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21st December 2012...

Today is the day that the world according to the Mayan's is supposed to end. Well it's late in the evening so if it doesn't come soon it ain't gonna happen. It tickles me pink to think of the dim witted buggers who are waiting by the Pic de Bugarach for an Alien spacecraft to rescue them while I sit at home nice and snug with a chilled bottle of Moet... In the words of Harry Enfield 'Nice but dim' Couldn't have put it better myself.

On a tangent it's been a wonderful year, a fruitful year and a better one I couldn't have wished for so I think it befitting to post a message and offer thanks to many jealous arseholes that managed to get me in a deep pile of shit in a previous place of employment with a photo that I posted on my blog on the website. Jealousy is an evil thing and I truly believe in Karma, that everything comes to he who waits, three in the bush, Fred's underpants and the like. Some people enjoyed being on the band wagon, onr telling stories of how her boyfriend used to chase her round the bedroom with a whip and who she would like to spend a few more days with, she who wanted to make a few quid on the side by being a Mistress. Ha ha! If I didn't like the song 'Room's On Fire'' so much I would dedicate it to her though on reflection perhaps Alice Cooper's ''Poison'' or Sid Vicious' version of ''My Way'' is more apt or even the B side of Peter Sarstedt's ''Where Do You Go To'' which has the delightful line in it ''Come home to some poxy hag, just like you an Aretusa Loser''.

Now that my vent is almost  complete I'd like to let the sad bastards know that the lady in the photo was actually Teresa May,  my closest and dearest friend and much more, and that the photo is a bit of harmless skylarking fun between friends and nothing more but sadly the perverse and twisted minds of the jealous ones couldn't see the innocence; all they saw was filth. Isn't it surprising what evil warped minds can concoct but then again when the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head I guess I shouldn't be surprised at all. Happy Christmas.

19th December 2012

Saffy hot pussy licking lesbian sexOne thing I like about being in the adult industry is making new friends, especially pretty female ones. I've known Saffy for a few years now and she is a remarkably sexy lady and had I known her when I was making spanking videos I woud have hired her like a shot. Spanking isn't all this hot girl is into though as she is very much into bondage, lesbian sex and loves nothing more than submitting her naked body to a dominant alpha male. One thing I adore about this gorgeous lady is she isn't a taker and has helped me out on numerous occasions which is why I am more than happy to host her images. If you'd like to see more of this hot babe and see her in some pussy licking lesbian action click here and here

16th December 2012

It seems that good news is always followed by bad news. Yesterday was one of my daughters' birthday and I had a wonderful time with her and her family; today I received a message from Josie Harrison Marks of Kane Magazine telling me that Peter Hooper AKA Gramps passed away last Wednesday. Peter featured in the Top Marks video The Games Schoolgirls play and a few others, he also did some shoots for Jane and I when we had our websites and also for the Kane website. 
Peter came to every one of the Kane and KaraJayne spanking parties and was known to and loved by many. and was a very generous person, too generous in fact and many's the time he treated me and many others to breakfast  before a spanking party. R.I.P Peter. I hope you are enjoying yourself with a bevvy of gorgeous spankable bottoms in that big spanking party in the sky.

12th December 2012

Christmas day is only thirtheen days away as is my birthday so the 25th if a very special day for me and I intend to make the day a spanking good one.

I's been quite sometime since I attended a spanking party let alone a Christmas spanking party but I do have fond memories of the ones I used to organise for Kane along with the KaraJayne Academy. Decorating the bare cute bottom of a pretty girl a seasonal shade of red along with a few raised stripes is a delightful pastime and one that I truly recommend. Nothing beats 'excuse the pun'  having a bare bottom draped across your lap, spanking it with your right hand and sipping from a chilled glass of Moet held in your left and with that though in mind I shall raise my glass and toast all of the ladies whose bare bottoms I have warmed over the years. Seasons Beatings to all of you. Click here for a free Christmas Spanking Party Gallery

4th December 2012

Many years ago a female friend of mine told me that many models who are blonde and beautiful have been spoilt from a very young age and always get what they want. Having been in the industry for many years I should have realised that her words were true but like the majority of men I have been taken in by womanly charms and looks. My female friend was indeed right and it's been proved to me many times so in future it will be a case of...''Beware the devil woman''!

Vent over... Here's a picture of the gorgeous Sam Johnson who certainly doesn't fall in to the above catagory, being spanked.

