Hi, my name's Lorraine, Lorraine Ansell. I'm 22 years old and I've just come out of university where I took a degree in mathematics.I've come to Kane to talk about spanking, why I like it and how I got into it. It all started when I was at university.The university I was at was really weird and wonderful. One of the senior lecturers there, Mr. Cormack, was a bit of a bastard. No one really liked him because he was very toffee-nosed and full of himself. His attitude was, if you don't listen to me and get it right, you're out. Lorraine Ansel takes her knickers down for a spanking

  When he gave lectures he would always ask the students various questions, and me, being a know all and thinking I knew all the answers would always put my hand up, but I always seemed to get the answers wrong. One day after the lecture had finished he asked me to stay behind. He told me that I'd been getting a lot of questions wrong and that if I didn't buck my ideas up I'd be out of university and I certainly wouldn't get a degree. I didn't like that very much because I didn't want to let down my family who had given me a great deal of support both morally and financially. Also, I'd gone to university to get a degree and it wouldn't look very good if I got thrown out and didn't get it. He was saying that basically he'd get me kicked out if I didn't buck my ideas up. I was very apologetic and said that I'd do whatever I had to do. Obviously I didn't want to lose my place at uni 'cause I was at a very good one.

   Behind his desk he had what appeared to be a ruler, but it was a weird looking ruler it had a handle on the end of it, it looked more like a cane but obviously it wasn't a cane, I now know it was a technical drawing instrument, a tee-square. I tried to charm him by flirting with him, saying, what do you use that for Mr. Cormack? And he said to me, wouldn't you like to know. I said, OK, what do you use it for? And he said, Well let's say we can play this two ways: you can either stay at university by doing what I want you to do, or you can get kicked out now. So I said, alright then, what do I have to do? I said I wouldn't do anything seedy because I wouldn't be interested. I'm not like that. He said, no nothing seedy, all I want you to do Lorraine is lift your skirt up. I thought, oh my God, lift my skirt up, what's going on here, this is a lecturer saying this to me.

   Mr. Cormack wasn't bad looking; he was just so bloody toffee-nosed! I didn't like that; he was very snotty! He always looked down at his students. He was very arrogant. But I said, all right, as I knew I had nice underwear on that day anyway and I just thought, Oh sod it! If it's going to keep my place at university, I'm going to do it. I didn't want my parents to find out I wasn't doing well.

He told me to lift my skirt up and bend over his desk. Then, to my surprise, shock and horror, he's gone "SPANK SPANK" with his hand. I said, hold on, what are you doing? And he said, spanking you with my hand because you're naughty and I enjoy it. I was shocked because I was quite naive at that time, I didn't know that people were into things like spanking.

I don't know what it was, but the way that he spanked me really turned me on. It made my knickers quite wet actually. It's funny when I think about it now, Jesus, this was like, God... He carried on doing it then he picked up the instrument; the tee-square that I mentioned earlier and he started to whack my knickered bum with it.

After ten or twelve slaps with the tee-square he said, Ok I'll give you another chance, you took your punishment well, or should we call it foreplay? I'll give you another chance Lorraine, but you mustn't tell anyone else about what happened today. Happily I agreed with what he said and went off to my room and started studying.

Lorraine Ansel gets a spanking The students used to meet up at the weekend and go to each other's room for parties. It's funny; another girl and me were drunk one night. We were having a laugh and a joke and talking about Mr. Cormack. This is when it all came out. We were half drunk, and I said to her, Mr. Cormack got me to bend over today, and she said, bend over, what for? And I said, well he's into spanking the old bums, like this, and I bent forward, raised my short skirt and slapped my bum. We both fell about giggling and she said funny you should say that, he used to do that to me. Then we asked each other what he did, I said bend over, and I'll show you, so she bent over and I lifted he skirt and spanked her quite firmly on the bum, then I bent over and she spanked me. It was quite a laugh. I'm not really into girls, but this girl was very pretty which made it quite enjoyable for both of us and so I carried on spanking her. I guess that's how I came into the spanking scene.  

As the weeks went on the weekend parties began to get worse and the spanking became more as more people got into it. Then more and more of our friends would come to the parties and we would get really, really, out of it and drink more and more.

Jo: It was your party piece.

Lorraine: Yeah, but it so happened that this Mr Cormack had spanked the majority of the girls in the room.

Josie: And he'd told all of them to keep it quiet.

