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Terms & Conditions


You must agree to these terms before viewing or making a purchase on CliffJamesPhotography.com
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • I understand that the products I am purchasing / viewing may be sexually explicit. That you are of legal age in your location to view/purchase spanking/BDSM material, that you are not offended by the content and are solely responsible for your own action of viewing the content and absolve the site's owner from any legal or any other action whatsoever. If you are under legal age which is 18 in the UK or offended by spanking/corporal punishment/BDSM/Bare Bottoms and nudity.
  • It is legal for me to possess / view sexually explicit material where I live.
  • I believe that the products I am purchasing / viewing now, or may order / view in the future, are within the community standards of the area where I live.
  • I will not allow minors to have access / view the products and materials I purchase.

The above also relates to any website that I own that has directed you to this page, it does not relate to any website that I do not own whose owners have stolen, hot linked or redirected you from their websites to this page.


I do not pass your details on to third parties though I reserve the right to disclose such information if and when required to do so by law.

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