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Scene Ten is the final scene of Strictmoor Academy Year Two. In this last scene all eight students are put through a series of spanking stations for all breaking curfew on their last night at the academy. In station one, Miss Drower smacks the backs of their legs. In station two, Mrs. Cooper spanks them over their panties. In station three, Mrs. Jackson spanks them on the bare bottom and in the last station, the academy of trustees canes them. This is to make sure they have all learned a lesson at Strictmoor and really drive the message home before they return to their homes.
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THE CANE FOR MISS FOXSpanked by her her perverted uncle JohnBare bottom spanking paddlingLulu Lamb is the newest teacher at St. Justs and on world book day she comes into school dressed in a very provocative way. The boys from the upper 6th have been trying to look up her skirt all day. I have called her in to see me for some much needed discipline.Amelia Jane Rutherford has returned to see me so that we may make another film for her. She wants more in her plastic raincoats and so we devise another story. In this one she has been very naughty and I have to give her a good hard caning, I do this whilst she has the raincoat on and then with it off. Loads of great sounds and pictures for plastic raincoat fansSarah Sly private eye is asked to get evidence that a wife is cheating on her poor husband. It does not take long to establish that not only is she cheating but she is also running a house of ill repute from their home. I get a job there and then confront her with what is going on, her husband is present and gives me permission to apply my own form of justice to the bare bottom of this lady.KATIE OVER THE TABLE AND TAKE YOUR CANINGSarah Sly private eye is asked to get evidence that a wife is cheating on her poor husband. It does not take long to establish that not only is she cheating but she is also running a house of ill repute from their home. I get a job there and then confront her with what is going on, her husband is present and gives me permission to apply my own form of justice to the bare bottom of this lady.This is a bit complicated but, Mr. Stern had just been making a film for his Spankers Cook Book, it’s on and he was just discussing with the lady concerned Katy, the possibility of giving her some more spankings when I came on the scene. I soon realized what was happening and so I took over. This young lady got more than she expected as I used a number of very large, nasty paddles on her bare bottom.School girls get a spanking from their mother
Spanked by the TV repair manTrainee teacher Lulu Lamb is by any standards a very pretty girl but that does not mean that I am going to let her come to school dress in the most provocative way, indeed the upper 6th simply did not know what to do with themselves. I have paddled her naughty bottom but now feel that a salutary lesson with the school cane will be in order. Her sweet smile and softly spoken voice will not get her off this severe punishment.My new house mate is about to learn that I mean what I say and when she came to live with me I made the house rules very clear. She was to keep it clean and tidy but she did not, she let my trust down and now she had to pay the price. Her beautiful bottom would be strapped and well punished.As headmistress at St. Justs you will know that I am now taking a  stricter line with parents who do not look after their children or who cause problems for the school. Miss Fox was one such parent and I felt it incumbent on me to call her into he school to explain herself. I have to say I was not satisfied and had to get her agreement to punish her there and then. This the story of her punishment.As Sarah Sly private eye I have solved the case of the unfaithful wife and now it’s just down to the last part of her punishment. Her husband agrees with me that she should be caned and caned hard. I love to use the cane and more especially on those who really do deserve it so I have to admit, I did lay it on quite a bit harder than maybe I should have done.
Go back to the days in the 50's when punishment for naughty girls and boys warranted an over the knee bare bottom spanking. In this video, Sarah Gregory is once again Momma Dana's unruly daughter but she thinks she is a perfect angel. That is, until Momma comes home from work and finds her over her Uncle Givan's knee getting a bare bottom spanking...Amelia Jane Rutherford and at her very best in this extra long story which has something for spanking fans and for those who love plastic macs. Amelia wants a film made of her being spanked in her plastic mac and so we devise a story which means she will get spanked and paddled. She did not however think that she was going to get it quite as hard as she did. Loads of great mackintosh shots as well as heels and legs and more than enough hard punishmentI have started a serious social experiment connected with discipline and punishment. In this part of the experiment I will be testing the amount of pain that different canes inflict when applied with a given amount of force. I have chosen Kali as the ‘bottom’ to receive the swishing and set about my work with all the strength in my arm.Spanked by her daddy for stealing DVDS from the local shopTindra Frost is an exchange student teacher employed by me at St. Justs. It comes to my notice that she has been posing for lewd pictures for an adult magazine and web site, not only that but the boys of the upper 6th have obtained copies and are treating it as a great joke. I will have to make an example of Miss Frost. The school strap applied to her bare bottom may  be just the start of her punishment. I will show no mercy to this young lady.