Lorraine: Exactly. Perhaps that's why the parties got worse! I mean, we were using rulers - I used to wear a wide leather belt to hold my skirt up - that was really good for cracking across bare bums, it left a really wide red band that stung like blazes.

It so happens that I passed my exams and got my degree.

After I'd left university, I used to go to these spanking parties. I used to live in central London and was always passing through Soho, and I used to pop in to the sex shops and like. I didn't realise that there were magazines devoted to spanking and caning. This was good news as I'm quite into spanking: I like reading spanking magazines and books. I love looking at spanking videos and seeing who's in them and watching all of the glamorous and beautiful girls and guys.

I remember going into a particular sex shop and leafing through some spanking magazines and it really turned me on. One thing I vividly remember is seeing a batch of contact numbers in the back of one of these mag's. There was lots of girls and guys who were into spanking and spanking parties and that's how I came across you guys, which has been very exciting, I'm so glad that I found you. I really enjoy starring in the videos; it's a real bonus.

Cliff: Spanking really does turn you on?

Lorraine: Mmm, it certainly does.

Cliff: What do you do for spanking at the moment?

Lorraine: I have several friends that are into it, we'll have a drink and spank each other. That's pleasurable, but when I'm working for Kane it's even more pleasurable because I get spanked and caned...

Josie: And you get paid for it!

Lorraine Ansel spanked by Cliff James the editor of Kane MagazineCliff: To many of our readers you would be a dream come true. A girl that likes to be spanked is a prayer answered. Can you offer any advice to our readers who would like to spank a girl and who haven't yet had the opportunity to fulfil their desire? For instance: how would they go about finding a girl like you to spank?

Lorraine: I would suggest that they get in contact with the people who are running a spanking magazine, like Josie and yourself. I mean, you're always booking models like myself who are very into the spanking scene. So if you guys, or girls, come to that would like me to spank you or if you'd like to spank me, that's no problem. I'm sure we can arrange something, just contact Josie at Kane Magazine.

Cliff: Now that's an offer not to refuse

Lorraine: Yeah. I know all about you Cliff. I heard the Clare Ashford interview on Liberty Radio. You want to be careful: Jo and I might thrash you right this minute!

Cliff: I'm sure I'd love every minute if you were to spank me, Lorraine (I lied).

Lorraine: You are a cheeky bugger!

Cliff: Seriously, I'm certain there are plenty of Kane readers who would just die to have Lorraine Ansell over their lap for a bare bum smacking or vice-versa. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised if you knew just how popular you are. So, if anyone out there wishes to spank or be spanked by you, you'd be happy for them to write to you care of Kane Magazine and for us to forward their letters to you?

Lorraine: Yes, that would be perfect, 'cause spanking is something I enjoy, it is the highlight of my pleasure. To me, spanking is more pleasurable than sex. I love it. It's a real turn on; it's great, and spanking's just brilliant!

Cliff: I'd just like to clarify, you're only interested in people contacting for mutual pleasurable spanking purposes, you're not in the least interested in offering any sexual favours, service or sexual activity.

Lorraine: Oh no, definitely not. This is what I've been saying, sex doesn't interest me. To me spanking is far more pleasurable than sex. I don't enjoy sex, I'd much rather be spanked or spank someone. I like bums: I like spanking people's bums and I like people spanking mine. That's my pleasure.

Cliff: Talking of spanking, do you have any favourite implements or do you prefer a good old-fashioned hand spanking? 

Lorraine: I do like implements but personally I like hand spanking 'cause I think hand spanking, and I really mean this, is far more intimate. At this point, much to our surprise and my delight, Lorraine stands up, lifts her dress and delivers a dozen slaps to her bare cheeks whilst punctuating each word of the following sentence with a resounding slap. I love the touch of someone, spanking my bum Jo, it's just brilliant. D'you know what I mean? It's so intimate. As I said earlier spanking to me is more intimate and I prefer spanking to sex. Therefore when someone's hand spanking me, it's a real turn on cause they're using their hand; but when it comes to implements, wow, ten or twelve strokes of the cane is fantastic. You can't beat it; it really gets through. It's like an instant reaction - instant pain, but it's not pain it's pleasure. Once you've been hit by one stroke you automatically forget about it until the next one. The point of someone dominating me, wanting to spank my bum and using an implement is the height of erotic pleasure. Hand spanking and caning, definitely, and if your going to ask me what cane I prefer I would say the big fat one.