3rd December 2012

Oh my it's December and that special day is not far away. I have been busy with the preperations for the festivity such as erecting the Christmas tree and putting up various Christmas lights and finishing of my Christmas shopping which seems never ending. One of my daughter's has her birthday in December which adds to the expense, but hey, who cares everyone is happy and getting in to the mood of the season. While taking out my Christmas decorations I came upon two soft toys which were used in a shoot with the gorgeous Lucy Bailey so I thought it apt to add a bit of seasonal spice to my blog. Enjoy.

21st November 2012

Today I decided to take a break from real web-work and spend sometime adding a spanking picture gallery to my site of assorted spanking pictures just for the hell of it. While working my way through my archives I came upon a photo set that I did with girl called Jane who I used to do website with. This particular set brought back memories of the fun and games we used to have while shooting. 

We had decided to take a short break and Jane and I were in the kitchen. While making coffee Jane thought it would be funny to lace Marc's with cigerette ash and not tell him until after he had drank it which is what she did and the poor sod did unknowingly drink it. Jane soon broke into fits of laughter and confessed her wickedness, Marc although seeing the funny side immediately picked up a tawse and began whacking Jane's bum vigorusly... Coffee break over and back to work.. It's a hard life at times.

20th November 2012

This coming thursday are holding a spanking party close to Kings Cross to help raise funds for one of the girls, Donna, who I worked with many times and is sadly suffering from Hodgkin's lyphoma. If you would like to attend and spank and cane  many gorgeous girls you can email Dublin O'Brien at or give her a call on 07871 446 693 for more info. Please let her know where you found her details.

19th November 2012

Miss Red of red-xxxIt's always a pleasure to meet new people especially females who work in the industry and Ms Red is no exception. One of Bruce Springsteen's songs tells of how it takes a redheaded woman to get a dirty job done and after viewing Ms Red's website that is certainly a true statement so if you haven't seen it you should get get over to and see what you are missing . I'm not saying whether I've ever got down on my knees and tasted a redheaded women or had my tyres rotated by one but I have known a few in my time... Haven't I, Sweet Submission...

On a tangent... I've been looking to get hold of tickets to the London Erotica exhibtion only to find out that it isn't on this year. To be honest that really doesn't surprise me as it was becoming nothing more than an over-priced fetish market. Not only were tickets costing an arm an a leg a few years back I paid almost eight quid for a jacket potato with hardly any topping. Now as those who know me will confirm I'm not a cheapskate in fact I'm frequently castigated for spending to much. As a colleague some years back told me, I don't mind looking a c**t it's when I feel a c**t I feel a c**t. And that's how I was feeling. Maybe it's good the curtain has finally closed on the rip off event. 

15th November 2012Josie Harrison Marks bithday girl

Sue EllisToday is the birthday of my good friend Ms Harrison Marks of Kane Magazine, so here's wishing you a wonderful and it's expected to be said a spanking good one Princess.  Bet you have a hangover tomorrow. Luv ya x

Today is not onlyJosie Harrison Marks birthday as she also shares her birthday with Sue Ellis who appeard in Kane Magazine and Many Kane Videos so happy birthday to you as well Susan wherever you are.

13th November 2012

Today I'm going to vent my feelings towards a particular woman (Mistress) who I find rather pretentious. I'm not a submissive person; quite the opposite in fact though I know many women who are professional Mistresses, Dominatrixes call them what you will who I have met through the industry and who have remained good friends or just aquaintances. A professional Mistress by nature of her profession will take all she can from a male (slave) and as soon as he has nothing left to offer, no cash, no lavish gifts or services such as cleaning her home or being her chauffer she won't give him the time of day which if you are a submissive male and visit a pro domme is par for the course and to be expected. 
    Being in the industry I have approached many females with business propositions; some have said yes and some no, either way it's not a problem for me though what does cheese me off is women, and there has been one recently who thinks she is the Queen of Sheeba. Yes my dear you are gorgeous and you have men falling at your feet wanting to serve and to give you all their worldly possessions but I'm not one of them and never will be so show a little respect as you will reap what you sow.   The above comments are not directed towards Mistress Red or Mistress Teresa May who are ''normal'' people.    

10th November 2012

As readers of Kane will know it mainly features women women being spanked by men though there have been occasions when a masculine bottom has been reddened with a firm female hand or cane. Lauren Taylor first featured in the Kane video 'Lottery Loser'' where she had her bare bum walloped though at the end of the video the tables were turned and she showed her true colours by really laying into poor Gavin. 