Violet discovers that breaking rules and missing practice during an important build up to the Cheerleading Championship has dire consequences. Her mother's friend, Samantha, had agreed to be guardian for her on this long trip away and is really upset when she discovers that Violet has been vaping. In Nevada it is legal to smoke marijuana and Violet had been to a Dispensary. Back East this is not allowed and Samantha has strict views on this sort of behavior. Violet's excuse is that was stressed from the upcoming championships and that is why she snuck off and got high! If she was back home, her mother would have spanked Violet hard, but in her absence, Samantha has that duty. She wastes no time reminding Violet what will happen as she Spanked by the school truancy officerGo back to the days in the 50's when punishment for naughty girls and boys warranted an over the knee bare bottom spanking. In this video, Sarah Gregory is once again Momma Dana's unruly daughter but she thinks she is a perfect angel. That is, until Momma comes home from work and finds her over her Uncle Givan's knee getting a bare bottom spanking...Mommy is at her wits end with Sarah's bad behavior and announces she is being sent to a private boarding school, where punished girls receive bare bottom spankings. To show her what's in store for her, mommy turns her over her knee and gives her a hand spanking then sends her to bed.Sarah is being SUCH a disrespectful brat to Mommy! It is late in the morning and she should first of all be up and dressed, and second of all be downstairs socializing with the family. When Mommy comes into Sarah's room to ask her to get dressed and come and spend some time with the family, Sarah is rude, defiant, and tells her no. She tells Mom,
Bedtime spankings Chrissy is grounded and not allowed to have friends over but she decides to have Lola sleep over anyways. Mom thinks she hears talking and goes into her daughter's room, Lola hides. Mom comes back and catches them. She is very upset that her daughter has disobeyed her and has a friend over. Both her and her friend are spanked with mom's hand and hairbrush. They are both very sorry ladies with red sore bottoms.Sarah is very upset about some of the behavior of her soon to be sister in law, Joelle. Not only has Joelle been rude to the family, but she has been dressing like a slut. After Sarah knew she was up to no-good she found some text conversations between Joelle and another guy. Joelle agrees to take the punishment Sarah threatens so that Sarah won't tell her brother what a little slut his finance has been.Elle knows she is in trouble and waits in her room for daddy. He comes in and there is not much talk before her spanking begins. Daddy spanks her relentlessly over her pajamas, panties, and then on the bare bottom. Her spanking ends with his thick belt to really teach his naughty daughter a lesson. It isn't until she is crying real tears that he knows she has learned her lesson.Amelia has won a scholarship to study at a university in the USA and is excited that cheerleading will see her through her years as a student. She is very enthusiastic and is waiting for Coach Gregory to meet her, she is convinced the coach will love her initiative! Coach Gregory is dumbfounded on seeing the attire that Amelia is wearing. It looks like a tacky costume, or something a stripper would wear, it barely covers Amelia's shapely bottom. The whole uniform idea is wrong and what is more, Amelia hadn't read the handbook, which was is important. Of course, Amelia missed the bit about Corporal Punishments as she is about to find out! She is still clueless as to what will happen, so it is spelled out clearly that she can pack her bags and go back home or take the spanking for being such an airhead turning up so woefully unprepared. Sarah spanking Amelia is always a pleasant sight to behold and of course she adds a little embarrassment and humiliation into the spanking punishment. Amelia's facial reactions are priceless... this is one clueless cheerleader that will learn her lesson very quickly!
Over daddy's lap for a well deserved bare bottom spankingWell spanked secretaryRaven gets a hard spanking and strapping over the kneeDaddy spanks her hard with his hand and then takes the strap to her bare bottomAngel gets a spanking and the wooden spoon on her bare bottom
Spendthrift Sarah gets a SpankingPunished on the bare with the heavy paddle and the Reformatory StrapTearful Spanking for a SlackerDia Zerva tells Dr. Ramsey that she doesn't want an enema, and would rather have a spanking instead. The doctor informs her she'll get both! A straight-forward over the knee spanking in a straight-backed chair follows, with spanks applied to her skirt, the seat of her panties and on her bare bottom.Spanked Strapped and Caned into Shape

Professor-Spanks-MaryanneClare-Fonda-Spanks-Zille-Defeuf you know Sarah Gregory at all, then you will be aware that she loves nothing better than to brat! Her partner, John, isn't one for this sort of behavior, in fact he makes it known that he can't handle brats that well! So when they decided to do a domestic spanking film, Sarah wanted to test him and see how much bratting she could get away with. To be fair, John puts up with a lot as Sarah does what she does best! In fact she is so adorably cute that even John finds her behavior amusing at times but eventually the fun stops and he slowly gets his way when her bottom reddens beautifully under his hand. Sarah's perfect round cheeks are given a sound hairbrush spanking as she yelps and kicks out in a lot of pain! This is an awesome spanking film with some great interaction between this real life couple!Ten Amorette is on the receiving end of a long, tearful and brutal mouthsoaping that she will not forget in a hurry. Mom (played by Miss Anna) takes her daughter over her lap for an overdue spanking with the continual disrespect and poor attitude capped by that filthy mouth of hers. When Ten swears and cusses further, Mommy takes her to the bathroom for another spanking whilst reminding her to take a look in the mirror at herself during the punishment. Ten shows no remorse and swears some