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This is the website of Cliff James. Please note apart from general glamour / fetish photography this website also contains images of corporal punishment between consenting adults who are being spanked and caned on their bare bottom. All persons shown on this website were aged 18 or over when photographed (proof on file). If adult material or consensual corporal punishment spanking offends you or you are not eighteen please leave.  Before viewing this website you must read the terms and conditions of doing so by clicking here, for the T&Cs and here for my copyright statement by clicking on any link and or viewing any other page you are confirming under penalty of perjury that you have read them and that you are of legal age where you reside to view adult material.

Lorraine Ansel's Spanking Interview for Kane Magazine
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Ally's Bedtime Punishment Departmental Discipline Stepdaughter's Spanking A Shocking Punishment Wet Knicker Spanking  
Tickets Deserve a Spanking Punished With The Hairbrush Driving The Spanking Home Spanking The Bridesmaids A Severe Caning For Alex  
PT Slippering Whipped With Her Own Crop Plagiarism Punishment Harley's Painful Punishment Revenge Is Sweet  
Spanking The System FBI Spankings Bambi Gets A Spanking Dorothy's Spanking Punishment Daddy's Hard Spanking  
Tennis Club Spanking Ami Gets Caned Hard Caned By The School Counselor Punished With The Riding Crop A Summer of Spankings  
Work Trip How To Quit Smoking Borstal Girls Get Punished You Stole My Routine Annabelle Gets A Spanking  
Off Duty Punishment Spanked in the Shower Just Desserts for a Cheating Wife Detention and Punishment Cross Country Spankings  
Towed Away The Matron's Alternative Liars Get The Slipper Valedictorian Discipline More Percussive Therapy  
Irresponsible Behaviour Mommy's Home Discipline In The Work Place Outrage In The Common Room Office Discipline FD
Rep-Remand FD The Interviewee FD Staff Motivation FD Butler Duties FD The Family Strap
Schoolgirl Caning Experience Motivating Melody The Small Price of a Biclycle Haircut for Darius Making Linny a Better Girl
Net Nutrality How Bad Can it Be I Hate Cheerleading Hotel Misbehaviour Discipline Still Requitred
Pickball Paddling Slumber Party Wayward Wives In Trouble The Touch of Discipline
Maddy;s Audition Learning About Discipline 1 Learning About Discipline 2 Helen Gets The Cane The Dreaded Wooden Hairbrush
Lyra Gets The Paddle Helen  Gets The Yardstick Alison Gets The Leather Strap Paddled On Her Bare Bottom Belinda Lawson Gets The Tawse

Rosaleen Young SpankingRosaleen Young gets a spankingRosaleen Young waits to be spanked
Rosaleen Young gets a spankingRosaleen Young gets spankedRosaleen Young gets her bottom spanked
Rosaleen Young gets her bottom strappedRosaleen Young spanked at schoolRosaleen Young spanked in her school uniform
Rosaleen Young gets a bare bottom spankingRosaleen Young NudeRosaleen Young schoolgirl spanking
Rosaleen Young images courtsey of my friends at Firm Hand Spanking and Spank My Bottom


Jasmine's Hairbrush Punishment Naughty Catholic Girl Punished Jasmine Gets Her Bum Thrashed A Severe Caning for Helen Hannah Gets a  Slippered Bottom
Reform school Caning for Joanna Gym Class Discipline Punishment Painfully Strapped By Miss Smith Rosaleen Young Chastised Hard Punished Hard With The Cane
A Severe Caning for Poor Abbie Alfresco Thrashing for Ellie Maye A Severe Bedroom Caning A Schoolgirl's P.E. Lesson Caning Heather's Severe 12 Stroke Caning
Miss Smith Gets a Hard Caning Emily Baxter Punished Hard Cheerleaders Get a Hard Caning Three Punished Naughty Brats Sasha Harvey Gets a Spanking
A Bare Bottom Spanking for Jodie Elizabeth Sipson Gets a Spanking Elizabeth Punishes Paige Severely Punished With The Hairbrush Elizabeth Spanked and Exposed
A Painful Slippering for Elizabeth Leathered on her Bare Backside Elizabeth Gets a Severe Caning Strapped Severely and Exposed Nosey Girl Gets a Hard Paddling