When Lauren did an interview for Kane she explained how she had worked as a professional Mistress and how much she had enjoyed her work  so we thought it would be a good idea to do a shoot with her showing her as she really is. I think you'll agree by the state of the poor man's bottom that she really did enjoy her work.

8th November 2012

Blushes Number 2 coverYesterday I took delivery of a batch of Blushes spanking Kane 85 cover with strict Margaretmagazines for my website that included a copy of Blushes number two and some latter copies of Kane including a copy of Kane's 100th anniversary edition. While adding these to my online shop I looked at the covers that I had taken for Kane during my time with Josie. One that caught my eye was Kane number 85 that has a cover of a very strict looking mature woman posing with a cane. The lady in question Margaret and her husband Tony who's life style included much corporal punishment though it was Tony who was frequently caned on his bare bottom. 

5th November 2012

Lynn Paula RussellRecently I purchased a spanking enthusiasts collection of magazines to resell which included many copies of Janus. While flicking through them I was shocked to find an article that mentioned a particular character who I personally knew had died which made me think it a good idea to check up on friends and acquaintances that I have made through being in the spanking scene. One person in particular that I have known for quite some time is the talented artist Lynn Paula Russell.

I first came upon Paula when she illustrated Janus. As other admirers of Paula's work will know she not only illustrated Janus' sister magazine Februs she also edited it  and also contributed to the short lived Fessee magazine. However, there is much more to this talented lady that spanking illustrations. Hanging on the Flowerscape by Lynn Paula Russellwall of my new office is a framed picture of a 'Bodyscape'  which is far away from the world of spanking and shows how versatile Paula is.

Paula has many samples of her work on her own website  along with a shop where you can buy prints and downloads, she is also selling many pieces of her original spanking artwork at an online gallery called Talisman Fine Art The site isn't the easiest to navigate and you need to email them to ask what is for sale. 

27th October 2012

As it's Halloween weekend I thought I'd post a picture to enter into the spirt of things. This is taken from a Vampire shoot I did with Jane Watts AKA Brigella for one of our websites. 

The shoot turned out to be  much darker than we excpected in more ways than one. Enjoy the witching hour.

22nd October 2012

Yesterday I had a wonderful day with one of my daughters who looked as gorgeous as ever and I'm sure she is getting prettier with each day that passes, today however is going to be a sad one for sure. 
   There are times during our life when events bring home that fact that we are all mortal and are here for a short period of time that is deemed to be a lifetime and the life span of a human isn't terribly long as the older we get the quicker life passes us by. Today is the funeral of my next door neighbour, he wasn't a young man by any means and he had just retired from many years of hard graft. A few days later he was found on the kitchen floor; he was gone. A couple of days before his death we had been talking and venting our views on the government's proposed changes in pensions and retirement ages. Younger readers of this may think we are a couple of whinging old farts but I'm sure you will be exactly the same as us when you reach our age that's of course if you do. R.I.P my friend.

Although I wanted to mention my deceased neighbour in my blog I don't want it to be all doom and gloom. Looking through my archive of pictures I decided to post a couple from a shoot that was done for a photostory called ''Lady Of The Manor'' that featured a girl called Kelly Hearn who played the part of the maid and Ms Harrison Marks the Lady.

17th October 2012

Talking about spanking parties in my  previous blog update made me think I should post a blog about a Kane spanking party which Josie and I used to run with our friends at the KaraJayne Academy. These were real fun days, a chance to meet up with both the girls that worked for Kane and the clients who use to attend our parties on a regular basis, not only that it was an excuse, as if one was needed to get drunk and to spank and cane the bare bottoms of the gorgeous Kane girls.  However, it wasn't just the girls who had their bare bottom caned as may of the guys that attended enjoyed feeling the lash of rattan against their bare skin. Naturally the girls were more than eager to oblige and took delight in showing off their caning skills.  Ouch!

14th October 2012
Over the years I worked with many girls though only a few have kept in touch and some remain good friends thanks to social networking sites such as facebook which makes keeping in contact so much easier. One such person is the lovely Natasha AKA Dublin O'Brien who runs Cheeky Spanking Parties. A while back she invited me to one of her parties as her guest and who am I to decline such an offer. It had been a few years since I had seen her and she hadn't changed a bit in fact she looked better than ever, quite gorgeous and most spankable. Natasha is a girl who really enjoys being spanked and caned and the harder the better and I have had the pleasure of doing just that. 
    If you would like to go along to one of Natasha's Cheeky Spanking Parties you can arrange this by visiting
     While shooting the Video Three Tales of Woe Natasha became quite irked that 
she had to wait so long for her scene, what I was tempted to do was take her to one side and give her a damn good thrashing for her cheek though a striped bottom is not good to have at the beginning of a shoot so that came later, and that I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Another video she features in is The Headmaster's Study where she plays the part of the head girl who gets caught selling spanking videos to the junior girls and gets spanked and caned on her gorgeous bare bum  by the headmaster Steve Bickers.
3rd October 2012