I've learnt that there's three types of cane: there's a very skinny one - a long one, there's a medium sized one and a big fat one. Between the three of them, I definitely prefer the fat one. 

Josie: Talking about canes, we recently found a supplier and we're selling three types of canes just like you've mentioned. I think you've picked up on this when you've worked here. We have a long thin whippy one that we call the junior, then there's the standard school cane which we call the senior, and then we've got a really thick, dense, heavy one which we call the Governess. They're selling very well, which makes me pleased as I feel I'm providing a good service to my clients. Surprisingly, quite a few have been ordered by ladies. You know, when I send them out I feel quite guilty as I imagine that they've been told to order them by their husband or boyfriend. I can envisage the scene when the canes arrive, these poor women bending over, having their skirts raised and their knickers taken down so that they can be caned on their bare bums with the cane I've supplied.

Lorraine: Oh Josie, you are wicked!

Lorraine Ansell sure has a cute spankable bumJosie: I don't care. It's not my bum that's going to be whacked!

Lorraine: Tell me, what are these canes like to use?

Josie: Strangely, I haven't used them yet which is a bit of a nuisance as I'm forever being asked which one's the best and what each one each feels like: does it sting, leave good stripes or bruises and I just don't know what to say.

Lorraine: Why not try them out on me? After all, you're a very attractive woman Josie, and I'd love to be caned by you. In fact, I was hoping you'd cane me but I didn't know how to ask. You give me six of the best with each one and afterwards I'll explain what they feel like.

Josie: If that's what you want, and flattery does get you everywhere. Which cane would you like me to use first, Lorraine?

Lorraine: I'll start with the smallest, the very whippy one. Shall I take my knickers off Josie?

Josie: What for, there's nothing of them. No, keep them on for the time being; you can take them down later 'cause knowing Cliff he's bound to want some shots of you being spanked totally bare bummed.

Cliff: I think the one you've chosen is the worst out of the three.

Lorraine: I think it is too.

Apprehensively, albeit in a state of nervous excitement Lorraine raises her navy crushed velvet dress and bends over, placing her hands on her knees she thrusts out her scantily clad bottom provocatively. Five minutes later, Lorraine has received six stinging cuts of the junior cane.

Josie: I think you took those rather well Lorraine. How's your bum feeling?

Lorraine: Oh it's really stinging. Oh God my bum's really aching. Do you know what I feel like doing? I feel like going home and having a hot bath.

Josie: A hot bath after that!

Lorraine: A hot bath followed by a cold shower. My bum is stinging madly and it's starting to feel quite numb.

Cliff: So the junior leaves a stingy sensation?            

Lorraine: That's what I just said isn't it? Men! Yes, it's very stingy.

Josie: A bit like a whip, isn't it, that thin one.

Lorraine: It's a weird feeling, it's very stingy but the good thing about it is once you've had a stroke you forget about it until the next one cuts across your bum. Each stroke from that cane is extremely painful.

Josie: Is it a sharp quick pain?

Lorraine: definitely.

Josie: Is the pain deep? Or is it like an overall pain?

Lorraine: It's deep. My whole bum feels really sore now. I don't know what I'm going to be like with the next one. 

Josie: Talking of which, which one would you like next?

Lorraine: The middle one please, the senior.

Lorraine resumes her stance and again bravely offers her unprotected rear, this time for six of the best with the junior. After six cuts are administered, Lorraine's bum is covered with deep red, raised tramline like stripes.

Lorraine: Ooh my poor bum. I just can't imagine how I'm going to drive home. The last thing I want to do is sit down. It's just like - Oh God - Jesus; I dread the next one.

Josie: How did the school cane differ from the junior, the thin whippy one, the first one I caned you with?

Lorraine: I'm not sure. What it did though, it brought back memories of when I was at university. That's what he, Mr Cormack used. It was the same sort of feeling. That caning got through to me. The way you did it was very hard it brought back flashbacks - memories. Very stingy, but meaningful stingy.

Josie: I'm afraid we've only got this big thick one left. Are you ready for this? That's if you're still willing to be caned with it.

Strict WomenLorraine: Oh, I don't know if I'm ready for it. I don't know if my bum can take it. God, I've had twelve strokes so far and six with this means - oh my word, that'll be - eighteen strokes of the cane. Oh my God. Still, I can take it. Give it your best shot Jo.

