd like to find in my stocking on Christmas morning though I'm sure that Santa won't be delivering what I want even though I have been a good boy all year so I shall have to make do with a few glasses of vintage port and be content with my dreams.

What I can do for real is wish everyone, especially all the people I've met and the new friends I've made this years a very happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Christmas Bottom Beatings


Hectic days is what mine have been recently, one of my daughers has aged another year and on Sunday 15th December I made my way to the south side of the river for an early morning family get together. Somehow we seem to have a tradition for holding birthday breakfast feast which as usual has caused me to pile on the pounds. Well it is Christmas and it will soon be my birthday so I don't feel guilty at the moment though I'm sure I will curse when I weigh myself.

22nd November

Today a Mistress I was following on twitter threw a hissy fit all because of a comment I made on a picture of one of her female slave's bottom. Why she should throw her toys out of the pram beggers belief. My thoughts on this are if you don't want jovial remarks made don't post pictures of your slaves' bare arse showing a nasty bunch of haemorrhoids hanging out!
Right: What arrogant wannabe mistresses deserve


One of my favourite singers is Belinda Carlisle and I have seen her in concert twice so when I saw an advert on Facebook saying she was doing a concert at the o2indigo I bought tickets immediately. Those who use Facebook will know that you can comment on such posts and this one was no different and a comment I saw really riled me. Someone had posted that they had acquired front row seats to this event and this time the true fans would be sat in the front row not standing as they were at the Pigalle club where the seats were taken by ''suits'' and true fans had to stand at the back. Well excuse me! The seats at the Pigalle club were actually tables for those who had paid an extortionate price for a four course meal on top of the ticket price so you knew what you were buying. Also, as I had arrived far earlier than need be I was given the table immediately in front of the stage which was approximately six feet from the stage and gave an amazing view of the lady herself. The reason I paid the ridiculously high price for a table and a meal was because I am a true fan which I left as a comment under mister true fans comment. Who's the true fan now baby!


Today my wife and I went shopping to our local mall and while there decided to pick up a few goodies from the food hall. Not wishing to purchase a carrier bag with the store's name emblazoned on it we decided to use their small free bags. As we packed our wares we were told rather rudely by the cashier ''you're only allowed to use two small bags so put that one back!'', Well I'll be fucked what a tight are store. Merry Christmas Mr. Marks and Mr. Spencer I'm sure you need the cost of a bag more than I do.

20th November

Angie caning a submissive male on his bare arse at a London spanking partyOver the years I have spanked and caned the bare bottom of many girls though sadly not all is documented with photos. One lady I really did enjoy having over my knees with her bottom bared, much to the annoyance of David S. was Angie who had a really cute bum and was quite gorgeous. I could have spanked her till the cows come home. Not only does Angie enjoy a good spanking she is quite dominant and enjoys caning men. I know for a fact that she is able to cane severely and those who have had the pleasure of having their arse caned by her will confirm.
  One of the girls that I do have pictures of me spanking is a young lady, well she was then, is Debbie. One of the shoots she did for Kane was playiny the part of an errant daughter who had received a bad school report and for this was soundly spanked and caned by Ms Harrison-Marks who played the part of her mum. Cliff James caning Debbie on her bare bottom
The second part of the shoot was when her father came home and was informed by his wife about Debbie's bad school report. Now it was dad's turn to give his daughter Debbie a good bare bottom spanking and caning.

There are of course other girls I think would benefit from having their bottoms dealt with by me... If you think you know who they are please send me a postcard with their name on it though there is of course no prize for guessing correctly. To give you a clue ''It all seems a bit fishy to me'', if you know what I mean. Do you know now?

Sue Ellis a favourite for spanking at Kane
15th November

Today is Josie Harrison-Marks and Sue Ellis's who frequently appeared in Kane magazine and the Kane videos birthday and I wish them both a very happy day.

Click here if you'd like to hear Sue Ellis get a damn good spanking and bare bottom caning!

13th November

Jonathon, the wicked nephew of the bastard Earl of Greyshire
Today I am going to Camden to meet a dark lady and I have a feeling it's going to be very interesting as we have much in common especially a liking for the world of darkness and all that goes with it. It goes to show how the world of Fetish is a community as it seems everyone knows everyone else. Some years back Kane made a video titled Maid For Pleasure which I scripted and directed, the actor, Jonathon, who played the part of the Bastard Earl of Greyshire's nephew iscertainly well known in the fetish world so I was not surprised when the dark lady I am meeting later today said she knew him.
Well my bag is packed and I have much to do before setting off to meet my new friend so I shall love and leave you with a picture of Jonathon, who you may recall seeing on Britain's Got Talent reading Shakespeare while spanking a wench over his knee.

You can see more of Jonathon as the wicked nephew of the Earl of Greyshire by clicking here

12th November

When I was young I used to take my old Commando magazines to the magazine stall at the local market and trade them for girlie magazines, namely Parade and Mayfair. In those days these 'girlie' magazines were quite tame and the naughty ladies part was airbrushed smooth so nothing was on display. My mum didn't object to me having these as in her opinion there is nothing dirty about the human body, it's the mind that adds the filth she'd say. I was about nine or ten at the time and my mum was right! There is nothing dirty about the human form; it is all in the mind and mine, as a lad approaching puberty was as dirty as a boy of my age could get.

I didn't just look at the pictures of these naked ladies; I also read the stories and articles (thanks mum for teaching me to read). One of the articles was about a woman who had been kidnapped and was being held underground, probably in a basement room. I don't remember why she was being held captive but I certainly do remember what happened when she tried to escape, she had her nightdress raised and her bare buttocks beaten with a wooden rod. Reading this caused much stirring in my loins and made me quite erect. Another thing I vividly recall after reaching puberty was finding a copy of my dad's adult comic 'Funny Half Hour'. One of the cartoons was of a naked woman who was chained and bent over a whipping stool in a dungeon. The jailers were playing naughts and crosses on her bare behing with branding irons.

I don't know why, perhaps I have always had sadistic tendancies. If I had a pound for every time I snuck into my mum and dads bedroom to sneak a peek at this particular cartoon I would be a very rich man indeed. This happened at the time in my life when things were changing. For example, when doing something that all boys do I ended up in a sticky situation. Tomorrow I am meeting a lady, a dark lady, one who like me has a penchant for the darker things in life. Just saying...

11th November

Looking through my things to do list I realised I still need to do a piece on my visit to the London Submissive Babes which I shall endeavour to get round to one of these days. Meanwhile here's a picture of me giving one of the girls, and a rather nice one called Amy a paddling with her own pink paddle. If you'd like some spanking fun with Amy (thoroughly recommended) call and make an appointment now, the number to call is 07725 879 382
Just say Cliff James recommended her.


The past weekend wasn't one of the best I've had in fact it was one I'd rather forget. Saturday our not only did our washing machine decide it was a good time to develop a fault one of our showers also packed up and on top of that on Sunday Arsenal went down 1-0 to Manchester United that's to a goal from our ex captain Robin Van Persie.

Today my wife and I braved the wet and nasty weather and went to our local HOMEBASE looking for a replacement electric shower, we knew what brand we wanted so finding one should have been an easy task. Our local HOMEBASE has bathroom equipment on a mezzanine floor and there we headed. At the time the store was empty, not surprising it being a Monday and raining cats and dogs. Eventually we found a solitary and rather grumpy saleswoman. ''Where are the electric showers?'', I asked. The reply was just three sylables, 'ov-er there.' Brilliant! So informative.
''Over where?'' I asked again.
I could see that this was going nowhere so we decided to find them for ourselves. After we found them and had decided which one we wanted we asked the ever so helpful assistant if she could fetch the one we wanted. Her reply was was just as enthusiastic as her previous as she said we had to write down the number of the item and ask a cashier to fetch it. Not being in the habit of carrying pen and paper with me and none being offered I took a photo of the price label and showed the cashier that. What followed you just couldn't make up. The cashier had no idea what to do and asked a male member of staff to assist her. To say this guy was brain dead is an understatement! Ten minutes later nothing seemed to be happening to we decided rather than waste anymore time in the DIY store from hell we went to the builder's merchant opposite, M.P. Moran where if I had put my thinking head on I would have gone first. Not only were they much cheaper than HOMEBASE the sales guy was really helpful and knowledgeable so we purchased our shower, a decent Triton model at a decent price.

Another thing I find quite amazing is companies like Panasonic who is the manufacturer of our washing machine don't have their helpline staffed at the weekend when that is the time when you're most likely to need their assistance. Thankfully my wife and I run our businesses from home so calling on a weekday is not a problem for us unlike the poor sods who work nine till five.
There's squillions of unemployed people in the UK so to HOMEBASE I say kick out your plebs and take on some decent staff and train them in the art of customer service. And to Panasonic... Just take on more bloody staff! Vent over.

5th November

Yesterday was a good day with lots of items sold on my magazine sales website Sorting through my stock of spanking magazines I came upon a copy of Privilege Plus number 14 that features the shoot I did with the lovely Lorraine Ansel which came about as I knew the editor Stephen Sims. Knowing that Stephen was always looking for models I sent him a photo of Lorraine and asked if he would be interested in using her for a shoot which of course he was. I also had an idea for a shoot as Lorraine looked absolutely gorgeous in a maids' uniform. The plot was Lorraine played the part of a clumsy waitress who spilt a bottle of wine over a diner and for her carelessness got her bare bottom spanked. Stephen suggested that as I had provided the girl so to speak and he was going to use my suggested plot would I like to be the diner. Of course there was no question that I would decline his offer. Cliff James Spanking Lorraine Ansel on the bare bottom with a leather strap

The shoot was done at Dave Meeks studio that Janus used regularly. Lorraine arrived looking stunning in a long fur-lined coat that almost touched the floor and after coffee and small talk with myself, Stephen and the photographer Vic Barnes she nipped into the changing room to change into her maids uniform. To my surprise she called out and asked my to join her while she changed. Now I'm all for seeing gorgeous girls naked but I felt it wrong to be with her while she changed so although I did join her as we continued our conversation I focused my eyes on the wall and that, strange as it may seem is the truth!

When we started to shoot Vic told me that we had to be careful as due to recent restrictions of what can and cannot be shown in spanking magazines the publisher wouldn't (at that time) use any photos that showed marks on a girl's bum though that doesn't mean that Lorraine didn't get a good walloping as she did. She also sportingly took a dozen strokes of the cane after the shoot, for her pleasure as much as mine.
Lorraine is one of the nicest spanking models that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with and I felt rather sad when the day came to an end as apart from the spanking the rest of the day was also a most memorable one.


Kane 11 a vintage edition of a classic spanking magazineMs Harrison Marks confirmed the thought I had about website being closed. I find it sad that one of the UK's best known spanking magazines and spanking website has come to an end.
 Those in the industry have known that producers of spanking material would eventually cease to be as to continue to publish magazines when they are scanned by thieving arseholes who post them on forum websites for all to download for free and having material from a paysite saved and reposted is financially crippling. Janus ceased publication a while back and now Kane has completely closed. There will be no more new material from either of these producers, no new shoots to look forward to with eager anticipation all because of those who think it's fun to steal.
Those like Debseddy who are listed as a (hero) on a certain forum when in reality they are just a common thief stealing and posting what is not there's. I wonder how this low life would feel if his home was burgled and is possessions distributed for free. Ah but that's different isn't it. Is it. Is it really different? No it is not. He's giving away someone else's material, material that they've paid a photographer to shoot, models to pose, writers of stories, printers to print and distributors to distribute and none of these come cheap. Still think stealing and reposting is acceptable? Sadly people like Debseddy probably do.

I may vent on my blog about vermin like Debseddy but nothing will change as whoever they maybe are no different to those who wont think twice about stealing your car or phone. They are pure scum. Though there may be light at the end of the tunnel as with a writ from a solicitor the forum will have to hand over your IP address and in turn your IPS provider will have to hand over your details such as name and address and then... Well that's up to the magistrate to decide. I hope it was worth it.

4th November

Men punishing menthe inmates are revolting! Well yes, they probably are but I mean revolting as in rioting which they have been doing in two of HMPs over the weekend. You don't read in the news of riots taking place in Russian, Turkish or Iranian prisons as the punishment for doing so would be something horrendous even as much as loss of life. I'm not advocating that prisoners who riot in UK jails should be executed but there should be a severe enough punishment to dissuade such actions. Perhaps the birch should be brought back along with the cat o'nine tails and rioters given a flogging on their bare behind and back and not by a good looking and sexy wardress which some of them may enjoy but by a burly masculine warden. Sadly though our namby pamby politicians and the non elected bureaucrats in Brussels do nothing but bleat about human rights for these vermin of society. Where did it all go wrong?

1st NovemberCliff James canes Amy

I'm not one for early mornings but Jasmin had coerced me into paying her another visit (not that I needed much coercing) as Amy wanted some photos taken and who was I to refuse as Amy was gorgeous and she had such a cute bottom. So again I found myself at Jasmin's flat just a short distance from Baker Street tube station camera in hand.