The first video I did the stills for was the Kane video Three Naughty Schoolgirls that featured Lorraine Ansel, Lesley Sey and Debbie Hoare. Filmed it what was then the Kane office where there was hardly room to swing a cat let alone a swishy cane.  Lorraine played a truant who was spanked and caned by the headmaster. The scene began with Lorraine being spanked with a slipper and when the camera rolled her spanking began, however, the guy doing the spanking really laid in to poor Lorraine's backside with so much gusto that we were all taken aback, especially Lorraine who jumped up like a scalded cat. After a brief pause and a word in the spanker's ear the spanking and filming resumed at a more reasonable level.
     As the filming progressed we decided it was time for the finale which was where Lorraine would be caned. I sat in front of Lorraine, out of the view of the video camera and watched as the cane sliced down across her bare bottom and as I watched I counted the strokes in my head.  The room was silent apart from the swish, thwack of the cane as it impacted on soft feminine flesh. It seemed like the caning would never stop and I was impressed at how well Lorraine took it. Moments later she jumped up and looked at the camera man. Blimey Pete, that's sixty strokes, isn't that enough for you? Pete looked at me, ''I was waiting for Cliff to say enough, he said, ''but I was waiting for you Pete,'' I replied, which I was. Oh dear. Thankfully Lorraine took it in her stride.  A lesson well learned for all of us! 

2nd October 2012

One day at the Kane office Josie told me she had been approached by a woman who was intrigued by the thought of being spanked and caned and could she help. I suggested that this would be a good opportunity to have a new face, and bottom in the magazine and so Helen was booked. We did four shoots that day one of them was with Steve Bickers who thoroughly enjoyed spanking and caning Helen's voluptuous bottom.  Sadly though when the days shooting was over Helen confessed that having her bare bottom spanked and caned wasn't as enjoyable as she thought it would be.
    The plot of the shoot was Helen was Steveís wife who he had caught looking at pictures of women being spanked on a spanking forum website. Helenís excuse was that she was intrigued and wondered what it felt like to be spanked and caned! She soon found out. The rest the photos of Steve and Helen can be found here

On a tangent, while browsing through tumblr I came upon the picture below which reminded me of a birthday party I attended some years back that was held by Mistress Amanda of the Fetish Times in Highgate North London, it was Dr Angelica's birthday. This picture sums up just what it was like as they had a sissy maid compete with uniform serving drinks to all and generally fetching, carrying and doing whatever he was told to. Later in the evening he was spread-eagled over the kitchen table and held there by a group of women and given a whipping on his bare backside. 

1st October 2012

Things have been quite busy recently workwise as I have just finished adding a shop to my online magazine sales website so now people can just click on a magazine and make a purchase immediately. I also have a new project coming up with my friends at Janus.

Each time I update my blog I intend to post a picture and tell you a little of what it's about and today I have chosen a picture from a Kane video shoot called 'Red Hot Punishment On A Red Hot Afternoon' The day of the shoot was a real scorcher and we all s
weltered in the heat which is why many of the scenes were shot alfresco. 
    This picture features Steve Bickers who did many shoots for Kane and Top Marks Videos and Sally Cavendar. Sally played Steve's wife in this DVD and although the plot is rather predictable Sally forgets to cook Steve's breakfast and ends up getting a severe punishment, one that included having her pussy spanked hard which like all red-blooded males Steve thoroughly enjoyed.

30th August 2012

Recently Iíve been looking through my archive of pictures which brought back some memories, some good, some bad and some just hilarious. I was going to make a create a Google blog but then thought better of it as Iíd rather not be at the mercy of a company that could delete my efforts posted content at a whim so Iíve decided to do it here on my website, after all, it is paid for and the bandwidth is unlimited so I may as well use it.
     One of the sets of pictures I came across were taken for Teresa Mayís old Mistress  website that if Iím not mistaken was called Ė the pictures did appear on the Kane website for a short while as a bonus set though now they reside on
and will soon be used on    These were taken in a flat in Sutton that was provided by John Rundell, a huge fan of Teresaís who was quite eager to get his bare backside walloped by her which he did and much harder than he expected.


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