more forcing Mommy to take the bar of soap, froth it up and make her daughter taste that awful sudsy, cleansing soap bar deep inside her mouth whilst being scolded. Ten finally learns her lesson after several cleansing sessions, her face and mouth a soapy, shameful mess. She will think twice about swearing in front of her mother in the future!After a sound hand spanking, a hard hairbrush spanking, a stinging interlude with the tawse and a twenty-four stroke caning, Lucy must still face one final disciplinary ordeal at the hands of her strict mom. Because she came home half drunk after a night of carousing, Lucy is in for a classic detox, in the form of a warm water enema. Made to re-mount the punishment bench, Lucy is instructed to elevate her buttocks with her palms on the lower step. Mama Chelsea lubricates the long, white retention enema nozzle and inserts it deeply into Lucy's anus then releases the clamp on the hose and begins the flow of liquid from the blue enema bag into the culprit's bowels. Lucy is naturally ashamed at having her bottom probed and filled as discipline for her naughty, immature behavior but submits to all of her mother's commands with complete docility. Once the entire bag has been infused into Lucy's bottom, Mama Chelsea removes the nozzle and replaces it in Lucy's rectum with a flanged anal retention plug. Keeping Lucy in position, with her bottom tilted upwards and her tiny belly full of warm water, mother administers a final, stinging hand spanking to the thoroughly embarrassed and red bottomed girl before allowing her to run off to relieve herself. The last scene concludes with Lucy being allowed to dress and go about her domestic chores, a much chastened and fully cleansed brat.
Kate is far more interested in the fat commission that this overpriced apartment will get her if he takes it and John knows what she is trying to do! She is reminded of the last time she tried to behave this way, she got a spanking and he reminds her that if she wants his continued business then she will take another spanking! She doesn't put up much of a fight... hell, Kate isn't even wearing panties underneath that tight, black sexy figure hugging dress! She is such a hot thing one wonders if she deliberately wanted a spanking. Kate has such a beautiful pert spankable bottom that it is just begging for a male hand to turn it a stunning shade of shameful red! Kate Kenzie is sure to become another favorite at our site and watching her get a spanking we know you will love her too!Jill invites Britney over to her place and this video starts straight in with the girls fondling, groping and caressing each others naked bodies as they take turns to spank each other on the sofa. There's lots of hot sexy impact play to watch before they are caught by Jill's daddy. If they enjoy improper play like this then he will teach them both a lesson and takes each girl over his lap giving them a sensual spanking with a firm hand. Both girls are already so turned on that they can't help but get off to this spanking as his hands soothe and sting their bare, exposed bottoms whilst gently scolding them both. Nuna is placed over her stepmother's lap and spanked, whilst still being scolded. She is rebellious and fails to understand the hurt this causes her father and new mother. A further harder bare bottom hand spanking starts to get through to Nuna. However, when the dreaded bath brush is used, this wooden implement really does teach a painful... very painful and tearful lesson about poor attitude. Nuna is struggling, kicking and crying as the brush does its worst. Nuna is comforted at the end, sniffling and quietly sobbing as her new stepmom wants her to understand that she only has the best intentions for her father and for herJessica Jensen is a retired British Porn star and we filmed her way back in 2012 when she was fresh to the scene and winning awards as Best Newcomer in the UK. Only 20 years old at the time, she really was unable to take any punishment spankings so after a few harder scenes she could only take a light, sensual spanking. In order to warm up, she filmed a hot solo masturbation scene - only available at our clip store - as you're here for the spankings, right? She was still glowing from her recent orgasm and she turned over to reveal a perfectly rounded bottom with clear evidence of her recent spankings. Her sore, speckled cheeks were indeed a sight for sore eyes! This is an erotic and sensual spanking film, with bottom rubbing to soothe her pain with a few harder slaps to keep her from thinking about another orgasm. One thing is for sure, Jessica was not a shy girl and you will see her pert bottom and tight pussy on full display, all beautifully presented. It is a little different from our more traditional films but this is an additional new film update - so we do hope you enjoy this short, erotic spanking video which comes with a set of stills images and extensive video image gallery.Raven's first film is a familiar theme but with the added bonus of seeing her in a ridiculously cute Girl Scout uniform. She was sent home from the Scouts after being punished, this wasn't her first of this day, she had been spanked earlier at school as well. Raven knows the rules and is grounded and sent, without her phone or laptop, to wait in her bedroom dressed in her pajamas ready for bed. By the time daddy gets home, he will have known that she got a spanking at school and at Girl Scouts. Two spankings and the house rule is a spanking at school is a spanking at home. Raven has been waiting so long upstairs and was so bored without any social media that she had started touching herself down there to pass the time. What a naughty girl! Her Daddy is very angry that she isn't learning her lesson and is upset that she isn't even out of the scout's uniform. She is scolded and reminded what happens, but this time she will get a humiliating bare bottom hand spanking and dozens of licks with his heavy leather belt for the two punishments she received earlier. Watch beautiful Raven take this hard spanking and belting punishment, it's a wonderful introduction to a girl we know you will want to see much more of!