If you're a spanker and haven't yet had the pleasure of taking a cute young lady across your knee for a good old fashioned hand spanking or have a naughty grown up schoolgirl touch her toes for six of the best with swishy rattan because you don't know where to go I strongly suggest you pay the Submissive Babes a visit. Just give Jasmin a call on 07725 879 382 and I promise you won't be disappointed. If you do give Jasmin a call please tell her that Cliff James recommended her. You'll be able to read all about my day with Jasmin and Amy later. Meanwhile here's teaser of what we got up to.
London Submissive Girls

31st October 2013

Strict headgirls Sam Johnson and Georgina up to much caning mischief
Looking out of my bedroom window early this morning I was dismayed to see that is was absolutely pouring with rain which is something I really didn't want to see. Today is the day I was paying a visit to the Submissive Girls and the last thing I wanted to be doing was walking down Baker street in the rain getting saturated. As luck would have it by the time I began my short journey the raid had stopped so hopefully my luck was in.

It didn't take me long to arrive at Marylebone station then my final destination was a five minute walk away, or it should have been. Thanks to the Apple Maps App I was sent in completely the opposite direction and ended up exactly where I had started. I then used Google maps which was brilliant and in no time at all I was ringing on Jasmina's door and after climbing a couple of flights of stairs I was greeted by the lady in question and another gorgeous girl called Amy who was dressed in what was for all purposes a school uniform. I had a feeling that this was going to be a good day.
It's said that time flies when you are enjoying yourself and today certainly flew even though no spanking was done on my part (that is yet to come). The day was spent in conversation with Jasmina and Amy, that is when Amy wasn't being spanked by a client in another room. It did make me chuckle each time she returned to the small lounge to rejoin the conversation as her fidgitting left me with no doubt that her bottom was quite sore.

The topic of conversation was of course spanking, much of it about the submissive girls and much about my time at Kane. It was during this that Amy produced a bottle of sparkling rose so we all drank and talked and talked and talked... So much in fact that I left without laying the palm of my hand on Amy's cute rear. But there is good news as I shall be paying them a visit tomorrow to continue where we left off. So watch this space to see what happens.

Meanwhile, talking of schoolgirls (grown up ones of course) to whet your appitite here's the cutest schoolgirl ever the gorgeous Sam Johnson and Georgina Springthorpe who look as though they have been up to much mischief which they have with porr Sally who they have just caned!

28th October 2013

Storm_Damage_01Storm_Damage_02We might not have had ten days of rain but the way the weather is it certainly feels like it. Thankfully we haven't had any damage to our property and our car hasn't been flattened by a falling tree though there has been quite a bit of damage in our locality. Bloody weather! We used to blame the bad weather on the Russians but these days it seems global warming is the cause though if you live in London like me I haven't seen any global warming happening it's still cold and miserable and at the minute it's very wet and very windy so no change here!.

Talking to a new found friend on twitter about a certain acquaintance has brought back memories of the many shoots I have done with him and how many bare female bottoms have been spanked and striped with a swishy cane. Another reason to look forward to my say out on Thursday! Pictured right Rachel Lloyd and Sam Johnson get a dose of stingy rattan in their bare bottom in a scene from The Spanked Wives' Club Top Marks DVD

26th October 2013

Today has become quite a good one as the gooners have managed to beat Crystal Palace 2-0 despite having a player sent off but the best thing of the day was an invitation by a lady called Jasmina to pay a visit to the London Submissive Girls and test drive or rather test spank some of the gorgeous girls on their bare bottom. Now you see why this is an invitation I couldn't refuse. Would you? It's been a while since I've had a little spanking fun so this I am looking forward to. Pictures will of course be posted here of my visit.
I've also had contact with a lovely lady called Heather who runs the London Fetish Fair and low and behold it seems we have quite a few mutual acquaintances, one of them being this gorgeous girl whose bare bottom I spanked some years back (pictured left) Tis a small world indeed.

25th October 2013

I kspankedwives007Anow for a fact that there are many men who would love nothing more that to take a cute young girl, (over eighteen of course) over their knees, raise her shirts and slip down her panties to give a bum-warming spanking to their cute bare bottom. If I had a pound for each time I received a letter or email saying my wife doesn't understand I'd be a wealthy man. There are of course many spanking parties in London and across the UK that these would be spankers could attend but many are apprehensive of these and would much prefer to spank a girl on a 121 basis. The problem is of course if you're not active in the spanking scene where do you find these girls. There used to be contact adverts in spanking magazines such as Janus and Kane but now these have ceased publication so even that option has disappeared.
There are many girls who will bare their bottoms for a fee and let you spank away on their bare cheeks, some will even take a good strapping or caning but where can you find them? Well I have some good news because recently I became friends with some ladies in Baker Street London who offer such services and not only that you can rest assured that you are in a safe situation and all is confidental. If you do make contact with these ladies for some spanking fun like the gentleman pictured above please let them know that Cliff James recommended them.

24th October 2013Vida Garman as Mistress Kane

Over the past few weeks I've been unable to get the Kane website to load so I can only assume that it is now no more which is a shame as it is an icon and part of the heritage of British spanking. During my spell as editor of Kane after the sad death of it's founder George Harrison-Marks I made many friends and had much fun as you can imagine though putting the magazine together was quite tiresome at times. I hope I'm mistaken and that the Kane website returns as the spanking part of web seems a lonelier place without it though I'm sure many of it's archive spanking pictures will appear on many blogs and forums.

There is so much I could say about Kane; my favourite issues, photos, videos and of course the shoots, filming and partying with like minded people but to tell all in one go would take far too much time and space. Apart from the gorgeous girls that I worked with like most guys I have favourite models who tend to model mainstream rather than spanking so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the oustanding Vida Garman not only in Kane Magazine but also in a Kane video being spanked and dishing out a spanking as Mistress Kane. Heaven! The image of Vida Garman is courtesy Harrison Marks

21st October 2013

Recently I made comment about how rude and ignorant some women who consider themselves to be a Mistress are and how a real Mistress is quite the opposite. I'm not talking about how a Mistress talks to her own slaves or submissives but how they respond to and treat others before knowing what type of person they are. I have no issue with how a Mistress talks to submissives and slaves; my issue is how they treat others who maybe dominant or even vanilla. I know many dominant females (Mistresses) personally and they will all confirm I do not have any submissive tendancies and as such I don't expect to be spoken to like I have.

Recently on twitter I followed @MistressEleise - not because she is a Mistress but because I find her rather attractive and being a guy who likes the opposite sex I think this is reasonable. Because I follow this lady and find her attactive doesn't mean I have any thoughts or desires to strike up any form of relationship with her because I certainly don't, she has already stated that she wont follow back because she only follows those she personally knows and that to me is quite reasonable.

The reason I've made comment about @MistressEleise is because her of her attitude towards others which is respectful. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that as a Mistress she isn't quite strict, demanding and has no qualms about administering a good caning or whipping to the bare flesh of those who serve her and if you a look at her website you will see that she is indeed that, in fact if you are a lover of strict women and like to server them, be punished and tormented by them you really need to take a look at it. You won't be disappointed. You can follow @MistressEleise on twitter here.

16th October 2013

If ever there was a case for giving someone a real good slapping this is it. My in box is constantly filled with emails from a ''Little Girlie'' who loves my profile and wants to share her private photos
with me and would I email her back. Of course, women don't usually refer to themselves as ''Little Girlie'' and I'm wise enough to understand that these messages don't come from one and that they are sent out but some burly Russian who is trying to scam me. So do yourself a favour ''Little Girlie'' whoever you are. If you want to be a little girlie go and find another burly Russian who will bend you over and give your arse a good fucking! You Khuyesos'Stupid and annoying Russian scamming tossers

14th October 2013
Schoolgirl KaraJayne gets an OTK spanking on her bare bottom

Oh The joy of taking a woman across your knees, slipping down her panties and baring her as yet unblemished bottom for a good OTK spanking is a good way of letting of steam when the day has been a really bad one and today has been just that. The weather has been absolutely awful and no prizes for guessing who got caught in a downpour and ended up like the proverbial drowned rat. Yes it was me of course, soaked through to the skin while walking back from the bank. I had thought about going by car but then you can't park unless you're prepared to pay Brent's outrageously high parking fee for the few minutes you nip into the bank so I decided on Shank's Pony and ended up suffering the consequences. So what does this have to do with spanking some poor girl on her bare bottom? It's not her fault that I got caught in the rain and thoroughly drenched. That is of course quite true but it would be fun and while merrily spanking away, making a feminine pair of buttocks nice and pink and sore the last thing on my mind would be the weather.

13th October 2013

As I previously mentioned twitter is a good platform to meet people with similar interests to yourself though it is also has a downside as there are many sad and nasty little trolls who don't posses a life and sit behind the annonimity of their computer screen and cause as much mayhem and hurt as possible and then there is those who are just downright rude such as @GoddessZeena who needs to learn respect and manners. On Friday evening I tweeted @MistressLucyxx making comment about her pictures and messages that she had posted from supposidly submissive males who are under the impression that they get to fuck their Mistress. Many tweets were exchanged and I found myself warming to her and her friendliness towards a fellow male tweeter. she didn't assume I was submissive nor did she make any derogatory remarks. @MistressZeena should take note and learn how to treat people as not all who follow you will be submissives looking for a cheap thrill. Respect costs nothing!

11th October 2013

It looks like winter is well and truly here even though the season hasn't officially arrived. Yesterday was really cold, so cold that I put the heating on for the first time since summer. This morning I woke to see a dark grey cloudy sky and rain pouring down. A day to stay in bed methinks! If I didn't have mundane things to do such as food shopping I would have indeed stayed there but alas I could only do that if I wanted to starve. It's not all doom and gloom though as through tweeting I found some new friends who share my interest in spanking and if you are a tweeter you can find them @londonspanking - They have their own website which you can see by clicking on the banner below. These nice people have invited me to send them some of my spanking pictures for a guest gallery on their site and that I shall be doing quite soon.
London Spanking

They sell a variety of spanking implements at quite reasonable prices so if you're a bit of a spanker which you probably are if you're reading my blog their website is well worth looking at.


A cute girl who calls herself submissive Samantha who is looking for someone to spanked her has joined us. I can't help but wonder why these girls who are absolutely dying to be spanked have to advertise to find someone.


As I previously mentioned twitter is a place to expand your network of friends by following people though some people are just downright rude! I have many ''Mistresses' as friends such as Mistress Teresa May, Mistress Real and Red Mistress and respect is forthcoming from both side. However some women who consider themselves to be a Mistress (sic) have a lot to learn when it comes to replying to a tweet. Take @GoddessZeena who adds #WhyAreMenSoStupid to her message when she has received a polite message. How to make friends in the industry or rather not #Goddess - My aunt Fanny.


On a tangent I can't help thinking that Rolf Harris regrets tying his Kangaroo down, playing with his Didgeridoo and singing about two little boys. April is such a long way off and before it arrives we have to celebrate Christmas, sing and drink in the New Year, and have a passionate Valentines' Day. It'll be interesting to see what the verdict is. G'day sport!

16th August

This morning I received the sad news that my cousin David had passed away. This wasn't a shock as it had been expected though it doesn't make the news any easier to bear. David is just six months younger than me and far from being an old man, his death brings home the fact that we are all mortal. I have many happy memories of my cousin stretching back to our childhood days and our late teens as young men when the world was our oyster and we thought we knew it all.

Rest in peace David you will be missed so much - God bless.

10th August

Well well things are looking up as I shall be interviewing the gorgeous Saffy in the not too distant future. If you call me and I don't answer my phone it wont be me that's tied up! Watch this space for more details. Meanwhile if you want to see more of this hot chick you can by clicking here or by following her on twitter. @FetishSaffyMFC - And for those of you who enjoy who enjoy girl on girl spankings I'm sure you'll be please to know that Saffy isn't adverse to taking a pretty girl across her knees and spanking a cute feminine bare bottom until it glows a deep shade of red, she can also be very strict with boys so you'd better watch out!

8th August

It's been a while since I updated by blog mainly because the weather has been glorious and I've spent much time sunning myself in my garden. But now it's back to the grind for a short while. There is lots that I want to comment about which I will do later but for the time being I'm going to let you know about my gorgeous friend Saffy of SaffysSecrets fame. If you don't know who this hot girl is then you are missing out especially if you are into bondage and tying girls up. You will be hearing much more about Saffy in the not too distanst future but meanwhile if you want to find out a little bit more click here - or her picture.

22nd June

Teresa_May_BoozerYesterday some good friends and I went to Royal Ascot to watch the Gee Gees and have an alcohol fuelled day and that we did. The day was wonderful and the weather was kind to us. Sadly though our day was spoilt by two inconsiderate fat old hags (and that's being polite) who were so obnoxious and rude on the journey home it beggars belief.

