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Pre owned and new adlult magazines
I am a published freelancephotographer specialising in Glamour, Fetish, BDSM and Spanking. I have covered the London Olympia Erotica exhibition on many occasions and London Fashion Week.

I assisted George Harrison Marks with Kane Magazine for a few issues before he sadly died and edited and did the layout and composition for twenty five issues from number 70 to 95 for Josie Harrison Marks and did the photography for most of those issues plus much for the now defunct Kane website.

My resumé includes glamour and fetish photography with my close friend Teresa May who I now manage through Teresa May Management and photography for many Mistresses including mistress Real.

I am a married man with two beautiful children by blood another who I have taken under my wing and is treated and cared for the same as if she had my blood running through her veins and a beautiful wife who I adore and will do until my dying day. I am lucky in the fact that I have many female friends who are beautiful people both inside and out. 

My friends say I am a caring person, there for others when they need support or a shoulder to cry on which is very much the case. If you treat me with respect I will put my life on the line for you; if you fuck me or any of my friends or family over in anyway you'll wish you hadn't.

I am generous, probably too much at times but that is me. I am very romantic to the point of embarrassment at times but I am told that is a good trait.

I have many interests in life, I enjoy special times with my family and friends, taking long walks, being near to and on the river. I love the peace and tranquility of the rain, gazing at the stars on a clear night. I enjoy eating out, dining at good restaurants. I have a passion for music and have far too many CDs. My iPhone is always with me no matter what and connected to either iTunes or Spotify. My musical taste is very diverse.
I like submissive women, fetish and retro fashion, 40s and 50s vintage glamour, pin-up art, and the styling of those eras.

My attitude is take me as you find me, if you don't like the way I am it is not something I shall lose sleep or cry over. I am honest and I expect the same of others. Life is too short to waste it on hate. Be happy and enjoy the gift you have. 

Strict English Corporal Punishment

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