Mackenzie is a hard working employee but she gets frustrated with others who are unable to keep up with her schedule and has created a lot of animosity among her fellow co-wporkers. This has come to the attention of HR manager, Stevie Rose, who has a special, trusted method of dealing with this type of delicate situation. Mackenzie is a valued employee but her attitude is appalling. Rather than let her go, Ms Rose decides to give an off the record Another week and another fantastic new girl at Triple A Spanking. This is an excellent schoolgirl punishment video that you shouldn't miss for the scoldings, the authentic school uniform and of course Alice's reactions to her spanking and caning. She eventually receives 12 hard strokes of Headmaster's Dragon Cane (these really hurt) after he loses patience with her continued poor attitude during his showdown meeting with her. Alice ihas been continually punished by the teaching staff and himself for the last 3 months. This meeting will be the last as she is so close to being expelled. This is a serious punishment and depending on how she reacts to him in this meeting, including how Alice takes her severe caning will determine whether he signs the expulsion papers placed in front of her - or not.Another cute new brat makes her debut this week at Triple A Spanking so please welcome Daizy Cooper. This feisty, ebony beauty makes for a terrible roomie as Harley Havik soon discovers in this all girl spanking video. One thing Daizy forgets is NOT to cross Harley, she has a terrible temper and a very hard hand... as this naughty brat soon finds out. Harley confronts her roommate about cheating with her lousy boyfriend and Daizy shows little remorse, laughing at Harley's obvious anguish. In no time at all, Harley pulls giggling Daizy over her lap and attempts to spank the smirk from her face. The message finally gets across when Harley spanks her harder and harder on her bare and evidently sore bottom. This is a hot all girl spanking film which features the mean hand of Harley and the jiggling, round cheeks of Daizy's booty! Foot lovers will also enjoy the spanking scenes as you will get to see plenty of Harley's bare soles and toes with lots of leg kicking from Daizy showing off her sexy tight black socks! sister Veronica persuades Violet to go out and party without their mother's knowledge. Mom had taken them both to Las Vegas as a treat, staying in a nice Strip Hotel suite whilst she is on a business trip. Mom hears the girls trying to leave on the second night and is shocked at their behavior, especially Veronica who is trying to hide evidence of meeting with strange boys on her cellphone. Mom gets to the truth when she reads the texts from a boy Veronica had only just met. The girls sassy attitude and poor behavior infuriates Mom further so she decides to spank and punish them both. She knows exactly how to humiliate Veronica by watching her text this new boy informing him that they will not be going out because their mother will be spanking them! Violet is made to watch Veronica's spanking, as mom scolds the eldest sister and uses a hard wooden hairbrush on her bare, sore bottom. The sisters swap places and Veronica watches her younger sister taking the same embarrassing punishment. Violet's bottom turns a dark, shameful red after the hairbrush is used with great force! The girls are reminded about how their sassy behavior will not be tolerated and that there will always be consequences like this punishment by Mom in the future. This film features a stunning debut by Veronica Weston alongside one of our favorite models, Violet October and our special Vegas Mom, Madame Samantha B.
We are proud to present to you our latest new girl at Triple A Spanking (the 1st of at least 2 this month) who we met recently at a spanking party in Las Vegas. Her name is Delta Hauser and she is a lifestyle switch who has been in the scene for a while but had never ever appeared anywhere on film... until now. This is a long introduction video which features plenty of varying spanking styles that she is familiar with, and we gave this beautiful rock chick a plausible role play for her to be punished (for being drunk and letting people down). More importantly is her debut performance... She is spanked over her tight daisy dukes, then her tight black yoga pants for a long time before they are pulled down revealing her bare bottom turning a shameful burning red. Delta gets to experience the wheelbarrow position (trust us, this is a good one) which we are so well known for - before receiving plenty of leather strappings including a double leather strap finale that adds thud to the sting of the 2 straps used. This is an impressive showcase of a new girl we know you all will be seeing a lot more of over the next few months. We have many more films featuring this lovely lady coming soon, but just enjoy this fantastic introduction for now. How could you not? Just look at her!Witness naughty Luci take her first ever filmed wheelbarrow spanking. This young lady was hesitant at first but willing to try anything once... even though she admitted that this position made her feel very vulnerable and