Like everyone else who had spent the day at Ascot we were tired and pretty much the worse for wear. If you've been to Ascot you'll know what it's like when trying to board the train home, manic is an understatement! However, we were lucky on this occasion and managed to get seats. All was good, until these two rude fat old bats arrived. One, the more obese of the two claimed she was too tired to stand and plonked her fat arse down on me. Brilliant, had it been some tasty bint I wouldn't have minded but this woman was a real old boiler. I asked her to mover herself and for my troubles received a torrent of verbal abuse. I pointed out that if the circumstances were reversed and I had sad my arse down on a woman plod would no doubt and I would find myself in front of the beak charged with sexual abuse, assault and drunk and disorderly. To this received further abuse. It wasn't just me the old haggard women were abusive towards, a soldier had his elderly mother abused along with almost everyone else in the carriage.
So to these obnoxious and rude women who boarded the 19:45 train from Ascot to Waterloo on the 21st June, the fat one dressed in orange and the tanned one who wore a light beige mini dress I hope you are ashamed of yourselves and if you're not you should be!


As I mentioned in my previous update Jeremy Forrest was due for sentencing yesterday and I had a feeling that his sentence would be rather harsh and that it was. Although I do not condone what the twit did he didn't physically abuse anyone against their will. Of course like any other grown man he should never have become involved with a fifteen year old schoolgirl let alone have sex with her or take her out of the country and for that he does deserve to have his collar felt and be punished but five and a half years in jail. Jesus, but I knew this would happen. How fair is five and a half years for being with a fifteen year old girl who consented, although that's no excuse for his actions, when these days fifteen years olds are just as mature and demanding as twenty one year olds. When you consider Stuart Hall was convicted of sexual assault plus rape if I'm not mistaken of thirteen girls/women yet he gets a mere thirteen months. I just don't get it! Then there's Jaymin Abdulrahman who chucks a six day old baby forty foot down a rubbish chute and gets only thirty months. The law these days is an ass.

20th June

Today should have been a happy day as a cousin of my wife's was arriving at LHR. Like everyone else we were looking forward to collecting a family member we hadn't seen for a long time. The day started really good but then we arrived at LHR terminal three arrivals where we had planned to collect our cousin. We had purposely waiting until the flight had arrived before setting of on our journey and as always expected to collect our guest at the drop off point. I do realise what a drop off point is but thought that as she would be more than likely waiting there for us it wouldn't be a problem. Wrong! Unfortunately she wasn't waiting and that's when the problems began.

My wife dashed into the arrivals building to look for her cousin and at the same time I was approached by a jumped up little oink who informed me that I couldn't wait there and told to move on, this I did. Like many who do the same when collecting someone at the airport I drove round and returned and waited at another location, only to be approached by mister happy jobs worth again but this time he became quite obnoxious and pointed out a sign that said it was illegal to pick up and if I couldn't read the sign I shouldn't be holding a British driving license. A point in law yes, he had that on his side but the drop off point was far from busy and I hadn't left my car, in fact I was in it with the engine still running. This guy wouldn't listen reason, all I got was threats! Not only that the insulting little turd was Sri Lankan and he could hardly string an English sentence together. So thanks mister Sri Lankan jobs worth for fucking up my day.

However, that wasn't the only grief I had on my day to Heathrow as on the way back I was allegedly cut up not once but thrice by the driver of a rather large articulated lorry who had no consideration for other road users


For those who don't already know Jeremy Forrest is a school teacher who absconded to France with one of his pupils a fifteen year old girl; Jaymin Abdulrahman is a woman who dropped her six day old baby down a forty foot rubbish chute. Both of them were today convicted of their crimes; Ms Abdulrahman was also sentenced today and given 30 months jail. With good behaviour and tagging she will be out in thirteen months. Mr Forrest on the other hand will be sentenced tomorrow. Although I don't condone what he has done I feel he is a simpleton as being in such a position of trust he should have distanced himself as far as possible from the fifteen year old girl. That said, he hasn't physically harmed anyone and he didn't force the girl against her will to abscond with him, far from it from what I've seen in the press though I have a feeling his sentence will be much harsher that the woman who almost killed her six day old baby leaving the poor mite with serious head injuries including a fractured skull!


Tomorrow I'm off to Royal Ascot for a Champagne filled day where I along with some very special friends will eat drink and be merry while watching the horses go by.


A note to those who blog spanking pictures: If you challenge a DMCA takedown request only do it if you are the legal owner of the images otherwise you will end up with more than egg on your face. Consider yourself well spanked!

16th June

Today is the special day when all fathers should be able to put their feet up and chill but that never seems to happen as there is usually someone or something that demands our attention. Thankfully I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters and a handsome son who thoroughly spoiled me. Sadly my own father passed away some thirty-five years back when I was young.
I didn't have anywhere near long enough with my dad, he never saw his granddaughter or my achievements. I never got the chance to repay his love and affection as he was taken from us far to early. I feel bad that there is no headstone or memorial for him and I feel I failed him on that score but at the time of his departure I was young and unworldly. I hope you understand dad, a young man with a lot on his shoulders.
God I miss you.

15th June

My gorgeous friend Miss Lynda Leigh is doing the London to Brighton charity bike ride tomorrow in aid of the British Heart Foundation, a very worthy cause. I have a feeling that Lynda will be quite saddle sore with a aching and tender rear afterwards though I'm sure she wont be short of offers from those who like nothing more than to rub it better. If you'd like to sponsor Lynda click
here to go to her JUSTGIVING page, you can also donate after the event. If you want to follow Lynda on twitter you can finder her @MissLyndaLeigh

10th June

The award for the most thoughtless advertising SPAM email must surely go to Panasonic who sent me an email with the suggestion that my father would surely like a new electric razor for father's day. If my father was alive I would like every other son or daughter be looking forward to treating him and given the chance seeing him but that isn't possible for me as my father sadly passed away some thirty-five years ago. I'm not saying that father's day shouldn't be advertised as that would be stupid but sending someone an email out of the blue suggesting what their father might like is out of order. As I previously mentioned mine died 35 years ago but someone has no doubt lost theirs today and to received such an email would be more than upsetting. Perhaps in today's climate of compensation claims I should sue them for a vast some for causing me distress and I certainly hope someone does and gets awarded a sum with lots of zeros in it. Consider yourselves spanked!

5th June

I have many reasons to be happy today and one is that I know I am healthy which is worth more to me than any amount of money so today has been a really good day. The past few days I have been spending time near the Thames in London and enjoying the sun. When I was a lad I enjoyed being taken on pleasure boat rides by my parents, I was also a very lucky boy as the Captain of one of the small vessels let me steer it (under his guidance of course) a once in a lifetime experience. In those days the riverbank consisted of endless wharfs and warehouses and everywhere looked really dreary unlike today. I love the Southbank, the markets and the many restaurants and bars. What a transformation. Being by the river makes me feel at ease and peace with the world. Ewan MaColl certainly felt the same as I do when he wrote 'Sweet Thames Flow Softly'.


Today's FREE spanking photo is a still from the Top Marks video The Punishment Man that features the very stern Master Kain with the lovely Rachel Lloyd and Sam Johnson.

31st May

Lesley enetering the woodshed for her spanking

It was like being back at my 9-5 today as I spent absolutely ages photocopying what seemed to be an endless pile of model release forms. As I put form after form on the copier's platen I was surprised at how long ago some of the shoots were done, it only seems like yesterday that I was snapping away but some of the shoots were done over a decade ago. Seeing the models' names also brought back memories as did seeing the head and shoulders instant photos that were attached.
One model who was a real bundle of fun was the cheeky Lesley Sey. I wonder how many of you would like to take her to the woodshed and give her cute bare bottom a long hard spanking. Well would you

30th May
MEMORIESThe M25 car park

Today I paid a visit to my dear friend Ms Harrison Marks who publishes Kane magazine. The journey to Royal Tunbridge Wells was the drive from hell and so was the drive back. Accidents on the M25, the A312 and A40 gridlocked the roads and my journey took almost three hours in each direction. After lunch at the local Italian restaurant we went to the Kane office which brought back many memories from the days when I not only edited it but also put it together. Happy days. There were two reasons for me to go and see her, one to see someone who is very dear to me and the other to collect some model release forms for the shoots that I did.


R.IAlthough I was most happy to see my friend again I was sadden to learn that Kane's famous and much loved Sir Larry Greythorpe has passed away and has gone to the great big spanking party in the sky along with Tim Reynolds who featured in many Kane videos as Maltravers and who did the interviews in Februs as Will Scarlet. Sir Larry was also an accomplished magician, member of the magic circle and one of London's pearly Kings. I once watched him perform a card trick with huge playing cards right in front of me and I still have no idea how he did the trick. R.I.P my friend.

The image (is used with the kind permission of Ms Harrison Marks


There cannot be anyone in the UK that does not know the name Mark Bridger and the heinous crime he committed. When will our government listen to the people and bring back the death penalty for nonsensical perverted scum that abuse and murder children. Bring back the death penalty and bring it back now!

28th May

Today a prison guard at HMP maximum security prison Full Sutton was kidnapped, held hostage and beaten mercilessly by two inmates. I wonder what their punishment will be for such a violent act? Personally and I'm sure many would agree that violence should be met with violence, a few dozen strokes on their bare flesh with a prison birch, a cane, prison strap or quirt. Of course not because this type of punishment no longer exists in our namby pamby country thanks to all the do gooders who whine about human rights. No doubt all that will happen to these evil bastards is that they might lose a few privileges like no use of the gym or television for a short while. When will the government listen to the people and not the out of touch unelected politicians in Brussels. Bring back corporal punishment in prisons and bring it back now!

27th May

One of the first questions I asked the late George Harrison Marks who originally published Kane and made the classis Kane videos was 'Are the spankings faked and the sounds dubbed?' The answer I got quite abruptly was certainly not, nothing is faked young man nor is anything dubbed. The way George replied surely put me in my place and I felt quite stupid for asking. As I became more involved with Kane after George's sad death and began scripting and shooting the stills from the videos I realised that he had been telling the truth and my question was out of line as Kane videos certainly weren't faked at all.

Watching videos being filmed gave me a certain knowledge about how bottoms respond to being spanked and caned and by that I mean how marked they get. This is the reason that makes me wonder about some of the material that some spanking producers post on their websites as some of the marks on bums are not similar to the marks the girls I worked with ended up with and believe me their bums were really whacked. Apart from that the marks shown in the still images do not match what is shown in videos so I think it's fair to deduce that that marks in the stills are faked. I'm not going to directly accuse any producer directly but I know of a few who must me using the Photoshop burn tool regularly especially as a female F/D producer showed me how to do it about eight years ago. Pure fakery so the old adage of the camera doesn't lie isn't quite true in today's digital age. If the cap fits wear it!

26th May
Therese gets a spanking from her mother played by Rachel Lloyd
It's a lovely bank holiday weekend and the sun is shining. My daughter and her boyfriend have come up for the weekend and today we are off to do some shopping and I have a feeling that it will be my wallet that gets a caning. Thankfully her boyfriend is good with computers as one of my laptops needs the DVD drive replacing which is something I'd rather not do myself no matter how easy it is.

I hope you enjoy today's spanking picture that is of Rachel and Therese from the Top Marks Video 'Problem Girls 2003', I can't believe it is a decade since it was made. Boy how quickly years pass by. In this scene Therese has been sent home from school for drawing dirty pictures in her art class for which she gets a good spanking from her puritanical mother who has a real dislike of porn


When we are young and innocent we see the world through rose coloured lenses as we grow up with our friends in our own garden of Eden. As we get older we look back on our childhood days with fondness, remembering the long hot summer's days even though many of them may have been as wet as an ocean. When I was seventeen I vividly remember reading somewhere that you're either born young or old and I was thankful that I had been fortunate and had been born young but nowadays I'm not sure if I was as things are very different for me. Although I have enjoyed the spring and summer days of my life in my heart I still feel youthful though the rebelliousness in me has waned as I no longer have the energy to carry on rebelling.

Today my wife and I along with our daughter and her fiancť took a trip to see my eighty-nine year old mother and had booked a table for lunch in a local restaurant.
As my mum lives quite way from us and we don't get to see her as much as we would like to so we were looking forward to having a family get together and treating her; sadly though things didn't quite go to plan. Although mum is in fairly good health for her age she has a problem walking and for reasons I wont go into she couldn't get herself into our car as it is a Landcruiser and quite high and as there was no alternative vehicle she couldn't come to lunch with us. of course this made all of us feel quite sad as it certainly took the enjoyment out of the day.

Today's events got me thinking about life and that fact that none of us are immortal really hit home. One of my favourite bands from the eighties is T' Pau the band fronted by the gorgeous red head Carol Decker. There is a song on T' Pau's album The Promise called Purity that has the lyrics 'Don't wanna grow old,' and that and the rest of the lyrics sums up the way I feel today. if you get the chance listen to it and you will understand.

24th May
FRIENDSKane 84 Schoolgirl Spanking Special

Yesterday I had a long telephone conversation with my dear friend Ms Harrison Marks. Although we are Facebook friends it had been quite a while since we spoke and it was good to hear her voice. I haven't seen her for years so I am looking forward to seeing her next week and taking her to lunch and that is not anywhere near enough to compensate for her friendship and the things she has done for me in the past.