 Above - Mistress Serena courtesy of my friends at Femme Fatale Films


Fem Dom at
Filth In The Kitchen - 14th Apr, 2018 The Squash Board - 13th Apr, 2018
Pushing Limits - 12th Apr, 2018 Major Whipping - 4th Apr, 2018
Smell My Masturbation - 3rd Apr, 2018 Hunters - 27th Mar, 2018
You Will Suck Cock! - 25th Mar, 2018 Leathered Up For Lashing - 28th Jan, 2018
Cigar Ash & Spit - 18th Mar, 2018 The Experimentation Room - 24th Jan, 2018
Leather Boot Wanker - 17th Mar, 2018 Slapped Down & Smothered - 21st Jan, 2018
Boot Busted - 16th Mar, 2018 Gag On My Boots - 18th Jan, 2018
Thrashed & Trampled - 15th Mar, 2018 Cock Enlargement - 17th Jan, 2018
The Sissy Slut - 10th Mar, 2018 Lashed Man Standing - 9th Jan, 2018
Incompetence Punished - 4th Mar, 2018 Stock Caning - 7th Jan, 2018
Beaten Like A Carpet - 3rd Mar, 2018 Cruel Heels - 7th Jan, 2018
Beneath Her Feet - 2nd Mar, 2018 Tongue Work - 2nd Jan, 2018
Toilet Licker - 27th Feb, 2018 Mouth Fuck - 30th Dec, 2017
The Agony & The Ecstasy - 26th Feb, 2018 Clamping To Extremes - 19th Dec, 2017
Beaten To Beat - 16th Feb, 2018 Bondage Busting - 16th Dec, 2017
Broken - 13th Feb, 2018 Smokey Lust - 14th Dec, 2017
Butler Maid Bi - 7th Feb, 2018 Training Feet - 13th Dec, 2017
Foot Lust - 6th Feb, 2018 Tiny Little Prick - 8th Dec, 2017
Boot Day - 4th Feb, 2018 Leather Clad Smother - 30th Nov, 2017
Well Heeled Trample - 2nd Feb, 2018 Serena's Boot Bitch - 25th Nov, 2017
Reprimanded - 21st Nov, 2017 Ball Squishing - 20th Nov, 2017
Vixen's Victim - 17th Nov, 2017 Stocked & Booted - 6th Nov, 2017
The Shining - 3rd Nov, 2017 The Hard Way - 29th Oct, 2017
Double Smother - 24th Oct, 2017 Roasted - 23rd Oct, 2017

Permission Not Granted - 19th Oct, 2017 On A Short Leash - 9th Oct, 2017
Wrecking Balls - 1st Oct, 2017 Forbidden Gifts - 23rd Sep, 2017
Four Heel Fury - 22nd Sep, 2017 Booted Domination - 21st Sep, 2017
Tongue For Boots - 19th Sep, 2017 Obedience - 18th Sep, 2017
Gasping To Cum - 13th Sep, 2017 Crimson Time - 12th Sep, 2017
The Tenacious Tenant - 2nd Sep, 2017 Over The Knee - 29th Aug, 2017
Pantyhose Slave Milking - 27th Aug, 2017 Fucked Up - 25th Aug, 2017
Slave In Waiting - 16th Aug, 2017 Weak For Feet - 13th Aug, 2017

Sissy Gets a Fucking Tortured by a 19 Year Old Dom
Whipping For a Pony Boy Used as a Candle Holder
Breaking in Her Slave Fat Sub Gets His Ass Fucked
Fisted  and Pegged Slave Gets Balls Ripped Off
Huge Strapon for Slave Crushed Nuts
TV Slave Gets Pegged Blonde Anal Destroyer
Furiously Pegged Foot Worshipper Fucked
Whipped and Pegged Cock Spanked Slave
Your Arse is Mine To Peg Is My Strapon Big Enough
Virgin Sluts Anal Fucking Hubby's First Pegging
Bend for a Pegging Mistress Pegs Her Biatch
This is Going To Hurt Mistress Destroys His Ass
Bent Over and Pegged Pegged by Sabrina
Eat it Slave Fill His Ass
Double Domme Lashing Pissed on and anal fucked
Bossy Ladies In Latex The Roughest Trampling Ever
Fat Slave Gets Fucked Showering A Pathetic Slave
Choke With Her  Ass Hubby Cleans Up After Fucker
Juicy Booty Facesitting Small Dicks Nasty Punishment
Golden Rain is Sweet Lick My Pussy Slave
Girls Got Doggy Slave Strict Mistress Punishes
Cunnilingus Slave Rude Games With Sissy Slave
Cock Whipping Brutal Balls Cropping
Electric Shock CBT Forced Masturbation
Heels Cock Crushing Merciless CBT
Abuse Me Please I'm All Yours (CBT)
Steve's Bad Day (CBT) Ass Smothering
Anal Fingering Fucked Up His Arse
Sissy Gets Plugged Plugged and fingered
Red Heels And Strap On Double Strap on Training
Fucking The Sissy Amatuer Strap on
Arse Worship Tiffany Pussy Worship
Slave's Triple Roasting Kiss My Arse
The English Mansion Strict Fem Dom  
NEW  Slave's Forced Milking Cum Production Milking Cock and Ball Torment Beg For Your Punishment Ridden By Mistress Sidonia  
Pony Boy's Punishment Extensive Medical Milking Testing His Cock The Slave Institution Sperm Production Clinic  
Night In The Slave Pit Abused In The Woods Arse Lick Reward Pussy In Boots His Sadistic Mistress  
Triple Hot Pegging Skool Sanctions Pt 2 Humiliated Cuckold Her Chained Fuck Slave Humbled And Hobbled Maid  
Ely's Special Girl Caged Sex Pest Dressed And Abused Pretty Girl Plaything Party At Dungeon Manor Pt 3  
Big Trouble For A Little Sissy Beach Maid Mess On The Maid Little Man Handled Queen Takes Pawn  
Hate Fuck Work For A Tongue Slave Strapon Virgin Recruit's Humiliation Chastity Release Tease  