embarrassed to be spread like that, with her parts bared and so exposed! Luci's bottom is given a thorough spanking including the often difficult to reach sit spots that are so easily exposed in this position. As Luci finds out, hitting these parts is rather painful with minimal contact needed. more impact play is used in this potition with a leather paddle that stings and reddens her bottom further. this video also includes some excellent slower motion shots and hides nothing to the imagination. This is an incredibly hot wheelbarrow spanking debut from Miss Luci Lovett!Adriana has once again shamed herself and embarrassed her mommy (Miss Elizabeth) with the latest panty wetting episode at a family picnic. This is the last straw as far as mommy is concerned... Adriana does not appear to be that sorry and continues to argue her case. However, she is told that since she appears to not look that sorry, she will be spanked then placed into a diaper like a baby girl as she can not be trusted. Adriana protests but she is still given a hard spanking over her replacement dry panties and bare bottom before mommy finishes her punishment with the hairbrush. After being continually scolded, Adriana is told to bring the baby talc powder as she is cleaned and fitted with the diaper. Her humiliation is complete and Adriana hides her face in shame!Apricot has been sent to the school nurse (Sarah Gregory) as she claims to be feeling very unwell and has asked to go home. However, nurse Gregory is experienced in knowing which girls fake illnesses to get out of school or tests and can feel no feverish temperature that Apricot claims she has. The only way to test this is to take her temperature the old fashioned and most re;iable way, rectally! The desperate girl really wants to get out of school so agrees to undergo this humiliating procedure. Of course she fails and her ruse is mocked with an angry scolding by the nurse as she calls Headmaster to inform him of Apricot's deception. In the second part of this film he scolds Apricot further and informs her that this behavior has consequences with a spanking and leather paddle punishment to be carried out over his knee. Her pristine regulation navy knickers are pulled down revealing the white gusset as her bottom is turned a shameful burning red, first with his hard hands then with the school punishment paddle. Her punishment was complete when she was close to tears, feeling very sorry for herself. The foolish girl is then told to sit in the corner wearing the dreaded Dunce cap to reflect on why telling lies have consequences.AAA-Molly-Malone-014-2
This is a very grown up movie despite our fun and childish excuse to get Jean spanked! We know... dress her up in a ridiculously short nursing uniform and thrash her in it! This contains great banter as nurse Bradley is summoned to Dr Kennedy's office where her nonsense uniform and legendary bed baths have caused all sorts of unwanted attention in the Geriatric Ward of the hospital! Dr Kennedy has discovered another way of ensuring his patients are not put through unnecessary stress by giving this naughty nurse an old fashioned hand spanking and walloping with a hairbrush to remind her to be more professional when caring for the elderly gentlemen! It's not often we get to see this fearsome Domme, Jean Bradley, given a good whacking nowadays, so please enjoy this rare role reversal as you'll see her bum got quite sore and tender!Luna Lain and Zara Diesel are 2 new hot additions at Triple A. This is a very sexy girlfriend spanking film with real tenderness, love, affection and desire for each other's pert booties! Here at Triple A we love all forms of spanking and impact play between consenting partners. We don't harp on about the spanking must always be harsh or punishment orientated, we have plenty of films like that. We like to consider our films have much more considerable range, unlike some... and this film is genuinely hot. Just look at Luna and Zara (for goodness sake), rarely seen in this context. Watch them make out, undress, spank, grab and massage intimately each other's bare bottoms. Luci has been bailed out by the only family member able to, her Uncle Rob. However, she needs to be in his care and she is far from grateful. She plans to go out and meet her friends, with no remorse or grattitude about her current plight. As Mr Rob is quickly finding out... his niece is one spoiled, mean girl who only cares about herself. It's his house, his rules... and he threatens to rescind the bail conditions unless she receives a good old fashioned spanking for being such a brat! Luci is embarrassed but worse is to come when he stands her up to remove her tight shorts to give her a much needed bare bottom hand spanking! Now she knows he means business but she still isn't learning her lesson so he removes his thick leather belt, lays her on the sofa and straps her until her bottom turns a shameful burning red! This movie has some great facial tearful reactions, close up strapping footage and a bonus slow motion hand spanking scene at the end. This is a great debut from Luci Lovett and Mr Rob who have great uncle/niece chemstry that shows!