It's been many years since we did Kane together after the sad passing of her father George Harrison Marks. Sometimes I glance through the copies of Kane, the issues that I edited and put together and reminisce over the good time times that we had. It is very true that nothing lasts forever and with the coming of the internet and other factors magazines are nowhere near as in demand as they used to be and the subject of spanking is a taboo subject which the majority of newsagents and corner shops are no longer willing to stock.

Strict Miss Teresa May

While working at Kane I met the gorgeous glamour girl
Teresa May who did a few videos including St. Teresa's School for Girls and St. Teresa's School for Boys that Josie and made I under the Top Marks label. Over the years Teresa and I have been come close friends, insomuch as to say she is my BFF and confident. Truly a wonderful lady, you can see her official website here. Teresa also has a darker side to her and if you'd like to see that you can click either here orhere. If you choose to contact her be careful because her bark isn't bigger than her bite. Far from it in fact.

22nd May

It seems like every day something awful happens in the UK and today there has been unimaginable violence. A young man, a serving soldier cut down and murdered by two brutal terrorist thugs in broad daylight. Many years ago Enoch Powell gave his so called rivers of blood speech which caused him to become a pariah. Hopefully now our government will listen to the people and return our country to a semblance of the way it used to be. Great Britain.

21st May

It never ceases to amaze me that some people think it's fine to steal content from producers of adult material and post it for free on blogging sites such as tumblr and when the copyright owner issues a DMCA to the blogging site and the material is removed and they get a slap on the wrist they have the audacity to whine and cry. This also goes for scanning of images from spanking magazines. Just because you have bought a magazine it doesn't mean that you can scan the content and upload it so it can be accessed for free. Try scanning and uploading Jeffry Archer's new novel and see where that will get you, in court no doubt. It may come as a surprise to these people that many producers of adult material especially spanking material have agreements and are happy to promote each other as many know each other and are close friends.

There are many pictures on tumblr that have been scanned from Janus and it's sister magazines such as Februs. I know the owner of Janus and he is now selling digital downloads of his library of magazines on his website, he is also selling digital downloads of Roue and Blushes and other spanking magazines and as such he has license of the material. Mark my words, one day a blogger will have legal action taken against them for copyright infringement as people like the owner of Janus are losing money.It's also not a good idea to post messages as screenshots are so easy to take and your admittance of guilt can soon come back and bite your in the arse. Cherish the day.

20th May

Today Yahoo acquired the blogging site for a ridiculously large amount of money as they are trying to appeal to the 20-25 age group. I'm not brain of Britain but the only reason I know of why people use tumblr is to post pictures of porn that they have lifted from websites or scanned from a magazine. I may be wrong but I can't envisage for a moment that Yahoo will allow this to continue and if they don't tumblr will go the way of Microsoft and Yahoo groups and vanish in to oblivion.

MICKI EASTWOODMicki gets a bare bottom caning from Ms Harrison Marks of Kane MagazineMicki gets a spanking from Ms Harrison Marks of Kane Magazine

Over the years I've worked with and photographed many girls so I thought I would do a small piece on each of them so that my blog keeps to the subject matter of my website which is spanking. One of the earliest shoots that I did was with Micki who had appeared in the Kane videos Lottery Loser and Take your Pants Off Now. Micki had agree to come to 23 Wellington Avenue the then Kane office to do an interview and tell us all about the spankings she had received in her private life and when shooting a video. One recollection of the shoot is asking Micki to take her knickers down so Josie could spank her bare bottom only for her to say, ''Oh no, you can't take these down.'' Brilliant I though, what sort of spanking model refuses to bare her bottom? But I had misunderstood what she meant. ''I mean,'' she chirped, ''That this is one item, it unclips at the gusset like this.'' What a relief! So Micki bared her bottom and Josie had the pleasure of spanking and caning it.

17th May

As I've been quite busy over the past week I haven't found the time to update my blog even though there has been many things in the news that I'd like to comment on. The first being the early release of Chris Huhne and his ex wife Vicky Pryce. I wonder how many of her Majesty's subjects, yes, remember we are subjects not citizens of this what was once a green and pleasant land, would have been released so early if they had been convicted of the same offence. I think we all know the answer to that one not a chance which reinforces that there is indeed two sets of rules one for the nobs and toffs and one for the rest of us plebs and peasants.


A more disturbing story in the news is that of the conviction of Stuart Hazell who admitted to sexually assaulting and murdering schoolgirl Tia Sharp. This beast, the noun Beast used in the same context as Lucifer, Satan and the Devil has been sentenced to thirty-eight years in prison meaning if he doesn't die there will be released when he is seventy-five. Yes, he will be an old man but then William Roach is 81 and he isn't decrepit in fact he is quite good for his age. It is going to cost the tax payer a fortune to keep this vile creature in jail and feed and clothe him. Perhaps now is the time to start a new campaign for the restoration of the death penalty for child killers, those who sexually abuse children and cop killers.. Not only would we be free of these vermin we'd only have to pay the hangman once; not keep a piece of shit warn, clothed and fed.

12th May

Ever since I was a child Iíve had an interest in the subject of spanking, I donít know why but as the saying goes ĎI was born this wayí. I have no idea whether an event that happened in my childhood affected my sexual preferences or if it truly was something that was just there. Each of us has different sexual quirks and there are many of them; some people are gay or bisexual, some enjoy being submissive and some domineering, some enjoy receiving pain in the form of corporal punishment spanking and caning and in some cases severe whipping. Then there are the dominant ones, the Masters and Mistresses who enjoy administering painful punishments. There are of course many more sexual deviations but these donít concern me as I have no interest in them whatsoever.

In my young days I always got a funny but nice feeling whenever I came across something to do with spanking. Comics such as the Beano frequently published comic strip stories where Dennis the Menace, one of the Bash Street Kids or Minnie the Minx ended up being spanked or caned for some misdemeanour I had the Ďfunny feelingí quite often.

Throughout my early years I never gave thought to being submissive or dominant I just knew that I enjoyed sp
anking. The thought of girls having their bottom bared for a good walloping had a strange effect on me, it made my willy go hard and being a young child I had no idea why; I just knew that it was surely something very naughty. I also had this BDSM submission and submissive womenfeeling when a peer was verbally chastised by a teacher. I clearly remember getting a stirring in my loins when I was in my first year of junior school, I must have been aged six. The teacher, who was quite young, said to one of my class mates that if he continued to misbehave she would Ďclip himí. I have no idea what a Ďclippingí was but my mind ran amok with all sorts of fiendish and delightful things that she could do to cause suffering. I can understand why some men get their pleasure from strict women.

Throughout my childhood it was instilled in me not to hit girls and this I didnít do, ĎEven if they hit you firstí, my mother used to say, ĎYou mustnít hit them back,í The problem was that girls, even little ones can be nasty and spiteful little madams and with the knowledge that you werenít allowed to hit them made them worse. I lost count of the times when as boy I was slapped or pinched by a girl, many times to the point of tears and still held back from lashing out. No equal rights for boys in those days. Little girls grow in to women and Iím certain that those who were nasty and spiteful in their youth remain the same though they put their skills to good use and become professional mistresses who get paid for spanking and caning some poor buggerís bare arse.


Over time my sexual preferences
have matured and the need to dominate has become rather great. Spanking and caning a feminine backside gives me great pleasure and arouses me as does the many aspects of BDSM. Although I have many dominant women, mistresses, as friends that is all they are and nothing more. Nowadays my taste is for submissive women, women that will serve and obey and who know their place. This doesnít mean that I donít care for them as those that are part of the alternative life-style will understand. Perhaps if things had been different when I was young I would have turned out different, submissive, with a lower case (s) but submission isnít for me. Now where did I put that paddle!

If you are a submissive female and would like to discuss the matter of submission more feel free to email me at

10th May

Last night I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see Leona Lew
Leona Lewis at the Royal Albert Hall 9th May 2013is. This was first time I had been there and I was surprised at how small it was as when I've seen televised concerts it gave the impression of being much larger. Leona was absolutely amazing. sadly there was one small thing that took the edge of the concert not only for my friend and I but for those seating near us and this came in the form of a rather large woman who continually screamed throughout. Had I been at a One Direction gig this I would have expected from an abundance of teenage girls who were wetting their knickers as the boys strutted their stuff. So if the woman in question by chance reads my blog I would like to say thanks for acting like a five year old by screaming like a banshee. Grow up and have some consideration for others who paid a rather large amount of money to hear Leona Lewis sing, not to hear some muppet IE you, wail like a cat on heat.

(Left) What the noisy muppet of a woman who screamed all the way through the Leona Lewis concert deserves. If you act like a spoilt child you should expect to be treated like one and have your bottom bared and be thoroughly spanked. As my dad would say. Now you have something to scream about!

THE RED MISTRESS (Not you Katie)

As my friend and I had VIP tickets which gave us access to a private reception area where wine and food was serves and very nice it was too. As we sat at our table I noticed a very attractive oriental lady dressed in tight fitting red dress who was with a man that looked many years her senior. This reminded me of the time I was at the London Erotica exhibition some years back where an old man was accompanied by an oriental girl but she was scantily dressed wearing a black bodice, dark stockings and heels, obviously an escort. Being in this sleazy industry you get to realise this type of situation. The lady in red though didn't give the impression of being an escort she looked like she was the man's mistress and not the other woman sort if you get my meaning.

9th May

Tonight I am off to the Royal Albert Hall to see Leona Lewis in concert. It's the first time that I've been to an event at this historic location so now I shall see for myself how many holes it takes to fill it.

Buy Chloe%27s worn school knickers8th May

A friend of mine Chloe, who has recently left school and is currently at college is selling a school rubber. She wantís to sell this rubber which she has been keeping nice and warm in her knickers for as much as possible. If one of you dirty buggers out there would like her dirty rubber and a pair of her worn knickers you can make an offer by emailing her at Due to the amount of spam received Chloes email account is now closed


It was announced his morning that Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring as manager of Manchester United football club. As an Arsenal fan, a ''Gooner'' this is welcome news as I hate United with a vengeance. That said I take my hat off to Sir Alex for his achievements over his twenty-six years at the hem. It will be interesting to see if Manchester United can continue their domination of the premier league without him.


This afternoon my wife and I went to our local Currys' store as madam wanted a new vacuum for her kitchen, a small one that she can easily store, she also wanted one that came with various attachments for getting into all of the nooks and crannies. The one she thought best suited was made by VAX, we have lots of VAX cleaners and haven't had any problems with them in fact they have been quite good. I asked the salesman if it came with attachments, ''Yes sir'', he replied enthusiastically. ''Can you show me where they go?'' I asked. ''I don't think this model comes with attachments,'' was his answer. Time for a little staff training me thinks and I know just the person to do that.

7th May

Steve Bickers and Jean Bradley as a husband and wife who enjoy spanking punishment role-play
I'm beginning to wonder how many more celebrities are going to be exposed as child abusing nonses. Yesterday it was reported by the news media that Jimmy Tarbuck has been arrested and bailed for allegedly abusing a young boy back in the early seventies. It's got to the stage where I'm no longer shocked by these revelations. What is it with these people? They have fame, fortune and the public took them to heart so why screw yourself for a few minutes of gratification achieved by abusing a minor. I just don't get it. I used to like watching Jimmy Tarbuck, I also used to like Strike It Rich with Michael Barrymore (alwight!), Wilfred Bramble in Steptoe and Son (you dirty old man) never a truer word spoken in jest according to the reports by the media. Then there was Jimmy Savile (Jim'll fix it for you) I bet he did more than we'll ever know. Stuart Hall it seems used his joker plenty of time on It's A Knob Out. Stuart Hall has already admitted his guilt.

Of course, under UK law you are deemed innocent until proven guilty and that should be the case for everyone whatever crime they have committed and however heinous and although it's easy to feel like organising a lynching party that is also illegal in the civilised world. Considering what vile crimes these people have allegedly committed I hope and pray that if they are found to be guilty that the courts pass the maximum sentence possible.

In light of the above I'd like to
remind all and sundry that even though this website of mine is a spanking one that I am totally against the abuse of children and anyone else and that the spanking situations portrayed on this website are adult fantasy role-play and that the use of the words schoolboy and schoolboy are used in this context. That said I do believe that corporal punishment should be permitted where it would be a fitting punishment in the eyes of the law and that our society would probably be a better place for it. I certainly don't agree or advocate the use of corporal punishment under any circumstances for sexual gratification unless it is between consenting adults who enjoy such role-play

Schoolgirl Donna gets a bare bottom spanking fron the headmaster
6th May - Bank Holiday Monday

It's been quite some time since I've been to Camden, too long in fact so as today looks like being a real scorcher I'm going to spend some time there with my family mooching round the shops and markets and treat everyone to lunch, hopefully on some sunny bar terrace. I've already updated my free spanking gallery with lots of pictures of girls and some men having their bare bottoms seen to. Enjoy.

The Vampire Lovers
Although the weather did live up to the expectations of the weather men my day at Camden was most enjoyable. It's been a few years since I was last there and the place hasn't changed one bit. I love Camden as I love all things Gothic and if I was younger there was lots I would have treated myself too. While looking at a wide studded belt I was approached by a sales girl who looked gorgeous in her gothic attire who if I was young and single would have tickled my fancy no end but as I'm not young and single.. . Ah such is life though at least she looked the part unlike someone I could mention.