Courageously Lorraine bends forward for her final six strokes, but this time she is a little fearful, knowing that she is about to receive six strokes of the governess cane. The first stroke impacts and for the first time Lorraine cries out. A deep crimson stripe rapidly rises, dissecting the centre of Lorraine's well chasten rear. Another four strokes are delivered, each one bringing forth a short cry from our stalwart young lady and each leaving a sore weal in its wake. The final stroke impacts on the nadir of Lorraine's buttocks, only missing the tops of her thighs by a few millimetres and bringing forth a loud cry of discomfort. A few moments later Lorraine's ordeal is over and she stands up, rubbing her blazing bottom furiously in an attempt to ease the pain.

Lorraine: Oh God, that cane is so painful. My bum feels thoroughly bruised, in fact, I know it's going to be badly bruised. It didn't feel so much like a caning; it felt like a heavy, heavy stripe as if someone was punching my bum, that's why I know I'm going to be bruised tonight. Out of the three I think the first cane one was the worst. The junior is very stingy, very stingy indeed.

Josie: Well I think you've been very brave.

Lorraine: My poor bum is marked to hell now.

Cliff: I hope your not working tomorrow.

Lorraine: I hope not too. I won't know for sure until I get home and check my messages.

After a break in which a liberal amount of cold cream is applied to Lorraine's rear we continue.

Cliff: Are you sitting comfortably?

Lorraine: Not really, my bum is absolutely killing me.

Cliff: Going back to your one to one sessions, I'm sure our readers would be more than interested to know exactly what happens. For example, if a guy was to approach you for a one to one session, what could he expect? 

Lorraine: Every session is different as everyone has their own personal taste and requirement. The guys that I've seen in the past are usually professional people that are into it. Their way of spanking is sexually, because that is their turn on even though sex is not involved.

I can remember one guy, a very nice chap, he liked role-playing, his scenarios really did turn me on, and, the way he spanked me was excellent. He was a schoolteacher and he'd ask me certain types of questions, which of course I purposely got wrong. In this role-play I wasn't exactly a schoolgirl; he wanted me to pretend to be a naughty sixth former. I used to dress up in a black cape, white blouse, striped tie and of course, a black skirt.

He had a room that was complete with a hard wooden bench and authentic school desk. He'd ask me to knock on the door before I entered, that was great 'cause I love role-playing. I think it's very important to get into it. I'd go into his office and he'd tell me off about certain things such as being late for PE or being late for maths or science.

He'd tell me to strip down to my pants that were quite large school knickers, then he'd ask me questions. If I got them wrong, I'd have to put my hands on my head and stand in the corner. Then to my horror, he'd tell me to bend over a vaulting horse and he'd give my knickered bottom a thorough hand spanking.

Lorraine Ansel gets the strap from Ms Harrison Marks of KaneThen every time I got something wrong he would use the cane on me.

This guy was particularly good, as he knew how to spank properly.

I think it's very important when someone spanks you, they have to know where to spank. You don't spank on the legs and you don't spank on the top of the bum; you have to do it on the centre. Also, when you're using a cane you never cane onto the thighs, you do it on the centre of the bum and you do it very accurately and very sturdy. This guy was great. That part of the scenario lasted for about an hour to an hour and a half. He always brought me up to my tolerance level, which is quite high, but as I said earlier, everyone is different, also you have to trust that person.

I love doing one to one because everyone is different and just meeting and speaking to people and them using various implements on me gives me a real buzz.

Cliff: Well I think you've just answered all of our questions. I know you've got a modelling assignment this afternoon Lorraine, would you care to tell our readers what it is?

Lorraine: Not exactly, but I'm doing a television commercial for a well-known ladies product and luckily for me it's only my hands they'll be filming.

Cliff: I must thank you for coming today Lorraine and for being brave enough to try our assortment of canes, but before you leave, I know Josie is itching to give your bottom a good hand spanking and a taste of leather.

Lorraine: I know, she's already asked me. Don't tell her, but she made some excuse about you giving her a hard time if you didn't get pictures of me knickerless. Oh Cliff, If only Jo knew how much I want to feel her hand on my bum.

Cliff: She'll know if she reads this. Thanks for being such a sport Lorraine, not only are you beautiful you're an absolute darling and I wish you every success for the future, and I'm certain you will receive a stack of letter's from Kane readers wishing to meet you.

Lorraine: Why thank you Cliff and thanks to both of you for giving me a great day and a warm bum...    

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