Snow has proof that ace graduate student and junior sorority sister Elori, has been selling term papers for big $$$! It's a disgrace to Lambda Sigma Zeta that must be addressed at once. So the statuesque goddess turns the tiny, yet exquisitely voluptuous brunette over her knee and spanks her. Skirt, pantyhose, panties and bare bottom are burnished in turn by Snow's tireless hand. Elori's luscious round backside turns pink, then rosy red under the relentless barrage of crisp, ringing smacks.Not deeming Elori properly repentant, even after having been stringently disciplined and sternly lectured on the impropriety of dragging the sorority's reputation down, Snow insists that the diminutive miscreant learn a further lesson over her spanking horse, with her bare bottom thrust up for the brush, strap and cane. After a hairbrush paddling, a lambasting with leather and two tastes of rattan, the small brunette learns the meaning of regret, with a beautiful, sore, red seat to remind her of her punishments for days to come.Arthur finally spanks and paddles the truth out of the small submissive, as to why she is really taking Nikki's punishment for her so willingly that day. Suffice to say, Violet blurts out as much truth, at last, to make sure that Nikki will indeed be spanked. Nikki is all protests and indignation as her husband pulls her across his lap and begins to smartly belabor her voluptuous bottom with his very hard hand, then a leather paddle. With her tiny, shapely, fully nude, creamy body on display, rosy nipples erect the whole time, Violet watches with glee as Arthur bares Nikki's beautiful bottom, spanks her on the pantyhose, bikini's and then, stunning bare backside.Nikki's surrogate for a hard spanking. Nikki was born to play this role. She's extremely comfortable having someone else bare her bottom to take the spanking, paddling and strapping she herself has earned. She gets completely involved in directing the play, as her husband accepts the gift of the exquisite, pale blonde girl, to punish as he chooses.
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Hard Bare Bottom OTK SpankingNaked Novice Caned SeverelyA Harsh Punishment For A ShrewSuzanne Gets A Naked StrappingOur Spanking Network
Schoolgirl Wife Spanked HardCyber Thief's Severe PaddingHard Paddling On A Big Bare BumKnickers Down For The PaddleSpank Pass
Driving The Lesson HomeDirty Stopout SpankedSpanked And Paddled Red RawCyber Thief's Caning PunishmentHD Spank
The Pain of GivingFiance Gets A SpankingBare Bottom Bedroom SpankingEarly Morning bare StrappingsSpanked Schoolgirl
Spanked Red Raw OTKReal Punishment And Real TearsReal Life Punishment SpankingBare Bottom Bedtime SpankingsClare Fonda Pass
Sarah's Strict MommyBoarding School SpankingsSpanked By Her Mother OTKSpanked On Her wet Bare BottomNorthern Spanking (NSI)
Spanked By Her Best FriendSpanking Her Personal AssistantPunished At Strictmoor AcademyStrictmoor Punishment SpankingsStrict English CP
A Tearful Spanking For ApricotSarah's Summer SpankingsSarah's Summer Spankings Pt 2Sarah's Summer Spankings Pt 3English Spankers
Naughty Bonnie Gets The CaneNew Girl Gets A Hard SpankingBonnie Gets Harsh PaddlingSpanked Over Her tight JeansRed Stripe Films
Nurse Sarah Gets The StrapSchoolgirl Gets Her Bum PaddledA Severe Punishment CaningPandora Blake Caned SeverelyFirm Hand Spanking
Pandora Blake Gets A PaddlingA Harsh Paddling For PandoraMother Superior Give A BeltingTawsed On Her Bare ArseSpanked Cheeks
Painful Caning At The Camp SiteOTK School SpankingSpanked By The HeadmasterAmber's Spanking ConfessionSt Mackenzies
Knickers Down For A SpankingA Harsh Birching At BedtimeSpanked by Her Older SisterSpanked By Her Older Sister Pt 2Good Spanking
Spanked By An Evil BitchCaned In Leather BootsSarah's Got A New CaneCaned Red RawSpanked Cheeks
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Punished Hard With The CaneHannah Gets a Slippered BottomWifey Gets Her Bare Arse PaddledThrashed Side By SideSpanking Images
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Classic Spanking MagazinesStrict English Corporal Punishment

Elizabeth Exposed And SpankedElizabeth's Shameful Slippering Leathered On Her Bare ArseA Hard Caning For ElizabethExposed And Strapped 
Sasha Harvey Gets A SpankingAn OTK Spanking For JodieA Severe Spanking For SimpsonElizabeth Spanks Paige HardPunished With The Hairbrush 
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Helena Gets The HairbrushCrawfords Spanking DetentionHer Bare  Bottom Strapped HardMiss Smith Straps HardRosaleen Gets The Cane 
Justice Will Be ServedCan't spell, Get CanedA Weekend Of PunishmentThree Girls Get The CaneA Severe Punishment Caning 
Debbies Spanking AppointmentA Painful DetentionLying wife Gets Punished HardHousegirl Gets Severe SpankingAngela Gets A Severe Caning 
Thrashed On The BareSent For The RodBare Bottom GirlfriendsCaned For Being Late AgainKaren Gets A Caning 
Ally's Bedtime PunishmentDepartmental DisciplineStepdaughter's SpankingA Shocking PunishmentWet Knicker Spanking 