4th May
Spanked by the strict headmistress Teresa May

After enjoying a few sunny days this week and looking forward to a sunny bank holiday weekend isn't it just typical that the weather changes to crap. Yes, the sun has shown it's face for a little while but it has been bloody cold so no soaking up the sun for me today. Mind you, it's just as well as I've taken the opportunity to add some more images to my
free spanking gallery including some of the gorgeous Teresa May and Sam Johnson. I hope you like them.

Yesterday I learned that my brother is in hospital. I won't say what is wrong with him though his ailment is a rather painful one. Get well soon brother of mine.


The Conservative MP Nigel Evans has been arrested on suspicion of rape today but not only rape the alleged offence is male rape. I've often felt like telling the MPs who come knocking on my door when there's an election on the horizon to stick it where the sun don't shine so I can only presume that some said what I've wanted to stay and the canvassing MP has taken it literally and has done just that.

3rd May
ANOTHER NONCE BITES THE DUSTSally and Steff have some caning fun on a hot summer day

When I was a child one of my favourite television programmes was Itís A Knockout, an hour of fun an frolics on a Friday evening hosted by Eddie Warring and Stuart Hall. Yesterday Stuart Hall admitted to thirteen counts of sexual abuse of children some as young as nine and is now banged up and no doubt passing bricks while he waits to be sentenced which I have no doubt will be a custodial one in one of her majestyís hotels hopefully for many years . What a down fall! With any luck the disgraced Mr Hall will be passing the time before he is sentenced thinking about the way other inmates feel a nonce and the way they treat them. I have no sympathy whatsoever for anyone convicted of paedophilia. I hope this sick and depraved man spends what is left of his life in misery.


This morning on Sky News the Liberal Democratís deputy leader Simon Hughes was interviewed about the partyís losses. Mr Hughes said the LDPs werenít as bad as the press was making out, and there was I thinking that polling only 352 votes, less than the BNP and coming seventh in the South Shields by-election was a disaster. If I were Nick Clegg I would certainly be spinning around and taking a trip to the local job centre.


It look like being another hot May day so hereís a picture of two lovely girls who also enjoy spending their time in the garden sunbathing and being rather naughty by caning each other on the bum cheeks.

Website home page picture has been changed for May to one of strict Ms Harrison Marks of Kane

2nd May

Lesley caned in the gardenItís a few minutes past eight in the morning and it seems today is going to be another warm and sunny one if the morning is anything to go by. As I write this Iím sitting in my third floor bedroom gazing out at the wonderful view and greenery of the park that is directly behind my home. Its days like this that bring back memories of my days with Josie at Kane Magazine such as the time we did our interview with Lesley. Looking back I canít believe that we spanked and caned Lesley in the garden of 23 Wellington Avenue especially as her neighbours were working on their garden at the same time but after consuming quite a few units of alcohol between us we really didnít consider or care about the consequences. As itís such a lovely day I shall be spending it sunning myself in the garden sunning myself and reading my book rather than working as Iím sure there will be enough cold and rainy days in the near future for me to catch up.


On a tangent, last night I saw on the news that the Coronation Street actor William Roach has been charged with the rape of a fifteen year old girl some forty six years ago. Whether this is a case of someone jumping on the band wagon who knows. Perhaps his accuser is doing just that though after seeing the amount of celebrities who are being investigated over the sexual abuse of children maybe she has found the courage to report it. A friend of mine who is in the know has told me there is no truth in the rumour ITV are considering renaming Coronation Street to No Consent Street.

Update: I'm pleased to see that William Roach has been found not guilty.He has my sympathy for all he and his family must have gone through.

1st May
Because You are Mine by Beth Kery
Well itSubmissve girl gets a spanking in the dunggeonís the 1st of May and what a good start to the month it has been the sun has been shining and there has hardly been a cloud in the sky. Itís times like this that Iím glad I work from home and not sat in a stuffy office or working away elsewhere making money for someone else as I can choose when to work and when not to work. Although I did put in a couple of hours this morning I have spent the rest of the day sunning myself in the garden and catching up on my reading.

The book Iím reading at the moment is Because You Are Mine by Beth Kery, a book about a woman who falls for a dominant man and submits; a variation on a much used theme. Although the book is well written unlike (in my opinion) Fifty Shades Of Grey which I found utter drivel there are a some things that spoil it as some pieces are quite unbelievable. For instance, the main male character
(the dominant) is richer than you can imagine such as owning a private jet to whisk the pair of them away to Paris, and by the description of the aeroplaneís interior it would put Obamaís Air Force One to shame. Still, I guess that what you should expect from a book that has emblazoned on the cover Ďif you like Fifty Shades Of Grey youíll love thisí. Iím all for reading about submissive women but it would be far more enjoyable if the characters were in the real world.

17th April

Today I was contacted by a friend of mine Lynda Leigh who for those of you who donít know, and if youíre a guy where have you been, is a well known glamour model who these days features on adult TV such as Red Light TV. Lynda was really pissed off, not surprisingly as some idiot professing to be a fan of hers has created a fake twitter account which is identity theft. Perhaps the person who created the fake account didnít realise how much of a problem stealing someoneís identity can caLynda Leigh The real oneuse themselves as it's against the law and you can be prosecuted and made to pay the person whose identity you stole lots of money. Itís also surprising how many people donít realise that accessing the web with a device leaves a digital foot-print that can be easily traced by the users IP address. Lynda has also had some of her pictures including some personnel ones stolen from the web and posted on the Vintage Erotica Forum which is in fact a breach of copyright law and this can land you in hot water too...

I know lots of models who hate the VEF with a vengeance as the site is full of thieves and trolls. Many models have asked for their content to be added to the banned content list. Girls like Carla Brown, Red, Lady Sonia and Teresa May do not and quite rightly so, let their images be posted here there and everywhere for free as the copyright belongs to the original photographer who loses out and images cannot be legally used without prior licence which these sites more than likely donít have. Just because these girls chose a career in modelling does not mean that their work can be used for free. Iím sure that the local mechanic or plumber wouldnít work for free nor would anyone else. If you want to follow the real Lynda Leigh her twitter account is @MissLyndaLeigh and if you want to follow the real Teresa May hers is @RealTeresaMay Red's is @Red-xxx and Carla's is @carlambrownTeresa May's website is
Red's website Brown's website is

Donít be a hater of faker, show the girls the respect that is due because thatís what real fans do, those that donít are called arse holes!

Mistress Teresa May and Mistress Real know how to deal with little piggies16th April

Although I donít have anything against Baroness Thatcher I cannot understand why people like me I.E. the tax payer is footing the bill. Iím quite sure that the Thatcher family isnít short of a few bob and if they were that is what life insurance is for. Another thing I have issues with is why she is getting a state burial as it sets a precedence for what the country is expected to do for other ex prime ministers when the kick the bucket and there a quite a few. Should we do the same for Blair, John Major and David Cameron@ I certainly hope not. It really galls me that the country is in the grips of austerity measures, people are losing hundreds of pounds a month because of the so called bedroom tax, you now need a mortgage to fill your car up thatís if you can afford the road tax and the cost of food is increasing each week.

My mother who is now eighty eight is fretting as she has a two bed roomed flat, it doesn't matterthat she moved out of a two bed roomed house some years back so that a young couple could have more room. Over the years my mother worked hard, sometimes having two jobs so much so that I was labelled as many of my peers were ĎíLatch key kidsíí, she paid her dues, paid her tax and stamp as it was then called and now in her twilight years she is being scared senseless by the wealthy aristocrats of our precocious and self centred government who it seems are doing their utmost to keep the working class in poverty. Is it any wonder there is unrest in the country?

The late Ďgreatí John Lennon wrote a song called ĎĎPiggiesíí which features on the Beatles white Album. When I was young I didnít realise the meaning of the lyrics but now Iím much older and much wiser I do understand. John Lennon couldn't have wrote a more fitting song for the current time and as for saying Ďíwhat they needís a damn good whackingíí I couldn't agree more. And I know just the person, or personís for that matter to give it to them.

You can see more of
Mistress Teresa May hereFor more free galleries of strict women including Mistress Teresa May as a very strict headmistress of a girls' and boy's school click here

12th April

Yesterday while I was browsing through my twitter feed I saw a tweet from Sky News that said scientists in Iran had managed to make a time machine that can see in to the future by eight years. I do realise that technology is advancing rather rapidly but this is just laughable and I have to wonder what the Iranian government think they can achieve by making such a nonsensical statement. I had thought of emailing the Iranian Embassy and ask if they could take a look and let me know who the winners of the 2014 world cup is and who scored the winning goal and in what minute of the game but I somehow thing they would tell me to ''Ghomshar''


Due to other commitments and being a rather busy boy these days I haven't updated my website as much as I would like to though I have been spanking rather a lot which has kept me happy. These days my spanking games are private so I have no photos to publish as obviously I have to respect the wishes of those who play with me. Though to add some colour to my blog here's a picture of me caning the lovely Lucy Bailey's bare bottom for a few years back.

9th April

It seems that my blog is gradually slipping away from the subject of my website. The world doesn't revolve around the spanking of cute and not so cute bare bottoms as in real life there are much more important issues.

This morning I had a frantic call from one of my daughters who had been informed that a friend of hers had committed suicide. Some years back my next door neighbour's teenage son committed suicide by hanging himself from the branch of a tree in our local church that was opposite both our houses. It's bad enough when anyone takes their own life but the effect of it touching someone you know is dreadful. My heart goes out to all concerned. If you are feeling depressed or need help talk about your feelings to a close friend or relative and get the help you need, don't suffer in silence.


Yesterday while in a business meeting I was told about the sad passing of Baroness Thatcher. There are more than a few people who despise her with a vengeance and many sad ones who are actually celebrating her death. Perhaps its worth reminding these ignorant twats that before Mrs Thatcher became prime minister the UK was the sick man of Europe, the unions were holding the government to ransom and inflation was rampant. I remember the three day week. No electricity, thanks to the miners strike. No refuse collection, rubbish strewn streets and rat infestations thanks to the bin men going on strike. Not being able to bury you dead. If Thatcher hadn't stood up and took on and beaten the unions the situation would have continued. Argentina got their arse kicked thanks to Maggie and blaming her for the death of those service men and women who died retaking the Falkland's is tantamount to blaming Churchill for the deaths of our servicemen and women in WW2. Mrs Thatcher changed all that and the UK became a powerhouse of Europe, strong and respected unlike the situation now with the back-stabbing and bickering self centred government we have now.
I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth I was born in the East End of London and was brought up on a council estate by working class parents. Over the years I have achieved much but my achievements are through my own hard graft and on many occasions going without. When I hear those who complain about the poll tax my thoughts are it was right. Maggie was right, we all should contribute not just the poor home owner. We all get service from the Police, we should all contribute. Yes she took away the free milk. In this day and age why should free milk be given to children after all, who pays? The tax payer of course. I do sympathise with those who through no fault of their own find themselves unemployed but there are far too many lazy bastards who think the world owes them; well it doesn't. I object with a passion my tax being given to these scroungers.

R.I.P Baroness Thatcher - The Iron Lady.
To those who are celebrating her death and many aren't old enough to be alive when she was in power you are all nasty evil little shites.

Under the circumstances I feel it quite inappropriate to post anything spanking related today.

3rd April

I know this is off topic but itís something I want to vent about and share with all those who are thinking about making a purchase from the wonderful Swedish store IKEA.

A year to the day my wife and I purchased a double sink unit and surround for our new bathroom, this wasnít installed until a couple of months later as the bathroom was still under construction.The front of the drawers have developed a fault and the gloss laminate finish is beginning to bubble. I contacted IKEA customer service yesterday and the man I spoke to was really helpful. I explained I couldnít find the receipt for payment but I did have a copy of the C&C Full Serve Collection Point print out that had all the information on it bar the payment details though this I had on my credit card statement which I would be happy to provide. The man I spoke to took all the details and said I would receive a call from them today to solve the problem. The item has a ten year guarantee.
Today I received a phone call from IKEA, this time from a not so helpful man who insisted that I provide a copy of the receipt. I explained that I didnít have but could provide proof of purchase. He replied that the C&C Full Serve Collection Point was just a shopping list and that I could have stolen the items.In principle I agreed but weíre talking about a twin sink unit and surround which is
A: rather heavy and B: a little too large to hide under my jacked or slip in my wifeís handbag. It was bad enough trying to squeeze the boxes in to my five door RAV 4 with the back seats down. But the unhelpful customer service agent would have none of it and insisted I find the receipt.
Iíve since called IKEA back to hopefully speak to a customer service agent who is a bit more helpful after all if IKEA didnít sell duff goods I wouldnít need to contact them. Iíve now been holding on the phone for forty five minutes and have eventually hung up and redialled but this time used their call back option, hoping that they do actually call me back.

15:20 update

Thankfully I did get a call back from IKEA and the lady I spoke to was most helpful so now I'm waiting for a call back to arrange an inspection of the faulty goods, we shall see it this happens.