Maid's Misfortune

Big Boy Strapon Double Domme Treatment Strapon Bitch Ground and pound Pony  
Passed Around Queened And Fucked Taken For Sex Double Fuck Sex Drone Fucked Edged And Denied
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Classic CP And Spanking Mistress And Slave Uniforms TV - Feminisation Domestic FD / Shoes & Heels
Office Discipline Mistress Nikki's Pain Slut Nothing To Declare Dressing The Sissy Angry Wife's Discipline
Rep-Remand His Sadistic Mistress I Never Done It Sissy Gets Dressed & Abused Cash Cow Husband
The Interviewee Painful Pleasures Nurses Wet Bed Sex Sissy Maids Big Mess Stiletto Heel Cock Trample
Staff Motivation Jezabel's Revenge No Escape From Electro CBT The New Sissy Secretary Mistress Xena Uses Her Heels
Butler Duties Slave Positions R.A.F P.T. Training Miss Foxx Trains Her Sissy Neighbourhood Foot Pervert
Towed Away Arse Lick Reward The Bitch Is Back Bossy Ballet Teacher Dirty Peeper's Punishment
Irresponsible Behaviour Morning Cunnilingus Glory Judicial Punishment Cock Hazing The New Sissy Lunchtime Loser Husband
The Matron's Alternative Rewarded For CBT The Long Arm Of The Law Pretty Maid Manor Under His Wife's Thumb
Mommy's Home Double Rosebuds Milking Whipped In The Dungeon Sissy Gets Humbled & Hobbled Husband Gets A Spanking
Liars Get The Slipper Slave Meat And Beat Cruel Milking In The Dungeon Anal Training For A Sissy Taste Our Mean & Dirty Feet
Discipline In The Work Place Triple Hot Pegging A Painful Interogation Transformation For A Sissy Double Foot Worship
Valedictorian Discipline Serving Sarah Jessica Bondage Table Torture Pretty Sissies In Pink Natalie's Nasty Heels
Outrage In The Common Room Cruel Mistress Session Pt 1 Female Punishment Officer Mistresses Sissy Fuck Slut The Cock Locked Husband
More Percussive Therapy Cruel Mistress Session Pt 2 Painful Medical Milking Tiffany Sissy Gets Milked First date Surprise
love for strapon fucking their submissive male slaves
Deep Throat Choking Strapon Take it Hard in The Backdoor Double Trouble In The Rear Mistress & Girlfriend Pegging Double Domme Pain Drilling
Stockinged Sissy Pegging Painfully Oversized Strapon Babe Drills Her Slaves Hole Boyfriend Gets Ass Pounding Saddled For a Hard Pegging
FD-DEBUT-01Slave gets gagged and whipped before being allowed to lick domina's solesBeautiful mistress Irina humiliating masked slave in front of the brick wallSkinny slave of two brutal mistresses gets the roughest anal workout everFD-DEBUT-02
Hot domme with the face of a teenager and with CBT skills of a pro torturerPathetic slave almost loses his nuts and ends up with a candle in his anusSissified boy toy gets a totally devastating anal fuck from his rough dommeSexy Mistress is eager to bruise her worthless new slave's skinny white assPathetic slave almost loses his nuts and ends up with a candle in his anus
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