Tickets Deserve a SpankingPunished With The HairbrushDriving The Spanking HomeSpanking The BridesmaidsA Severe Caning For Alex 
PT SlipperingWhipped With Her Own CropPlagiarism PunishmentHarley's Painful PunishmentRevenge Is Sweet 
Spanking The SystemFBI SpankingsBambi Gets A SpankingDorothy's Spanking PunishmentDaddy's Hard Spanking 
Tennis Club SpankingAmi Gets Caned HardCaned By The School CounselorPunished With The Riding CropA Summer of Spankings 
Work TripHow To Quit SmokingBorstal Girls Get PunishedYou Stole My RoutineAnnabelle Gets A Spanking 
Off Duty PunishmentSpanked in the ShowerJust Desserts for a Cheating WifeDetention and PunishmentCross Country Spankings 
Towed AwayThe Matron's AlternativeLiars Get The SlipperValedictorian DisciplineMore Percussive Therapy 
Irresponsible BehaviourMommy's HomeDiscipline In The Work PlaceOutrage In The Common RoomOffice Discipline FD
Rep-Remand FDThe Interviewee FDStaff Motivation FDButler Duties FDThe Family Strap
Schoolgirl Caning ExperienceMotivating MelodyThe Small Price of a BicycleHaircut for DariusMaking Linny a Better Girl
Net NutralityHow Bad Can it BeI Hate CheerleadingHotel MisbehaviourDiscipline Still Requitred
Pickball PaddlingSlumber PartyWayward WivesIn TroubleThe Touch of Discipline
Maddy;s AuditionLearning About Discipline 1Learning About Discipline 2Helen Gets The CaneThe Dreaded Wooden Hairbrush
Lyra Gets The PaddleHelen Gets The YardstickAlison Gets The Leather StrapPaddled On Her Bare BottomBelinda Lawson Gets The Tawse

Tifffany it seems will do anything for money. She hires herself out as a one to one spanking partner and today she has had a spanking. Her customer Karl however wants to go a little further and so she finds a nice large leather paddle in her toy bag. He gets her to undress for him, slow and sexy and then bending over his couch he gives her the hard paddling he is paying forWhen Mr Stern hired the services of a one to one spanking model he was delighted when big boobed Katie turned up. He was less pleased when she revealed the marks from a previous spanking on her bottom. He decided that instead of a simple spanking he would be giving her a real paddling with a nasty acrylic paddle. She had to bend over her giant tits on display while she took a real hard beating from this nasty paddle. She was starting to regret her visit to Mr. Stern but he has only just started on her.
Spanking SarahSpanking Sarah
Rosaleen Young images courtsey of our friends at Firm Hand Spanking and Spank My Bottom
Miss Drower smacks the backs of their legs. In station two, Mrs. Cooper spanks them over their panties. In station three, Mrs. Jackson spanks them on the bare bottom and in the last station, the academy of trustees canes them.Bonnie gets a punishment caningCare worker gets a spankingThieving secretary gets a hard hand spanking followed by the dreaded hairbrush. She is one sorry girl by the end of her spanking.Cheerleader Apricot gets a spankingSarah was so embarrassed by her friend last night at the bar. Kate was getting way too drunk and giving all the guys her number, not to mention making a complete fool of herself! The next morning Sarah plans to have a little talk with her best friend which includes a much deserved spanking for her foolish behavior! Spanked over their skirts, and over their girdles, over their panties, and then on the bare bottom with BOTH hand and hair brush.
Pandora Blake caned severelySpanked SchoolgirlsNew girl gets spankedSpanked for reading Kane MagazinePandora Blake CanedSpanked over her tight jeans

hard caning and spanking

mic_bc001The English Governess severe corporal punishment spanking and caning of errant malesabuse_d002ARESPECT-DSC_0234-copymic_bc003STEVE-BICKERS-JEAN-BRADLEYBonnie gets a hard bare bottom paddling

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 Above - Mistress Serena courtesy of my friends at Femme Fatale Films


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Your Arse is Mine To PegIs My Strapon Big Enough
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Heels Cock CrushingMerciless CBT
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The English Mansion Strict Fem Dom
Red raw Arse And ThighsA Severe Punishment CaningHenry Gets His Arse StripedA Cold Caning For JamesCaned And Cock Caged
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A Real Hard Bare Bum CaningThief Gets His Bum BruisedPaddled In The RawBeaten On The BedA Hard Caning For Parker
Spanked By His GirlfriendCaned For No Weight LossSports Mistress Canes HardDebtor Gets Bruising Caning Butler Gets His Arse Caned
Spanked For Being NoisyHis Arse Spanked Red RawSpanked & Strapped HardBig Man Gets A SpankingSpank That Bare Butt Hard
Spanked On The CouchA Bedtime Spanking For DanielAn OTK Spanking For AnthonySpanked On The Bare OTKPaddled And Strapped Hard
An OTK Spanking For TomSpanked By The NurseSpanked Over His Wife's KneeGirlfriend Spanks OTKPunished With The Hairbrush