Sometimes I feel like I'm turning into Victor Meldrew, always having something to complain about and the Royal Mail tends to be a regular. Not content with bunging a card through the door saying sorry we missed you when the item needs a signature even though they haven's knocked or rang the bell before scarpering on to their next delivery they can't even redeliver on the time you've asked for. Today has been totally wasted waiting around for the postie who is supposed to be re delivering a signed for package and it's almost 15:30 and there's no sign of him/her )so I'm politically correct.) Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham sang 'What's the world coming to, what they say isn't true' well I'm afraid it is true!

Back to the subject of my website which is spanking cute female bare bottoms, I've updated the home page image which features Rebekah Jordan and this I believe is enough for one day.

30th March

Brigella warmed up with a bare bottom spanking from Rachel Lloyd with tha back of a wooden hairbrushTomorrow night the clocks go forward and it's officially summertime in the UK. Is it! Well I think God is having a laugh because it's bloody freezing and I'm so pleased I'm not a brass monkey. This afternoon we had a flurry of snow but thankfully, and I mean thankfully where I live has escaped the heavy snow falls that have caused havoc over many parts of the country.
 Some years back when I used to work with Brigella I arranged a February shoot. The weekend she had arranged to come to London the blizzards started and Luton Airport closed. Aberdeen was also hit with snow, lots and lots of it and the airport there was closed for quite a while and I spent ages waiting and freezing in Luton Airport's arrivals. Thankfully she eventually arrived and the shoot went ahead though there was more fun and games to contend with as the heating in the flat where we were shooting decided to fail and due to the cold the shoot was delayed while three girls and myself shivered and shook until the man from British Gas fixed it. It took a short while for the heating to warm the place up and then the shoot began in earnest. It wasn't long until all of the girls were
warmed up in fact after having their bare bottom soundly spanked and caned they were more than warm; they were scorching. So come on God, be a love, it's Easter, the time we celebrate the resurrection of your son Jesus so how about sending some sunshine and let us celebrate in the warm.

The free spanking gallery has new pictures added including Lucy Bailey getting her bare bottom caned by me and strict Ms Harrison Marks who gives naughty Sara a wicked bare bottom caning while her legs are raised over her head. What a painful position to be caned in. Ouch!

27th March

A short while back I purchased a book titled
The Mistress's Revenge by Tamar Cohenand I found it most enjoyable read, mainly because I could relate to it albeit not as the scorned Mistress or her lover but because of events in my life.

In this digital age it's easy to fall into the trap of meeting someone online and falling for them as online romance is easy to achieve and it can become quite intense. How many of you reading this keep checking your smart phone for emails or tweets to see if you have received a message from someone you consider to be a
lover. Of course, it may seem like ''only flirting'' quite harmless and just a bit of fun buThe Mistress%27s Revenge by Tamar Cohent things have a habit of becoming more than that. Does your partner check his/her phone constantly? Do they have it pin number protected? Do they go to the loo more frequently and take their phone with them? If they do any of these they are most lightly involved in an online romance.

Recently a friend of mine called me quite distraught saying that her partner was cheating on her. It seems he had been messaging another woman, just playing online, nothing serious and nothing to fret about. Well that's what he thought. My friend thought otherwise! Thankfully this issue was soon resolved and all is well.

The reality of online romance is that it's fake, as fake as fake can be. I have to wonder how many guys have social networking pages that portray them as a woman so that they can pretend to be a girl, a gay girl at that so they can talk dirty to other girls who are probably men. So the situation arises where guys pretending to be girls are jerking off at their computers while talking dirty with another guy who is pretending to be a girl. Have I lost you yet? Cheating is cheating whether it is talking dirty online or swapping images of your genitailia; if you are doing this you might as well go the whole hog and have penetrative sex as your partner will treat your actions exactly the same. Isn't it better to cherish what you have at home as it is very true that you don't know what you've got till it's gone. Back to Ms Tamar's book: After reading it you will wonder what was real and what was pure fiction, and if you find yourself empathising with either of the main characters you too have been there and done that. Isn't the world wide web fun!

25th March

Recently Iíve been talking to a lovely blonde lady who shall remain nameless which brought back memories of other ladies Iíve spoken to and become close to online.Online friendship can be quite intense even more intense than real life friendships. The problem with online friends is you never really know who you are talking to and itís quite probable that the woman you are talking to is a man pretending to be female or an old haggard woman pretending to be a babe.Over the years I have had many online female friends and I became close to many of them but being older and wiser Iím sure things werenít as they seemed.

A few years ago I would have been concerned if someone unfriended me on MySpace or Facebook but these days I really don't give a shit. I''ve come to realise that real friends, those that you know personally, those that you can call on in your time of need and when you are feeling down are priceless and thankfully I have such friends. Sometimes those who you don't consider as friends show their true colours and lend a sympathetic ear and are there for you which makes even the saddest day easier to bear.

Lorraine Ansel and IToday I have been drinking and it's not even 2 PM yet and I've been giving thought to how nasty some people can be. I used to work in an office with a woman who shall remain nameless, what a bitch she was. A real nasty peace of work. At times she would tell me how an ex boyfriend of hers who she still pined for used to chase her while she was naked round their bedroom with a riding whip. She also said that she wanted to earn a few quid on the side and asked how she could become a Mistress, spanking and dominating guys. Although I didn't find this woman attractive, far from it, in fact I thought she was quite a hag some guys like this and I told her she would probably do well at it. Working with and knowing many Mistresses I knew how easy it is to get submissive males to part with their hard earned cash quite easily (suckers) but each to their own and whatever floats your boat. So, what do I get for my advice... Totally stitched up like a Kipper; the bitch went running with crocodile tears in her eyes to the company's GM telling tales of how I had a nice little earner going on the side (which I did) and tried to get me the bullet! If ever there was a candidate for a few dozen strokes of the cane across their bare arse I cannot think of anyone more deserving.

Recently there has been a spate of paperbacks written by women about submissiveness. A nice little earner no doubt feeding the minds of bored and lonely housewives and fuelling their fantasy's about herculean alpha males who will use them as sex toys, punish them with spankings, canings and whippings, use all sorts of devices on them such as nipple and pussy clamps and use them and abuse them but in the process of violent domineering lust make them have multiple orgasms. I cannot but wonder how many bored and lonely housewives had held a mummy porn book in one hand and their secret rampant rabbit in the other and pleasured themselves all afternoon. But back to reality, how many of these women who masturbated themselves silly over Christian Grey or Sir Stephen (read Pauline Reage's The Story of O) would consider their partners perverse and complete sickos had they suggest a little BDSM play. And not only that the poor man would more than likely find himself a guest of plod with a charge of Domestic Violence hanging over him. You can't have it both ways girls.

Thankfully though I have been blessed by having more than enough submissive women to fulfil my needs, though for those who think being submissive is all about having your bare bottom walloped black and blue this isn't the case. A submissive women knows her place and not to speak unless she is spoken to and that in itself can be a god send. One submissive asked how I can please you master. My reply was, drop your knickers and let me stripe your bare bottom. Yes master, she replied, but I wasn't in the mood to administer a bottom whipping and that I told her though I was pleased by her offer and compliance. So you see girls, submission is real for some, not just made up fantastical words printed on a page and it is a life-style, one that can be very rewarding and much safer than a vanilla relationship as you know where you stand and your Master will never suddenly change character and become violent and aggressive and cause you actual bodily harm. Perhaps now is the time to get a real life. A submissive life but only with the one you can give your ultimate trust.

17th March

Watching the news last night I was more that perturbed by the situation in Cyprus when the poor Cypriots are being fleeced with a tax on their savings. I find this quite outrageous. The Cypriots I'm sure like many of us in the UK grafted hard for what we have achieved both financially and material wise, we have paid our taxes, extortionate mortgage interest rates in the eighties under good old John Major and Nigel Lawson, (who remembers the frightful Black Wednesday) and saved hard for our pensions which the ever popular Gordon B
KaraJayne and Louise spanking schoolgirlsrown raided. To cut a long story short we have been stitched up like kippers and hung out to dry financially, yet we can still find plenty of dosh to send to wealthy India and give hand-outs and homes to every dogs body that sets foot on our shores.
It worries me that mister call me Dave might see this as a way to bolster the national purse that he fritters away like a child in a sweet shop. With the risk of dodgy Dave and his cronies taxing our savings there really is no point in keeping your
hard earn cash in a bank for a big percentage to be taxed. Apart from that, interest rates are crap so you might as well run the risk of keeping your money under the mattress as the risk of losing it to mister burglar or a fire is probably less of a risk than the government getting their grubby paws on it. Another good reason to keep your cash at home is so when you're are old and infirm and in the need of care the government wont know you have it like they would if it was in a bank and you'll stand a better chance of the government picking up the tab of your care home. which plebs who have sponged all of their life and who have pissed it up the wall will get. As the saying goes... Life is a bitch. Time for the revolution and time to fight back.

For those of an unsavoury characters who read this my money is still in the bank so don't waste your time burgling me as there's fuck all here though you might want to try the houses of parliament!
Now that I've got my off topic vent off my chest you might like to know that the
free spanking gallery has been updated including some lovely schoolgirl spanking pictures. Enjoy them before the government find a way to tax them.

March 16th

A schoolgirl photo story a tale with is twist is posted in the spanking photo story section. Cute Sam gets a punishment spanking, strapping and caning from the schools new head girl who uses her position of power to take revenge on her beautiful and popular rival, but what is the sting in the tail.
Click here to find out


Spanking gallery 2 has been combined with
gallery 1 so now there is just one gallery of assorted spanking pictures; the photo stories galleries remain unchanged. You can find the index to the many complete sets here.If your preference is for strict women who punish men with spanking and caning why not take a look at the Spanked Men Gallery here.

March 15th

Once again I've looked at my website only to find that the gallery index page links have been corrupted! This seems to be an on going issue with my hosting company and it's really getting me down. Thankfully I now know how to repair the links in a matter of moments but I find myself forever checking pages to see if all is as it should be. If you come across any
broken links on this website please let me know by clicking here.

TAWSESThe punishment tawse ok for the bare bottoms of grown men but not for young children

Browsing through eBay this morning I came upon a listing for a genuine government tawse which has a starting price of thirty pounds. T
his reminded me of one of my first visits to the late George Harrison Marks and the Kane office. I had been a reader of Kane for many years and often wondered if things were what they seemed to be in both the magazines and videos. George assured me that they were, stating quite adamantly that nothing was faked or dubbed and now I know what he said was very true. He showed me a long thin tawse that I had seen used in the videos and to my surprise it was at least a quarter of an inch thick and after testing on my hand I had no doubt of how much it would sting and bruise a bare female bottom.


Yesterday I paid a visit to my doctor. In the waiting room was a mother with her two children one being a girl ager five who was dressed in school uniform. The reason I mention this is that recently I have read a book titled Annie's Girl by Maureen
Coppinger which tells of her life in a convent and how she was brought up by nuns. As in the film The Magdelan Sisters corporal punishment was common place, an everyday occurrence. Looking at this tiny mite it baffled me how anyone could beat a child of her age with a strap or cane, one stroke of the tawse I saw on eBay would have covered almost half of her bottom.

I'm not advocating that children who misbehave shouldn't be spanked but the spanking should be reasonable and used only as a punishment for bad behaviour, not for being unable to understand or take in what is being taught. What I do believe is that corporal punishment such as birching, caning and flogging should be used on the criminal element of our society for those who steal, burgle, commit assault and for the members of parliament who think it permissible to fiddle their expenses which is stealing from the public purse namely our money! Perhaps if criminals knew they would not only be incarcerated for a while they would also be subjected to having their bottom beaten quite severely the message might sink in that it's not a good idea to break the law!

Lorraine Ansel shows off her striped bottom after having it caned for the Kane interviewMarch 13th

An interview with the gorgeous spanking model Lorraine Ansel who reveals her true love of spanking has been added. Read all about her secret spanking fantasies and how she was spanked and caned at the Kane office by Kane's publisher Ms Harrison Marks

March 12th

Yesterday Vicky Pryce and Chris Huhme were sentenced to eight months in prison for perverting the course of justice. I have mixed feelings about their sentences; part of me feels they should be banged up but another feels they shouldnít.There is no doubt that what they did was wrong and illegal but the fact of the matter is they didnít commit a violent crime and they didnít steal, embezzle or make exaggerated expense claims on the public purse which is funded by you and I so does the punishment fit the crime? According to the press the cost of keeping each of them in jail is £800 per week which comes to over £25,000 and thatís only if they serve half of the sentence. Surely a couple of
hundred hours of community service would have been a better penalty as it would be far cheaper for theover burdened tax payer and they would be doing something worthwhile even if it was cleaning rivers or painting pensioners homes.
The other option had our government not become some namby pamby and abolished corporal punishment would have been just that, a caning or birching. The opinion of the media of the vindictive Vicky Pryce is that she knew there was a risk that she would be charged and found guilty for her offence and may be sentenced to prison though my thoughts are she probably expected a suspended one. I have to wonder if she would have taken the same course of action knowing that she ran the risk of being sentenced to a bare bottom caning or birching.

The same applies to Chris Huhme, I wonder if he would have been so eager to have his wife take his three penalty points had he known he would be thrashed by a burly
prison warder or wardress if he got caught. I think not.Having your trial covered closely by the press and having the world know that you are going to is surely traumatic enough but having the world know that you are going to have your bottom bared for a thrashing as a punishment for your crime... Can you imagine a news report like this? Today Vicky Pryce was sentenced to twenty-four strokes of the cane to be administered to her bare bottom. The punishment will take place at 2 PM on Friday 22nd of March in the punishment hall of Holloway prison and will be broadcast live. I have a feeling had this form of punishment been available things would have been different. I rest my case mílord. HM Government take note. Top image courtesy Nu West

March 11th

Sam Johnson a secretary for spanking?
Sometimes we have to do mundane things and today is one of those as Iím going to spend the day catching up on paperwork, my accounts and tidying up my office which has become untidy to say the least. If I were a rich man I would have a P.A. to do these tasks for me one with a cute and spankable bottom and a maid to keep the office spick and span I know who I would like to fill these positions (female of course
e) given the chance but that is a luxury that I shall have to forego. Meanwhile I shall knuckle down and get on with the tasks at hand. Mind you, working for myself at least I can do things at my own speed, have as much coffee as I wish without having toanswer to anyone. Incidentally, the gorgeous Sam Johnson pictured isn't one of my choices so I shall let you wonder who I would choose given the chance.

March 10th (Mother's Day)
Lorraine Ansel naked and ready for some spanking action
Last week was a really busy week for me as most of my time has been spent decorating which is why I haven't updated my blog. As I don't have a nine to five to worry about it's been quite an enjoyable week though it would have been more enjoyable if I'd had an assistant like the lovely Lorraine Ansel pictured, to fetch and carry for me. Though had that been the case I'm sure there wouldn't have been much decorating done.

Readers wife Krista dressed as a naughty schoolgirl toying with the cane thats going to be used on her bare bottomAs I have recently acquired a batch of old Janus spanking magazines to sell on my website I decided to take some time out and read some of the reader's letters. These Janus are from the late seventies and early eighties and I was taken aback by the content, daughters being spanked and caned by both parents, young children, teenagers and even grown up daughters. Children thrashed at school on the bare bottom, female staff caned - really! It all seems a bit far fetched. One particular letter that although entertaining to read was surely the over active imagination of a reader. Wishful thinking I believe it's called. The letter was supposedly written by a young woman, a secretary who was caned by her male manager. The writer claims that she was caned four times across her bare bottom and that afterwards her manager kept her knickers so she had to go out for lunch knickerless. After the rest of the office staff had gone home she was caned, twenty-four strokes of the cane across her still bare bottom and not only was she caned she was also fucked before being let up and of course she enjoyed all of it, the caning and fucking.

With the recent spate of sexual abuse cases being instigated after thirty or so years can you imagine the
Spanked wife Aura and me Cliff James before her spanking shootamount of claims that would be made if females had been subjected to spanking and caning whilst at work. I'm not saying that all reader's letters are made up by the editorial staff of a magazine but I know for a fact that the majority are, either that or they are written
by paid writers. One company that shall remain nameless published Readers wife Lies pronounced Leese gets a bare bottom spanking from her husbanda regular reader's spanking letters magazine with letters that were obviously written by the same person and therefore fake. One clear sign is when the same phrases are used over and over again. 'Oh lord how he spanked me'' ''Oh lordy I was shocked when he took my knickers down''. Have a look at your own spanking magazines and you will see what I mean. Of course some readers do write in and on occasions send in pictures of their wives or girlfriends but these are few and far between and usual they contribute on a regular basis. Readers of Janus may wish to check and see how many times David T. or Judith of Grimsby has had her spanked bottom featured in the correspondence section. However, sorry if I burst your bubble but the majority of reader's letter are fake. We don't make them up... Really!

March 2nd
Strict Women - Jean Bradley of Yorkshire Spanking Parties

The website's cover picture has been changed from schoolgirl Natasha standing next to the cane
wielding headmaster to a very dominant Jean Bacon of Yorkshire Spanking Parties for those who like strict women.

Another seven pictures have been added to the
free spanking gallery including a delightful picture of Ms Harrison Marks of Kane Magazine caning the bare bottom of one of the cutest schoolgirls ever, the adorable Miss Sam Johnson

March 1st

Strapped by her strict father
I'm sure the majority of producers of spanking material get contacted by lots of guys who want to have the c
hance to spank and cane many female bare bottoms but who don't want their faces to be shown. Likewise there are many guys who have indeed had the privilege of spanking and caning many a cute bare bottom and have also been paid, and it isn't just guys who want to spank! Many guys enjoy getting a bare bottom spanking or caning from strict women which unless they get spanked for a magazine or video they would have to pay for so they quite happily bared the nether regions for the camera. Many of these spankers and spankees featured in photo shoots for magazines and in videos before the days of internet and thought that they would never be seen as who do they know that would purchase a spanking magazine let alone a video.

Then along came the digital age and along with it the world wide web which spawned lots of spanking sites who thought they could make a few sheckles from their archive material.Along with the digital revolution came affordable hardware such as scanners and it wasn't long before mister and probably miss spanking magazine reader was scanning their favourite images and posting them of spanking forums. All highly illegal of course as the majority of people don't have any understanding of copyright law. You wouldn't for instance scan the
latest Jilly cooper or Jeffry Archer book and post it on line for free, well you might, but you would
be hammered by the author. However, this isn't about copyright it's about spankers. With the internet people were being seen as spanking pictures were posted everywhere so there is more than a good chance of them being seen. This also includes girls who though having their bums smacked and striped was a way to make a few easy quid and why not.

Apart from that the girls that I know have no problem with pictures of them being spanked and treat it as a bit of a giggle, a laugh whereas many of the male spankers are now crying and bleating that the images are affecting their careers. My thoughts on this - you've made your bed now you have to lay in it.

The left image is from the Kane video A Punishing View which is part of a two story video called ''Two Punishing Tales'' which came with ''Fare Deal'' these were two of the earliest videos that I scripted. Two Punishing Tales.
The image is credited to Ponytail Pete.

Feb 23rd

Today I received yet another phone call from a woman who told me she was calling from my ISP and that I have a virus. Oh yeah right. Having been down this road many times it never ceases to amaze me how dumb these jerks are. ''Oh, is that so,'' I replied, and then asked who my ISP is. She hung up. Okay so I guess I'm lucky that I still have all of my faculties and haven't started on the slippery slope of dementia so I'm able to realise that the call is a scam. However, there
are many people like my wife who isn't up to speed with computers and the like and my dear old mum who is in her eighties and has just joined the online world and are easy prey for these arseholes.

I make no excuse for my language as arseholes are what they are and as for the women who work for these scammers I would like nothing better than to have them bare arsed in front of me for a taste of rattan on their bare flesh. After a severe thrashing I doubt if they would want to try scamming anyone else.
Above: What all scammers deserve, a bare bottom punishment caning!

Keeping to the subject of punishment canings for bad girls there's a new
gallery featuring Rebekah Jordan being caned by her strict aunt for being late home.

On a tangent: It's always nice to receive nice unexpected sweet messages my Beautiful Child, my lil Stevie.

17th Feb

Maid Brandi presents her bare bottom for a taste of my wicked leather twin tailed tawseLooking through my archives I found an early photo-shoot that I did as editor of Kane to accompany an interview Josie Harrison Marks and I did with a gorgeous girl called Brandi. This shoot holds special memories for me as the plan was to do the interview
and afterwards get some pictures of Josie spanking and caning Brandi when the interview was over. However, like many things the day didn't go to plan as when we had finished the interview Josie said she needed to go to the bank before it closed and I would have to make do with pictures of Brandi The Accidental Call Girl by Portia da Costaalone. That's all very well I thought but I knew reader's of Kane wouldn't want to see just Brandi's bare bottom they would want to see it a deep shade of red. As I didn't have a timer on my camera we decided that I would spank and strap her for a while then take some snaps of her spanked cheeks and that would have to suffice. Needless to say I felt like a dog with two dicks as Brandi was truly gorgeous and had a really cute bum. I was in heaven and spent rather longer than need be spanking and strapping her. Such happy days!
On Friday whilst shopping at our local Tesco I came upon a book titled The Accidental Call Girl which gave the impression of being a good read so I purchased it. Later at h
ome I realized that the author was Portia da Costa who used to write spanking stories for Kane and many other magazines including Februs under the name of Delaney Silver so I am sure that it will be a good read. Click here to go to Portia's website... Another 13 photos have been added to the FREE spanking gallery

14th Feb Valentine's Day

 Jean Bradley of Yorkshire Spanking Parties as a wife who enjoys being punished as a schoolgirl gets her bare bottom caned by her husband played by Steve BickersRecently there have been many books that are BDSM orientated, you only have to browse the paperback shelves in Tesco or WH Smith to see how many there are. BDSM, whipping, flogging, spanking and nipple clamping are now it seems acceptable as is the mummy porn that appears to be the new vogue. With the volume of these books reportedly sold women the length and breadth of the country are fantasising about being dominated, used and abused by a herculean man for his pleasure. Obviously this and domestic violence are worlds apart. If you venture into a D/s relationship you need to be able to give the dominant your ultimate trust knowing that whatever game you are role playing will cease immediately if you wish, and the intimacies that occur between D/s is strictly kept between D/s which again comes down to giving your partner your ultimate trust.

The point of the above is that BDSM mummy porn such as Fifty Shades Of Grey is acceptable but as soon as you mention you enjoy spanking a bare female bottom you are looked upon as a perverted freak even though a vast amount of the female population fantasise about being on the receiving end of an OTK spanking or even a dozen of so stinging cuts of the cane across
their naked nether regions. I know of many women who enjoy being spanked and physically punished for misdeeds though
if a woman enjoys being punished in such a manner then it isn't punishment. A true punishment would be to let her go without and behave as though her misdemeanour wasn't an issue and that you forgive her.
On Feb 11th I mentioned that I had a meeting with a woman regarding opening an account to take card payments on my website - I'm always cautious in the way that I approach the subject matter especially with women as I don't want to cause anyone offence. The woman turned out to be in her mid to late twenties and most attractive. I told her I found it difficult at times because of the type of magazines I sell and that I always seem to have to talk to women; never men. She told me that she had looked at my website and found the spanking magazines quite tasteful and spanking looked like fun. I didn't pursue the matter further but it just goes to show that there are many women who enjoy being spanked and physically punished for misdeeds. Six new pictures added to the free spanking gallery

Lesbian spanking and caning with Teresa May and Sam Johnson11th Feb

Today I had a call from a lady who works for the company who are hopefully going to provide me with the facility to take card payments on my spanking magazine website - During the conversation I mentioned that I always seem to talk to females when it comes to setting up anything to do with my spanking magazine business and apologised for the subject matter. To my surprise she had no problem with it in fact she gave the impression that she was quite intrigued and interested in spanking. Not wanting to get myself in deep shit and end up on the front of the tabloids I didn't pursue the subject any further but it sure did make me wonder if perhaps she has been there and done that.

Two New spanking galleries
Caned By the Headmistress featuring Teresa May as a strict headmistress strapping and caning two naughty schoolgirls on the bare bottom who have been sent to her for playing truant and a very naughty photo set of head girl Sam Johnson indulging in some hot lesbian spanking fun with her headmistress played by Teresa May in Caned By The Headmistress. The free spanking gallery of Sam Johnson as a strict head girl who spanks and canes two school girls on their bare bottom enthusiastically is now live and you can see all of the pictures by clicking here.

10th Feb

What a horrible day, it's snowing again and my main Sky box has failed. Well bugger it, I'll just have to stay in bed and watch the multiroom one that we have in the bedroom. Things could be much worse though as I could have had a Findus Lasagne or a Shergar burger for dinner over the past few weeks but thankfully I have a wonderful wife who is an excellent cook so we don't eat ready meals though my heart does go out to those who aren't as fortunate as us and who eat them frequently.

There's a new spanked male gallery
Schoolboy Adam Gets Spanked For Cheating and I've uploaded a new gallery that features the gorgeous Sam Johnson as a wicked head girl who just loves to administer bare bottom spankings and canings to the other girls though this isn't ready for viewing just yet.

8th Feb 10:15AM
Spanked by a jealous girlfriend
Janus 54 a much sought after spanking magazineToday I have an appointment with my local bank who are happy to provide a business bank account for my spanking magazine website
I really cannot believe how difficult it has been to find a bank who will do this. As I've said before, spanking magazines like Janus, Roue, Kane and Blushes are not illegal and can be purchased at many corner shops. Well you could when they were being published on a regular basis... New galleries Spanked By A Jealous Girlfriend and Jealous Girlfriend Gets A Spanking added

7th Feb

Spanked on the bare bum by her grandmotherToday my wife and I took a trip to Hammersmith as she had a meeting to attend there. Many years ago I managed a clothes shop in the Kings Mall when it first opened. At the time the mall's management were really snooty as they wanted it to be quite up marked and exclusive so I was interested to see how much it had changed and to reminisce a little. When we arrived at the Kings Mall I was shocked to see what a dump it had become and that is being polite. The place is far from being up marked and it isn't a place that I would want to go shopping. Although the shop I used to run is still there albeit now under a different name it is one of the classier shops that trade there so kudos to them.