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Rep-RemandHis Sadistic MistressI Never Done ItSissy Gets Dressed & AbusedCash Cow Husband
The IntervieweePainful PleasuresNurses Wet Bed SexSissy Maids Big MessStiletto Heel Cock Trample
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Outrage In The Common RoomCruel Mistress Session Pt 1Female Punishment OfficerMistresses Sissy Fuck SlutThe Cock Locked Husband
More Percussive TherapyCruel Mistress Session Pt 2Painful Medical MilkingTiffany Sissy Gets MilkedFirst date Surprise
love for strapon fucking their submissive male slaves
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Kitchen Caning - 26th May, 2017My Smoke Slave - 19th May, 2017Snatched - 17th May, 2017Blasted Balls - 12th May, 2017
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The English Mansion Strict Fem Dom 
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Pony Boy's PunishmentExtensive Medical MilkingTesting His CockThe Slave InstitutionSperm Production Clinic 
Night In The Slave PitAbused In The WoodsArse Lick RewardPussy In BootsHis Sadistic Mistress 
Triple Hot PeggingSkool Sanctions Pt 2Humiliated CuckoldHer Chained Fuck SlaveHumbled And Hobbled Maid 
Ely's Special GirlCaged Sex PestDressed And AbusedPretty Girl PlaythingParty At Dungeon Manor Pt 3 
Big Trouble For A Little SissyBeach MaidMess On The MaidLittle Man HandledQueen Takes Pawn 
Hate Fuck Work For A Tongue SlaveStrapon Virgin Recruit's HumiliationChastity Release Tease 

Maid's Misfortune

Big Boy StraponDouble Domme TreatmentStrapon BitchGround and pound Pony 
Passed AroundQueened And FuckedTaken For SexDouble Fuck Sex DroneFucked Edged And Denied

FemmeFataleFilms Fem Dom Pictures and Videos
Mistress Serena's caged foot sniffing slaveMistress Bella Bathory (a real life dominatrix) punishes him severely with a cane and has him kiss her feetClare Fonda spanks him long and hard over her knee and seals the deal with a hard wooden paddle.John gets spanked by his girlfriend Sarah Gregory. She puts him over her knee in the living room and gets him kicking and squirming as she warms his bottom with a hard spanking, using her hand a painful leather paddle.Alex Reynolds spanks her half brother Tai Crimson one last time to teach him a valuable lesson. He has been improving with the disciplining training she has been giving him, but he needs one last hard punishment and she delivers with otk hand and bent over with a painful leather strap
Mistress Bella Bathory visits the house of her friend's husband, where she starts the 4th day of his training. Today, he has a spiral metal device placed around his penis and then he is bent over the kitchen sink for a spanking with a wooden spoon and cane, leaving him marked and in pain. James gets a cold caningA severe caning for HenryCaned by Mistress SarahA severe caning for Larry
Busty blonde Milf in heelsAnal Violation features Divine Mistress Heather, Mistress Lady ReneeBlonde Milf in BootsSmoking Mistress Anal Violation features Divine Mistress Heather, Mistress Lady Renee
opacity: 1; border: 1px solid white; margin: 4px; width: 200px; height: 300px;Anal fucking machineTraining her sissy maidMistress Eleise De Lacy Punishes her TV slavesPegged on his wedding night
Mistress Eleise De Lacy tortures her slave with hot candle waxCABLE-MAN-DSC_0818-copyOFFICE-ASHTRAY-22umd3OFFERING-HIMSELF-DSC_0226-copy
Two masterful latex ladies torturing their leashed slaveMiserable slave gets a strapon fuck for licking Mistress cleanWanna get hired? You'll have to do your best for Anya's feetPoor foreign student gets his first femdom experience
FD-DEBUT-01Slave gets gagged and whipped before being allowed to lick domina's solesBeautiful mistress Irina humiliating masked slave in front of the brick wallSkinny slave of two brutal mistresses gets the roughest anal workout everFD-DEBUT-02
Hot domme with the face of a teenager and with CBT skills of a pro torturerPathetic slave almost loses his nuts and ends up with a candle in his anusSissified boy toy gets a totally devastating anal fuck from his rough dommeSexy Mistress is eager to bruise her worthless new slave's skinny white assPathetic slave almost loses his nuts and ends up with a candle in his anus
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caged-sex-pet www.realstrictwomen.comCD-dressing-chastity www.theenglishmansion.websitehumbled-hobbled-maid-punishment www.theenglishmansion.websitecaged-sex-pet www.realstrictwomen.comCD-dressing-chastity

INCOMPETENCE - www.femmefatalefilms.netKITCHEN-CANING - www.femmefatalefilms.netLondon Mistress Lady Seductress www.femmefatalefilms.netSNATCHED www.femmefatalefilms.netINCOMPETENCE -

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FREE VIDEO 1     FREE VIDEO 2    FREE VIDEO 3     FREE VIDEO 4 Mistress Sidonia of The English Mansionwww.realstritwomen.comThe English Governess severe corporal punishment spanking and caning of errant males
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Free CBT picturesFree CBT Pictures
Extreme CBT

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