Seeing where I used to work certainly brought back memories, Mister Peach whose advice on how to stop taking sugar in my coffee helped me to stop, the David Sylvian lookalike pooftah who worked in the clothes shop opposite,
and the Co-op's restaurant manageress who provided a free cooked English breakfast each Saturday though most of all my cashier a gorgeSpanked on her bare bum by her angry husbandous coloured girl called Chrisse (Oh Christina the size of the wood) who had one of the best bottoms I have seen. The things that we used to get up to, all good clean, well almost clean, horse play and much flirting. Sadly I didn't get to give Chrissie a spanking even though I dearly wanted too and that was probably for the best but oh what a wonderful thought.

Yesterday eight galleries were added including Spanked For Scaring Her Aunt with Ms Harrison Marks who canes Janie her niece, Spanked For Forgetting Her Husband's Dry Cleaning, Spanked By Her Grandma, An Unusual Training Technique, On The Job Training, Thieving Nurse Gets Her Bottom Striped, Spanked By A Jealous Girl Friend and Jealous Girl Friend Gets A Spanking

Strict Women - Gorgeous  Miss Sam Johnson is ready to give any male a sound caning
5th Feb

There has been much debate about the use of corporal punishment on children.
If a child has done something serious such as stealing, wanton vandalism, has beaten the crap out of another child or mugged an old lady then I see no reason why the little bugger should not be punished corporally with a few whacks of a supple leather strap or a purpose made cane across their bare buttocks.
Recently I was given a few books from one of my daughters and one of them looked quite interesting, Annie's Girl by Mau
reen Coppinger that tells the story of how an abandoned Irish orphan discovered the truth about her mother. I found the first three chapters quite chilling. Maureen was abandoned at one of Ireland's notorious Industrial schools which was run by nuns. Girls were beaten with straps and canes on their hands and bare buttocks for not remembering their catechism by heart and for wetting the bed and much more. Each morning those who had wet their bed were given six stokes of the cane across their bare buttocks, many girls wet the bed each night so you can imagine the consequences of this and how distraught they were each night fearful of the morning arriving. Is it any wonder these girls continued to wet the bed.

I'm certain there are many who will get off on the knowledge of young girls being beaten in such a cruel manner though personally I find it offensive especially as it is the church that is administering and condoning the institutional abuse of children.
Thankfully these days it is understood that children need nurturing and praise and that some have special needs when it comes to learning and that beating a child with a cane or strap because they cannot read, write or get to grips with mathematics is a thing of the past.

Many males and for that matter females enjoy seeing and having their bare bottom soundly caned by a strict woman and there are many women who are more than happy to do this some for a fee and some because they enjoy it. Over the years I've worked with and photographed many women who have a dominant streak and who are able to administer a severe caning with ease. If you've seen the DVD 'Mistress Samantha' you'll no doubt agree that the gorgeous Sam Johnson is certainly one of them.

4th Feb

KaraJayne gets a bare bottom spanking from the strict headmasterI don't know if it's just me but I'm becoming rather bored with the news coverage of Richard The Third's skeleton being found under a car park in Leicester. Mind you, the thing that I did find interesting is the 'alleged'' match fixing that Sky news are reporting which includes Champion's League matches including one played in the UK. Now I'm not one to speculate but for my sins I support Arsenal and they seem to be losing rather a lot of games these days. Just saying!
On a tangent I've added some schoolgirl themed spanking galleries one featuring KaraJayne as a head girl who gets a spanking from the headmaster and one of Brigella being spanked and caned by the same headmaster. I would like to point out that both KaraJayne and Brigella are grown women well over the age of twenty one and the galleries are adult fantasy themes which both enjoy.

2nd Feb

New strict women
gallery added of a strict wife who gives her husband a bare bottom strapping and caning after catching him reading Gay Porn and two galleries of women getting their bums spanked The Spanked Au Pair where an Irish Au Pair racks up a huge phone bill and Mother And Daughter Spanked Together.

1st Feb
Watching the news is not good for you these days. Last night I wasn't surprised when it was announced that Burger King had been serving meals that ''allegedly'' contained equine - that's horse meat to you and I. Now the mystery of what happened to Shergar is finally solved. All joking aside my wife had a mean in our local Burger King only a few weeks ago and complained that it tasted weird, she was also rather ill for the next few days. Okay, so horse meat wonít kill you but I do find it rather distasteful.

Mistress Teresa May whips a shackled slave in her London dungeonSally and Steff in need of some spanking fumToday SkyLondon Mistress Teresa May punishes a slave in her dungeon news reported that a member of staff at Stafford hospital was ''allegedly'' caught taking photographs of patients. I've always felt you are at risk when having a procedure as you are so anesthetised and drugged up you are either sleeping like a baby or on another planet, in a nutshell - helpless. I'm not saying that all hospital staff are perverts but I know of one nurse who used to wear bondage tape under her uniform and that doesn't fill me full of confidence. Anyway, horse meat and perverted doctors and nurses is not what I intended on writing about today. Over the past few days I have been adding many galleries to my site and they have all featured women having their bottoms attended to so I thought I should redress this so I have added a few galleries of men on the receiving end being soundly spanked and punished by strict women these are Caned By The Strict Headmistress- Lazy Husband Gets A Caning and A Mistress Punishes Slaves In Her Dungeon.

Front page image changed from Sally and Steff to Schoolgirl Natasha and headmaster Steve Bickers

31st Jan

Three more FREE galleries added, Sally Cavendar and Steff in Lesbian Sapphic Spanking In The Bedroom and Door To Door Spanking where a cold calling hawker gets her bare bottom spanked and strapped by a father and son and Spanked By Her Husband's Grandpa with Rachel Lloyd
I was going to update my blog last night as I had added another six FREE galleries
which are Partying Wife - Shitty Coffee - Spanked By Mum- Dented Car - Schoolgirl Spanked and Spanked For reading Porn but much to my annoyance I couldn't get my website to load. Later that evening I asked a cousin of mine Sue on facebook to see if she could get my website to load and she couldn't either. Thankfully this morning I had a message from the hosting company saying that they were upgrading servers last night so all is well. Also this morning I had a text message from my cuz saying that she checked the site this morning and had woken up to a face full of arses and had to rub her eyes and put her glasses on. The arses as she so eloquently put it belong to Sally Cavendar and Steff who are on the sites home page at the moment which no doubt put her smile on her face. So especially for you cuz Sue here's another picture of Sally and Steff. Don't get too close to the screen now.

26th Jan
Strict Women - Miss Red spanks a naughty girl%27s bare bum cheeks
Well well would you believe it. After my vent on the 24th Jan regarding opening a business account for my website today I received a phone call from a lady informing me that her bank, one of the main high street ones will provide me with a business account to kudos to them for being reasonable. The next step is trying to be able to take credit cards for payment and this were to happen it will make my life a lot easier.

As I'm a very happy spanker at the minute I'd like to make those of you who read my blog happy to so I hope the picture of my friend the gorgeous strict Miss Red administering a hand spanking to the cute bare cheeks of a naughty girl. And if the sight of Miss Red spanking a bottom doesn't fill you with excitement I'll eat my socks.

You can see more of Ms Red at Oh if only I could but Red sadly is pure Domme!

24th Jan
Kane spanking magazine -  Not for bankers
Today I looked into opening a business account for my spanking magazine sales website and was politely declined because of the subject of the magazines I am selling. As you can imagine I was pretty peeved about this as you can purchase this type of material in many corner shops and independent newsagents as spanking magazines are not illegal. Obviously I'm not going to name the high street bank that declined my business though I'd like to know what right a bank has to decide what type of legal business you can run. I'd like to think that I'm a reasonable person, I wouldn't expect a high street bank to open an account for me to deposit the proceeds of drug trafficking, prostitution, gun running or supplying arms to Iran (which incidentally I don't do), what I would like to do is have a business account so I can deposit the meagre earnings from the sale of a few old editions of Janus and Kane.

If my current application fails I shall approach a well known high street supermarket chain who also offer banking facilities and if they decline me an account I shall politely inf
orm them that their book department is filled with the Fifty Shades Of Grey books that contains much spanking, bondage, riding crops and much more perverse reading including the recent The Secret Life Of A Submissive by Sarah K. or Pauline Reage's classic The Story Of O'. It might also be worth pointing out to these institutions that consider themselves to be whiter than white of what is contained within the covers of The Bible I.E. rape and incest but would they dare close a book shop's account for daring to sell such a book. The answer of course is no.

Chrssie Hynde of The Pretenders sang ''Bad Boys Get Spanked'' and it would be quite befitting to amend the lyrics for certain members of the establishment though I don't think that would go down to well though I could always enlist the help of some rather persuasive female friends who would surely male them realise the error of their ways.

23rd Jan
Schoolgirl Janie AKA Brigella gets a spanking from teh wicked headmaster Kain

Six more photos added to the FREE spanking galleries including Janie AKA Brigella spanked as a schoolgirl by the wicked headmaster Kain, as a poor naive peasant girl who gets a hard alfresco bare bottom spanking from a masked AWOL soldier and as a harem slave girl who gets her bare bottom whipped by her Master

22nd Jan

Sometimes I get to thinking about what could have been if things had been different. Sadly you cannot turn back the clock and that in itself is a good thing. Still, it certainly was an experience... Wasn't it.

Jane gets spanked by her daddy Steve Bickers21st Jan

Another gallery added: Jane Gets Spanked And Caned By Her Daddy.

Jane gets caught out when she bunks off school and goes home early only to discover her daddy played by Steve Bickers has decided to work from home. Oh dear, another bare bottom spanking and caning for naughty
Jane. Oh dear, will the hapless girl ever learn!

20th Jan
Jane gets caught playing with her pussy and gets a spanking and caning from her mum for her sins

Lorraine Ansel gets the cane from her strict aunt Ms Harrison MarksIt's still snowing outside but I'm snug as a bug indoors watching Arsenal get a hammering from Chelsea, at the moment the gooners are 2-0 down. Not good.

New pictures have been added to the Free Spanking Gallery including some of Ms Harrison Marks spanking Jay, Lorraine Ansel, Kelly Hearn and Zoe Rose plus strict Miss Lauren Taylor caning a submissive male.

Two galleries
Spanked For Masturbating where Jane gets caught with her hand in her knickers and Spanked By Her Boyfriend where unlucky Jane gets spanked for teasing her boyfriend when his football team get a hammering.

19th Jan

Winter is back with a vengeance. It's cold and snow lays on the ground and I wish it was summer. Although I have done some shoots outside I didn't't do one in the snow which I think would have been rather novel. I wonder what it feels like to have your bare bottom spanked when it is exposed to the cold element.

I really do prefer long hot summers days and lazing in the garden getting a tan with a bottle of Moet by my side and that reminds me of the shoots that I did do on a hot summer's day. One shoot in particular springs to mind one with two gorgeous girls Sally Cavendar and Steff who were spanked in the garden of the Kane video cameraman's house by the infamous Steve Bickers. The day was absolutely blistering hence the video we were shooting was titled ''Red Hot Punishment On A Red Hot Afternoon''.

I hope the sight of Sally and Steff warm the cockles of your heart on this cold and frosty winter's day. Also two more galleries added Spanked By Her Strict Aunt where Jane gets a spanking from her strict aunt Morgan for drinking her Baileys and getting legless and Spanked By Her Big Brother where Jane gets a spanking from her big brother for borrowing his CDs without asking first
Jane gets a bare bottom spanking from her big brotherSteve Bickers canes Sally Cavandar and Steff alfresco on a hot summers dayJane gets her bare bottom spanked by her strict aunt Morgan
16th Jan

Perhaps it was tempting providence to mention the Noro virus as the next day I came down with the flu, thankfully not that particular bug but one that left me aching and coughing for a couple of weeks and I still haven't shaken the cough off. It's times like this that I could do with a maid to fetch and carry and a nurse to take care or me, well I am a man and we don't suffer things like man flu lightly quite the opposite and as such we need pampering. My friend Zak Jane Kier told me that all I needed to make me feel better was a nurse with a cute bottom and a bare one at that. Obviously I couldn't agree more but for the time being I shall be content with a maid and one with a sore red bottom just like Jane's

2nd Jan

With the Christmas and New Year celebrations over it's back to the grind though I am thankful that I don't have to suffer going back to a stuffy office and suffering the cramped and over crowded London
Underground that's generally full of commuters sniffing spluttering their germs everywhere especially with the nasty Noro virus bug looking for some poor sod to infect .

As the new school term is shortly to begin I thought I'd add a picture of a spanked schoolgirl, a grown up one of course to my first blog of the year. On the receiving end of the spanking is Therese and she is being spanked OTK by Steve Bickers Kane's resident spanker in a still from the Top Marks DVD The Headmaster's Study.

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